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On the peace agreement: “They think that I’m the obstacle to peace and if I am removed after signing the agreement then there will be no problem. They want me to sign the agreement and then step down immediately. What is my incentive in bringing peace if it is the peace that I will bring and then I step aside? Nobody can do it. Bashir did not do it when we were fighting with him,” said President Kiir while paying his last respect to Gen Ajonga Mawut in Juba, South Sudan. “They ask me to sign a peace agreement with them (rebels) and step aside, but innu what would be my incentive of bringing the peace that I will not be part of?”

Regarding the G-10 or SPLM-FD: “I thought I was dealing with brothers that’s why I arrested them and kept them in a safe place but I was pressured and told to release them and hand them to another country for their safety, only to see them on national television SSTV (SSBC) being received in a red carpet. It was there I regretted why did I release them and not punish them according to laws of the country”

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Press Release: The intractable problem of communal violence, cattle rustling, and revenge attacks is claiming lives in the Republic of South Sudan

Edmund Yakani

MR. EDMUND YAKANI BERIZILIOUS is the Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), a Juba-based South Sudanese civil society organization.

April 24, 2018 (SSB) — H.E. President Salva Kiir has warned the citizens against revenge attacks and killing. He says this is destroying the unity that people of South Sudan had during the liberation struggle. Hundreds of people have been killed in revenge attacks in parts of the country due to inter-communal and inter-clan conflicts.

That is not the good way of staying together. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization welcomes the statement of the H.E. the President. It is remarkable and encouraging. Time has come to stop silence on lose of civilians lives and properties due to communal violence which is taking the full scale of identity-based violence crimes.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO is honorably urging H.E. President for the pro-active role on prevention of communal violence before it takes the full scale of identity-based violence among clans of our communities. The trend of the communal violence among our communities is on raise weekly. It requires urgent action although the nation is facing political difficulties. (more…)

By Fidele Mareng Makwei – Australia

Ramciel, the new capital city of South Sudan

Ramciel, the new capital city of South Sudan

April 24, 2018 (SSB) — I have been reading reports on social media about the determination of South Sudan to build a new city of Ramciel and reallocation of the capital. However, I have this question lingering in mind: is building a new city at this time in South Sudan a misplaced priority?

I believe that building of an alternative, spacious city where every citizen in South Sudan feels proud about is vital. However, I think the building of Ramciel at this time when civil war has paralyzed every aspect of lives in the country is a misguided priority. I reckon South Sudan should focus on pressing priorities which are but not limited to the following:

Although peace and political stability is important and is urgently needed in South Sudan, it is not the focus of this article because of the current political situation in the country, in other words; it is not only the responsibility of the sitting government to bring peace to the country but all other political forces bear the same responsibility. Therefore, my focus is on issues that fall under the government jurisdiction.