President Salva Kiir: “What is my incentive in bringing peace and then ask to step down”

Posted: April 24, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in December 2013 Crisis, History, HLRF, IGAD, Junub Sudan, Speeches

On the peace agreement: “They think that I’m the obstacle to peace and if I am removed after signing the agreement then there will be no problem. They want me to sign the agreement and then step down immediately. What is my incentive in bringing peace if it is the peace that I will bring and then I step aside? Nobody can do it. Bashir did not do it when we were fighting with him,” said President Kiir while paying his last respect to Gen Ajonga Mawut in Juba, South Sudan. “They ask me to sign a peace agreement with them (rebels) and step aside, but innu what would be my incentive of bringing the peace that I will not be part of?”

Regarding the G-10 or SPLM-FD: “I thought I was dealing with brothers that’s why I arrested them and kept them in a safe place but I was pressured and told to release them and hand them to another country for their safety, only to see them on national television SSTV (SSBC) being received in a red carpet. It was there I regretted why did I release them and not punish them according to laws of the country”

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  1. Daniel Yuootdit says:

    Dear my president Gen. Salva Kiir;
    I am really very happy that you have asked the South Sudanese a question that they need to answer.
    Myself being one of the South Sudan citizens would like to give my answer as follow:
    No president works for himself or for his own incentives, but, instead he/she works for the welfare of the country and its citizens. Therefore, if that SIGNING of PEACE our president talked about in the article, will bring real PEACE to South Sudan and stop the blood shed and brings the UNITY to all citizens in the country; which in turn will end the South Sudanese being dispersed over every country in the world as refugees or immigrants; and return them back to their OWN country since there would no long be any pear from unknown gunmen killing them, no fighting amongst different organs of SPLA/M; then THIS IS THE GREATEST INCENTIVE our beloved president can get. Our president NAME WILL BE IN THE HISTORY as someone who STOP THE BLOOD SHED IN HIS COUNTRY, UNIFIED the different organs of HIS PARTY SPLA/M and brought the everlasting PEACE to South Sudan. In addition the president will be recorded in history as the one who brought back home all his country citizens who were scattered all over the globe. Our PRESIDENT CAN BE remembered LIKE Manella of South Africa.
    Is that not an incentive?
    Thank you,
    Daniel Yuootdit.


  2. Bhoryiaak Isaac Mayen says:

    Dear Salva;
    When Riek Machar delayed to turn up in Juba after the signing of the 2015 agreement, all citizens including Riek’s supporters unanimously anticipated replacement for him, some even predicted that TDG should be made FVP to enable 2015 peace implementation.
    Incentive has synonymous terms including, inducement, enticement, motivation, encouragement among others, if only you knew the intrinsic meaning of the term incentive, you would have realized that you are asking for a reward/payment from the citizens for a peace agreement you are about to sign.
    it is inferior for a president to make personal/private demands at the expense of the peoples lives.
    people are asking you to vacate the position of presidency not that your physical person doesn’t fill the seat well, but because your ideologies aren’t helping the nation and citizens, if you are kept in position, we aren’t expecting the collapsing economy to improve overnight, neither do we expect the myriads of rebellions against your presidency, (causing enormous suffering and insecurity for South Sudanese citizens), to come to a complete halt when you sign the agreement.
    We anticipate that when a new person comes up, then these insecurities can diminish, economic recession comes to an end and peoples lives improve, and economic growth and development can be turned to again.
    So you don’t need payment for the service you are giving or have given to South Sudanese, just leave the position a watch from afar how others will handle the same problem.


  3. David says:

    This is a dummies and upsetting statement every said by a president, ” what will be my incentive for bringing peace” that mean I don’t care about what is going on all I care is my position. This statement shows all about the president we have. He values his own benefits rather then citizen lives, what pathetic president. good luck south Sudanese people we have a president who care for himself not your lives, now the decision is all you.


  4. SPLA OYEE says:

    Both Kiir Mayaardit and Dr. Riek Machar are only good to be put in one room and lock up. Then the Republic of South Sudan will get Peace. Their presence means death to South Sudanese especially the armies. They are killing Dinka and Nuer sons for nothing. The very good army which we were proud of (SPLA) is being hungered and killed for nothing. Check their salaries and you will see wonders; very minute salary compare to what Kiir and Riek are getting, or compared to what the relatives of Riek and Kiir are getting. South Sudanese now wonder and ask themselves: “what is the incentive to us in being ruled (by Dr. Riek and Kiir) like when we were ruled by the northerners”? We are now suffering from hunger to death; We are still refugees, We are still dying from illness including the best SPLA Generals are dying too. Then Dr. Riek and Gen. Kiir will reply: ” Did we compel you to vote for us?). They exactly know you will not vote for them again and that is why they will never conduct any election in South Sudan. So, what option remains for you? It is up to you to come up with the solution to this core problem of South Sudan as a whole or to remain as if you are in a foreign country(even foreign countries are now the best for South Sudanese) within your own homeland. The choice is yours. Dr. Garang didn’t liberate South Sudan to be in this shit form. Whether you are from Nuer, Dinka, Bari, Murle, … 64 tribes, doesn’t matter, what matters is, break the present TRIBALISM and unite us one and release yourselves from this terrible bondage.
    Thank you,


  5. Gabriela Alal says:

    The comment is that step down to bring peace and have Federation to solved all issues in South Sudan to find a new leader by election


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