The “Incentive Debate” and the “Useful Idiots” of South Sudan

Posted: April 29, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Dear Useful Idiots of South Sudan, President Kiir is 100% Politically Correct on his “Incentive” Statement

By Comrade Deng Deng Akuei, Juba, South Sudan

April 29, 2018 (PW) — Much more has been talked about President Kiir’s incentive remarks. At the most negative view of this, are the virtual patriots/passive patriots whose faked revolutionary ideals and their presumptive patriotism ends with cheap talks at evening tea points and online passivity.

How ugly it is, that most youth are in such wild illusions. In fact, one may never be mistaken to conclude that South Sudan now has a generation equalled to what Lenin once referred to as “Useful idiots” ; passive, misguided and disillusioned youth whose daily life is awkwardly permeated by a cheap axis of negative propaganda against their state.

Indeed our pundits or regime dissidents are much more of this ,to say the least. Otherwise what would be the incentives of president Kiir to relinquish power to a disorganized group of gangs whose political ideologies are malicious, outdated, exclusive and conform to personal tummies and ethnic chauvinistic inclines.

Kiir’s incentive remarks are politically correct and adhere to prevalent dictates of politics in the country, and our moral instincts are there to judge us. Unless we accept the bitter fact that ‘moral rot’ left no one untouched that his statement could be objected to.

Critically looking at the current make-up of opposition, one would clearly tell that the so-called opposition deserves hell and not even Boma administration/leadership let alone the exclusive J1 Paradise reserved for the patriotically upright citizenry.

Their sectarian ideologies; the ethnic and regional bigotry they are bond of, their treasonous obsession with power to ugliest peak of conspiring with enemies of South Sudan to cheaply sell our sovereignty for few dollars and worst of all perceiving it a major diplomatic milestone,

Their dynastic ideologies of forming family Co Ltd’s, terror enterprises and sugarcoating themselves as political movements destined to stirring a revolutionary course makes the opposition no political angels to spearheading any noble course for change and ultimately not nearer in any candidacy to presidency.

President Kiir is a revolutionary leader who,with patriotism and nationalism, tirelessly fought against ethnic chauvinism, extortion, oppression and periphery marginalization and it is wholly against revolutionary doctrines for such astute and celebrated revolutionary leader like him to handover the nation born out of a revolutionary struggle to little CEOs of Family Co. Ltd’s like Malong’s Small kiosk sugarcoated with beautiful names of SSUF;

Or the ethnic chauvinists of Thomas Cirillo, the animal poachers destructing our rich heritage of wildlife in Equatoria jungles the so-called Arrow boys, the passive liberation patrons of G10 cheaply selling our nation under auspices of irrelevant, copied and paste ideology of technocracy, the Ayii and Sons terror monarchy in outskirts of Merram who have continued to usurp power through blood money, the chief tribal kingpin aka Dr Riek Machar with poisonous tribal ideology of checking the Dinka hegemony;

And a lot military bandits whose ideologies fit description of being for personal tummies and briefcase movements. Indeed there is no incentive to handover power to such disorganized group of tribal lunatics, regional and ethnic demagogues with no national philosophies and visions.

This is a bitter truth ,there is no incentive at all and President Kiir is 100% politically correct on his statement since it is incumbent upon a revolutionary leader to handover mantle of leadership to persons of his revolutionary caliber.

  1. Malith Alier says:

    Logic 1: more war, more disables for the commission!


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