Is the Republic of South Sudan hurtling towards the status of Somalia?

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There is a global suggestion that for peace to be in the Horn of Africa, Somalia should be disintegrated into other African Countries in the regions, A South Sudan case Study

By Dut Agostino Agei, Oslo, Norway

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 (PW) — South Sudan that we all vote to be independence Country from the Sudan carry the above mentioned case study. In academic discussions borrowing information or ideas from a different source that is relevant to your Country current affairs is called case study. This came about after several seminars that I attained and most of the information that many professors used to moderate classes are non-other than the two Countries in the Horn of Africa.

One of them are the republic of Somalia and similarly the republic of South Sudan. I always fall victim whenever current affairs are discussed in my present. This comes with real life situation that whenever professor would want to teach politics he/she may use relevant case to moderate session and that automatically carry nobody else but nationals from Somalia and South Sudan that have never been in peace across several years.

This can be attested to the fact that in every ongoing situation elsewhere in the world and Africa in particular South Sudan should use every scenario to correct whatever affect the Country from the neighboring state especially on issues to do with instabilities in the continent. In several African Union peace agreements there are some opinions that the stability of the Somalia has a waterloo from everybody.

This refer to situation where nobody on any earth can do anything to bring peace and stability among the people of Somalia. This came as a results of different peace agreements that the international bodies negotiated only to find Somalis lacks will power to implement different peace agreements that the regional bodies who are peace partners negotiated and to be implemented by Somalis for the betterment of the common Somalis citizens in the Country.

Therefore, such a situation made Somalia not to be missing in any African Union summits since the absolute collapsing of Somalia that demoralized any positive contributions from anybody. This bring ideas into conclusion that negotiating peace in Somalia carry no other approach apart from the story defeat that have it that for just peace in east African regions let Somalia be disintegrated into any other neighboring countries in the regions as the only way of bringing peace in the horn of Africa.

I found this information relevant to the case of South Sudan that we vote to be independence Country from the Sudan only to find ourselves in Somalis ways. Therefore similar case of the Somalis peace agreement currently has got into a peace talk of low concern and this has information to all warring parties in South Sudan and to South Sudanese in general that there a comes a time when the stability of South Sudan has nothing new to anybody apart from being disown regionally, continentally and even in the global world.

This is within the fact that South Sudan has nothing new apart from being known for instability and nothing else and the process itself carry the reputation of being subjected into Somalis ways of being isolated and therefore the international law stand a chance to question the legitimacy of a nation that never experienced stability over many years. In my view, South Sudan has a different way in case they are followed then the Country may have U turn and one of them can be by giving peace a chance over several other political issues that destabilized the Country.

South Sudan too can too can win back international cooperation by adopting national policies that attract togetherness in the example of unifying the country in different peace agreements. This can by engaging all conflicting parties into the system of national developments other than politics that disintegrated the Country in many wars. South Sudan too may resume international accreditation by the implementations of different peace agreements and that includes some protocols in the comprehensive peace agreements that succeeded South Sudan to be independence Country first followed by the referendum laws of the administrated areas that are to join the unified South Sudan

In many times the African Union and the regional organizations  made of the intergovernmental authorities on development discusses South Sudan the modalities of peace agreements should help  South Sudanese to comes into consensus of peace agreement and therefore created the enabling environment for the common South Sudanese to implemented peace agreements processes all over the Country and eventually the Country find ways on how to navigate democratic principles that can work best in South Sudan as ways of avoiding traditional ways of coming into power using violent.

Across several nations that are in the world many Countries used different system of Governments as per the nature of the Country. Among several others are the Presidential system of the Government, also the parliamentary system and the federal Government that depend with the national constitutions.

Upon analyzing the different system of government in the world South Sudan being a third world Country that has potential in the natural resources will therefore stand a chance of prosperity among the communities of nations that have been in the first worlds simply because of the idea of studying different politics and Governments around the world in relations to state based solutions.  This should therefore work as a solution to the political disparities that have been in the Country simply because of lacking different ways of finding a solution to the common problem of South Sudan.

South Sudanese authorities would have find different analytical sides of the Country problem instead of wars by clearly defining the visions of South Sudan and this can be by analyzing regional peace processes in the lenses of finding a solution to the state interests beyond the national politics and this can be by borrowing African national ideas and even in the world where a times leaders can put asides their indifferences and value the national interest the recent case of Kenya and the Korean republics.

This carry the political situations in South Sudan for peace and stability to be in the Country those who lead us should find different ways of bringing peace to the country instead of wars and that can be the only way South Sudan stand a chance of convincing the world over the issues of administrates areas and the borders demarcations that the South Sudan have with the Sudan in full realizations of the meaningful national sovereignty that have been in minds of every South Sudanese in the Country.

Therefore, for South Sudan to have a different information among the communities of nations the country must have a different political approach in term of having South Sudanese being the models of peace in the region by adopting resolutions that make unity attractive in the Country as the way of proving the national reputation wrong. This too should be another way South Sudan stand a chance of having enabling environment of a different information from the other third world nations.

Another suggestion can be by being law adherent to what the international system demands. I suggested that the South Sudanese leadership should work best with the international bodies based on different occasions of the implementation and commitment to different peace accords. This can be by following the state mandate of being a committed regional member in the east African community as well maintaining membership of intergovernmental authorities of development that negotiated several peace agreements and eventually to the membership of the African Union that have been advocating for the South Sudanese problems.

Also South Sudan should adopt some policies that carry different ways that have been used before especially in the liberation struggle for independence. This can be by implementing different peace agreements and that can simply differentiate South Sudan from the Somalis political instability and that can be by following the state obligations of being adherent to the humanitarian principles and this can therefore make South Sudan different from the republic of Somalia that have been given up due to many times violations of different peace agreements that have been negotiated.

South Sudan reputations in the international system have everything to do with the political instability in the Country. Since the South Sudan achieved it independence from the Sudan just like any other African country it would have been the moment for the people of South Sudan to identify the country reputations and work out some state solutions that carry the national duty of implementing different peace agreements that were signed in the comprehensive peace agreement that granted South Sudanese autonomy rights to be independence country.

South Sudan in the international discussion have everything to do with different peace agreements that lack the implementations and hence therefore put the position of the republic of South Sudan into the system of the state that cannot be stable. This in comparisons would have been the state responsibility to educate the other international bodies as well as peace partners in the regions about the different ways on how South Sudan can be stable in response to different time’s civil wars that have been in the Country since the achievement of the independence from the Sudan.

This can therefore have to be concluded that the only way South Sudan can be different from the Somalis nations have many things to do with political instability that made South Sudan to have a similar view with Somalia nations simply because of internal wars.

Peace in South Sudan should be the duty of every South Sudanese citizens to shall have educated the world about the possibilities in which the stability of South Sudan has toward the stability of peace just like any other African countries that have been in wars and still find avenue a just peace witnessed in Rwandese nations. In real sense the stability of the republic of South Sudan in the international system has everything to do with peace and nothing else.

Happy sixteenth May South Sudanese.

Dut Agostino Agei is a South Sudanese national who study in Oslo, Norway. He can be contacted via

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