False Beliefs and Lame Excuses That Cannot Help South Sudan’s Progress

Posted: May 19, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Malith Alier, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

Riek Machar with Dak Kueth and Pende Ngong

Human Rights Activist, Jon Pende Ngong (on Black T-shirt) and Prophet Dak Kueth, (Dreadlocked) posed for group photo With Rebel Leaders Dr. Riek Machar and Lt. General Dau Aturjong (standing) in Pagak, South Sudan

Saturday, 19 May 2018 (PW) — The cloudy political climate in the independent South Sudan is certain to continue. The generation that has know nothing a part from wars and negotiations in and out since 1955 has no guts to alter course. Unjustified perpetual Wars and skirmishes had developed a tendency of being handed down to following generations on slates of ignorance.

The interludes between conflicts did not availed sufficient grounds to think deeply of what the nation should look and feel like in the real world. Between 1972-1983 and 2005-2013 are such interludes not to mention the periods before these when foreigners of European and Arabs molesters pried the dark continent. Self-rule after the colonial era have seen us hurtling to the abyss because of destructive beliefs, some of which are meant for survival of those close to power.

The respect for Elders is nothing new. It has been cited time and again just for the sake of reminding the youth to be mum while matters descend into the abyss. It may have been appropriate in the past however, in the new brave world, the youth should dare to bring its energy and prowess to the fore to help solve the current predicament the country faces.

After all, it is the youth that fighting and perishing in large numbers to defend the country from wars that never were. The “white army” and “Mathiang Anyor” are typical examples of the youth leading such wars of self-destruction.

Liberators, or those who claim to be liberators while wreaking havoc on the political, social, and economical matters of the nation need reminding that there is time for everything. Time to saw and time to reap, time to liberation and time they relinquish or pass the baton when you have reached your destination and the journey ahead needs new blood.

The best liberators are those who chart the way and quickly move to give way to new ideas. Nelson Mandela of South Africa is an all-time adorable liberator who suffered and readily gave up power even at the time when no one was fed up with an inch of his brief rule.

You can compare the 27 years of imprisonment on Robben Island versus 4 years of presidency. The sweetness of power could not corrupt the natural statesmanship and patriotism of Mr. Mandela.

2010 elections which were conducted under the colonial rule of the Sudan are continually cited by the SPLM cadres as justification not to let go of power or hold fresh elections. This is a pathetic dishonesty in modern South Sudan. It is sad to note that no single election or by-election has ever been help in independent South Sudan to date.

Too old members of parliament are stuck in the chamber with no proper way to replace them. The vacant positions of those who died are secretly filled by their sons, friends or close relations in acquiescence with the SPLM to leadership.

Opposition is divided is another mantra used by those benefiting from the current state of affairs in Juba. The opposition may be divided but their subversive operations are enough to render the government ineffective in whatever it wishes to accomplish. The roads leaders in and out of Juba are insecure.

This insecurity not limited to government alone. The civilians are the major victims of it all. The merciless opposition opponents can get rid of anything on their sight on the bush roads. A guerrilla warfare tactics are in full display.

We have learnt that the usual integration of militias as prodigal sons has been going on for more than ten years now. A few followers and five to ten battles can earn you a big table in the government. This is like turning crime into lucrative business during daylight. Numerous militias have and continue to do it today before our very eyes. The people of South Sudan are sorely tired of this blatant behaviour.

However, this can be nibbed by a government that sticks to its words. It had been claimed time and again that the unwarranted integration should not continue only to be reversed afterwards if new rebellion emerges. What the frequent amnesties and reintegration achieve in the end is to demoralise those who had been loyal to country and the army for a long time.

The undue respect for elders, perpetual liberation claims, single distant elections, amnesties and integration of militias constitute false belief direction that have led the country to its current abysmal situation.

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