The Trouble with Money, Power and Ignorance in the Republic of South Sudan

Posted: May 27, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Sally Nyalony Gatwang, Kampala, Uganda

Sunday, May 27, 2018 (PW) — We walk and work night and day in search for you, today countries like; South Sudan, Congo, Somalia are suffering as a result of money, power, and ignorance. There are so many death reports, displacement of people and distraction of property. This is not because we don’t want peace or our enmity is excess that we can’t forgive ourselves but its simply because of money and power plus ignorance. Today so many great people would be with us to celebrate this day but unfortunately they are not with us today not because they didn’t want to but they were caught pants down.

Michael Jackson one of the biggest musician and that is still remembered in the music industry died because of chemicals, trying to change his skin color. Why would a person wish to change the color if it wasn’t due to ignorance. Today so may people are bleaching their beautiful skins due to ignorance. People bleaching kills and that black color you are ashamed of one day it will be ashamed of you.

Nelson Mandela and Doctor John Grang today are no more, simply because of power. This great men fought for their countries freedom and respect of their rights. In south Africa, blacks were being mistreated which even led to apathey policy and the same in Sudan where Arabs were mistreating the blacks.

This men gave up their personal interest for the interest of their countries, to see their people in harmony was what they wanted though they were not advocating for separation but rather unity even though they knew the whites had really made their lives a leaving hell. Today we all celebrate their great work while remembering them.Today Ak47 and Radio are no more, this are two young talented Ugandan musicians who have died because of money. Due to the jealousy of other people this two men were murdered in cold blood because they got the talent and were making a lot of money. Because people wanted to take their money, they were murdered. Now they are no more. And for Pabol escap bar, this was the worlds biggest and greatest drug seller who was later killed because he got a lot of money which was greatly wanted by plenty.

Million and billion of people have brought their mines together just to have a peace of you all. Today there is child sacrifice n’t because the population is over rated but because we desperately need to have this three things in our leaves. More widows, widowers, and orphans not forgetting the countless NGO’s and other bossiness organization. My country now a victim of all this that is happening, a business ground is what it as become plus a land for the dead.

There is nothing that we have not done just for you, as many have resulted to music young and old all are in the music industry some as produces as others as artist. Kids both born and unborn are being killed day and night just in search for you. More orphan, widows, widowers are resulting in this world because of you, what is left to be done since almost every thing is done during this struggle  for you. What to do, today I don’t have a sister, brother, father and mother.

Why is it this way, I expected a lot from all this great generation. Its the 21st century and we are not making a difference, people no longer talk of things that are building the nation but instant things that are taking the nation back ward. Prostitutes is what my sisters are called because they are in need of money, so what to do, I have nothing.

The author, Sally Nyalony Gatwang Riak, is the IT-Programmer at the International Youth for Africa (IYA), Human Rights Activist, Gender Expert on South Sudan and Generation Change Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace. she can be reached via her email address: Sally Riak <>

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