Riek Machar’s politics have placed the Nuer Community into an ugly shape!

Posted: May 26, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in December 2013 Crisis, John Kassara Koang Nhial, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Amb John Kassara Koang Nhial, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Saturday, May 26, 2018 (PW) — Riek Machar have failed and placed the entire Nuer Community into an ugly shape. The nature of Riek Machar’s politics have destroyed both the political career, dignity, and the culture of Nuer Community.

For instance; Nuer Community before Riek Machar’s war of 1991, the Nuer tribe were known worldwide as ” WARRIORS ” , brave fighting men and women, people with good culture and dignity.

After Riek Machar’s war of 1991, Riek Machar’s reckless, unsuccessful and cowardice politics have made the Nuer Community to be a choatic tribe who just make choas out of blue. Riek Machar’s politics have made the Nuer Community coward who starts the war and end up surrendering themselves to what they termed as an ” ENEMY “.

Riek Machar’s politics made us a community of no respect where you fine an elders abusing and insulting the young ones as well as the young one abusing and insulting an elder.

The good example of it is the nature of behavior that’s daily being practiced by thief Bol Brown the most well-known primitive and uncivilized person in the camp of Riek Machar who uses to air out abuses and an insults which are beyond description where his supporters from the Nuer tribe encourage him to continue abusing and insulting people in his live video as if it’s in the culture of Nuer tribe that a man can simply air out insults like ” fuck you, your anus, fuck your mum and dad.”

All this came into existence and almost becoming a part of Nuer culture nowadays because of Riek Machar’s dilemma way of doing things.

Riek Machar’s politics have made Nuer Community a liars, for instance you can see them writing propagandas in social media and deceiving themselves in a gathering of tea places around every town worldwide that the mighty Nuer white army captured this and that as well as killed Mr X and Mr Y , but when come to realities, we fine that all the above enumerated about capturing this and that or we killed Mr X and Mr Y are all trivial lies. Such nature wasn’t a part of Nuer culture but emerged because of this confused politics of Riek Machar.

Riek Machar’s politics have made the Nuer Community to be too simple in the eyes of other Junubiin and we are nowadays termed as people who don’t know what they are aiming for, it made us to be only aiming at getting high military ranks though no pay but just proud of the useless and valueless ranks. Which simply send a signal to the rest of other Junubiin that we are just for a ” FUCKIN PROUD JOB”.

Riek Machar’s politics have caused enmity among the Nuer communities, for instance; the current inter clan conflicts between Dok clan of Riek Machar and Bul clan started in 1997 as well as that of Gajaak and Gajiok in Eastern Nuer. The good example of this enmity is the ongoing fight between Dok & Bul Nuer in kakuma refugee camp which was incited by some intellectuals in the camp of Riek Machar. They are refugees and they are from the same community of Bentiu , why are they fighting among themselves if not because of the current hatred planned by Riek Machar and his group.

This is a prove that Nuer Community became a confused community in South Sudan and this is because of Riek Machar who deceived them that Ngundeng Boung prophesied that there will be a man with a gap between his teeth who will be the leader of the Nuer and will take power from a Dinka Man where the Nuer tribe will make the dinka tribe a third class citizen in the country during his reign.He will be brought to power via the power of the Nuer mighty fighting men and women.

For those who whether from Nuer community or other Junubiin in diaspora around the world and at home in South Sudan who may think that Riek Machar can be an alternative as a national leader in the country, get to know that Riek Machar is a divisive figure within in his own family leave alone the entire Nuer tribe.

So if he can’t manage to run his own Movement whose 99% of its officials and soldiers are from Nuer tribe, than how can he manage to run the affairs of the whole country?

Now he failed to unite his own tribe since 1990s up to date , how can he manage to unite these communities of South Sudan?

Riek Machar is an enemy of South Sudan and a traitor for the 1997 Khartoum peace accord which he signed with the Sudanese Islamic based regime , which then rewarded him with the positions of vice-president of Sudan and chairman of the coordinating council that technically ruled the South.

He’s a man with a very volatile history in the country, so he’s not a national leader. He’s very ambitious to take the top office in the hand and nothing else matter. He’s a man with both political and military misfit.

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  1. spla oyeee. says:

    Brother, you are right, but the problem is not for Nuers alone. The new politics that came with some of the SPLA/M from the bush, is really regrettable. They want to resolve everything through the barrel of guns. It is true that Dr Riek caused the fighting of 1991 and in which thousands of civilians lost their lives. But, in 2013, the fighting was caused by Kiir and Riek together. Instead of resolving their party (SPLA/M) problems through negotiations, they insulted themselves during the NLC meeting and ran outside for guns and shot at civilians while leaving themselves. A lot of people really died from both tribes of Dinka and Nuer. Both tribes are now not being respected, see the examples of MTN along the Equatoria roads. Both Nuer and Dinka are being considered as people who like fighting without any reasons, just to be in power. Anyway there are a lot and a lot to be said concerning the internal war in South Sudan; but, this enough for today,
    Thank you,


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