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South Sudan’s Victims of War: A Poem highlighting the forgotten plight of street and displaced children of South Sudan. A nation or society that cannot care for its children cannot claim to have any other worthy social values. Because of the civil war our children have been forgotten victims.

By. Mama Helen A. Abyei 

We are called filthy, we are called street children

Thieves, criminals and at times worse even when

We are victims, and nobody’s burden.

No one cares about us except our Father in heaven.

You don’t tolerate to look at us yet we are South Sudan’s children.


By Hon. Agel Ring Machar, Juba, South Sudan

Sunday, June 3, 2018 (PW) — It’s self evident that the civil unrest in the country was sparked by SPLM internal leadership contradictions, but tragically fuelled to great heights by what I would term here as “NUER -DINKA Siblings Rivalries”. The two largest ethnic groups with inherent propensity to extreme violence, coupled with other “unfavourable” Nilotic traits.

It’s therefore, extremely of importance to keep in mind, that, as we embark on the final stages of the Reunification (M7 45 days are running out) of SPLM, the crucial repair of the social fabric severely damaged by the current civil unrest between the NUER and DINKA.

Any SPLM reunification initiative that ignores the NUER -DINKA UNITY will likely struggle to achieve its central objective of ensuring National Unity and tranquillity in my humble opinion. Majority of NUER Community feel unfairly targeted and mistreated by their DINKA brothers. This fact isn’t rocket science.