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Gen. Akol Khor Kuch and the Spectacular Rise of the Young Turks of South Sudan

By Simon Yel Yel, Juba, South Sudan


Ambassador Gordon Buay in the foreground

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 (PW) — No sane person can contemn or condemn the government or Gen. Akol Koor for reaching the peace deal with inconsequential members of the SS-UF. This is not to say that the government dreads to confront the twonk Gen. Malong militarily in the battle field if he chooses so. It is because the government had already decided ( since the genesis of this war) to take the path of peace to salvage the country from this infinite crisis by giving out government positions to whomever has rebelled if that can make them cease from killing the innocent South Sudanese people. This is why Gen. Akol has reached this peace deal with SS-UF break-away group of Lino Ajang Ajang.

Frankly speaking, there is no a lucid person who has witnessed these destitutions and destructions brought upon this country by the ongoing senseless war is ready again to be lured by the discombobulated Malong into killing JUNUBIIN under the pretense of ‘arresting the carnage’. That is why Ajang has led this exodus of a few hundreds if not thousands youth and some elders to Juba. Their exit confirms that they want peace.

Though Malong pretended to negate Ajang’s importance to the movement by rhetorically disparaged him with all evil terms at his disposal in the press release he signed, his dearest private wish could be that for a divine thunderbolt to reduce his once poster boy into a pile of ashes. In fact, Malong is still mourning now for losing Ajang to Gen. Akol. With the return of Ajang and many others, the self-praising lion (SS-UF) to roar will soon turn into a disappointing meow.  No strength to roar again. Ajang is gone! I can now bet without fear. Most of its members will come to Juba while carrying their parts of SS-UF on their heads very soon. (more…)

By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 (PW) — I was a member of the red army, who after the fall of the Derg Regime in 1990, came and settled in Nasir. We were a group of what UNICEF later called “Unaccompanied Minors”.

We built our tukuls in the swampy areas of Ketbek adjacent to the SPLM/A Nasir Faction Headquarters. On arrival from Ethiopia, we were at Torpuot, later moved to Pananyang before coming to settle finally at Ketbek. We were known as K-Minors. UNICEF started to open schools for the minors.

I was a both a minor and a primary school teacher, the youngest teacher at the time. This spectacularly brought me close to the UNICEF senior staff, prominent of whom was Prof Magne Raudalen, a Norwegian Professor of Psychology whose main task focused on trauma therapy and counselling.

Trauma is a mental condition that begets behavioral changes. It is also a physical harm inflicted with the use of blunt or sharp objects. Prof Magne made me his interpreter when interviewing the minors about their experiences. It was not easy but it was a task I could not turn down because most of the minors were speaking Arabic and local languages. (more…)

A Girl is Born

Posted: June 12, 2018 by mayendengdit in Junub Sudan

A Girl is Born   


By. Mama Helen A. Abyei

This monologue poem describes the plight of the girl child in South Sudan and Africa in general where girls are looked at as wealth instead of full human beings who deserve equal opportunities as their brothers – in terms of educational opportunities and success in life. 

When babies are born, fathers are happy.

You rejoiced because I was born – a girl.

You were thrilled because a wealth is born – a girl.

A girl to pay off all your debts.

A girl to sacrifice her life to make you happy.

A girl to be sold so her brothers could have families.

A girl to be sold so you can get more wives.