FCRFL Response to The Khartoum Great Treason Framework Draft Agreement

Posted: June 27, 2018 by mayendengdit in Free Citizens Red Flag League, Junub Sudan

The Free Citizens Red Flag League (FCRFL) 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 (PW): The Free Citizens Red Flag League (FCRFL) would like to register its full rejection of what it calls the “Khartoum Great Treason Framework,” which has been served by non other than President Omar Hassan Al-Bashiir of Sudan to his former palace juniors, President Kiir and Dr.Riek.

The Khartoum Great Treason Framework draft agreement has been reported by BBC Swahili (Dira Ya Dunia) programme on June 26th 2018 to include creation of three capitals in South Sudan, instead of the standard “one capital city” which has characterized the Westphalian nation-state system all over the world since its inception in early nineteenth century.

Attempts to create more than one seat of government have always led to increased instability and wars of independence within nation-states, especially when such divisions are born by ethnic or religious considerations. In recent history, Iraq could be an example to be considered. The post-Sadam Iraqi state was divided by US masters into three political capitals – Baghdad (Shiite), Mosul (Suni) and Erbil (Kurds).

Not long after that creation of three political capitals, two entities decided to split and declare independence from the Iraqi state. Rulers in Erbil organized a referendum and declared the independence of Kurdistan from Iraq and showed readiness to fight through their armed forces (the Peshmerga). The Sunnis in Mosul did the same and declared an Islamic Caliphate (The Islamic State or IS) and bitterly fought for their territorial gains through Mujahideen. The Shiites dominated government in Baghdad remained confused and unable to govern the whole country. Those divisions created regional instability which dragged Turky, Iran, Lebanon, and Syria into further turmoil.

There is a very high probability, inevitability in fact, that the Khartoum Great Treason Framework will drag South Sudan and the region deeper into future wider civil wars than provide a sustainable solution.

Hence, The FCRFL calls on all patriotic sons and daughters of South Sudan to express their strong rejection of that proposal. Unless President Kiir and Dr. Riek have agreed to split South Sudan into three weak confederate states to be run from Khartoum, there is no logic in even discussing such a dangerous scheme. And even if that was the case, such a decision is for the entire South Sudanese citizens who fought and voted for the country’s independence to make in a future referendum, not that of the two leaders to make on their behalf.

The FCRFL strongly suggests that a genuine federal system to be based on the constitutional ten states and one capital city should be a practical framework of governance in the transitional period.  It ensures the unity of South Sudan and its territorial integrity. In such a framework, the ten state capitals shall be strong enough to provide services to the people through disbursed funds from the capital (Juba), while they will not be strong enough to think about full independence.

Since another face-to-face meeting is scheduled to be held in Nairobi soon, the Khartoum initiative should be completely discarded as one which was drafted in bad-faith. Our great grandfathers/mothers have always said: “nothing good can come from Khartoum.” Such a dangerous “peace” proposal from Khartoum confirms that saying.

Long live the full independence of South Sudan. Long live the great sacrifices of our people and martyrs. Peace and prosperity shall be realized in our country soon.


The Free Citizens Red Flag League (FCRFL) is a South Sudanese peace advocacy platform. It can be reached at freecitizensrfl@gmail.com .

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  1. You know nothing my people, South Sudanese.
    Why you let Arab [Omar el Bashir from Yemen] brainwashed you to confirm that you can compensate him, if possible about Panthou war?
    What about Abamanusa, the area in Kordofan that they burn our people alive in Churches?
    Do it to appear in Lord’s sight, He will distroy you at one time.
    That is why you’re Rules, not Leaders
    God with you


  2. SPLA OYEEE says:

    The ACCEPTANCE OF compensation to Khartoum for damages done to Panthou war means that the South Sudan government has accepted that Panthou belongs to Sudan; which is a very big mistake done by the signatories from South Sudan, and very regrettable and unfortunate political thinking.
    I was quite sure that our government will one day betrays the South Sudan, since the time I became awared that the son of Omar Al Bashir is working in the office of President Salva kiir. This means that directions about what President Salva is to do daily, comes directly from Omar to Tutkeu and Toor Mawien, because what ever being say by South Sudan government, is daily being delivered by Mr. Tutkeu (the son of Omar) to Omar Bashir. What about Toor Mawien, what is he doing in the office of Salva and he is also an agent of Omar Al Bashir?
    Why did Salva allow them to work with him, if not orders from Omar?
    Until these two people are removed from the office of President Salva, South Sudan will never be good at all. These people were sent by Omar to South Sudan to destroy SPLA and South Sudan.
    The son of Omar plus Toor Mawien are the ones who are misdirecting President Salva.
    I don’t understand the security the South Sudan National Security is doing, if they don’t know that son of Omar Al Bashiir is in the office of President Salva and what are the motives he is working there. Tutkeu was brought up as a child by Omar; and Omar educated him, and then released him to come to South Sudan when CPA was achieved.
    These two people (Tutkeu and Toor) are the ones who created imaginary fear to President Salva that not to meet with his ministers in his office or at his house, unless through their approvals. They created a gap between the president and his people who voted for him. What type of president that cannot be seen by his own people, while sitting in the same office together with the son of Omar and agent of Omar?
    Are the agents send to him by Omar who was in war against the South, more better than the president’s own people?
    If these two people are not removed from the president’s office, then in the near future South Sudan will be united again with the north.
    Very bad for people without vision, but, their eyes in the pockets of the president.
    Thank you,


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