President Kiir must resign in the best interest of South Sudanese people

Posted: June 28, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Sunday de John

By Sunday de John, Kigali, Rwanda

Thursday, June 28, 2018 (PW) — It is true that the tortured society of South Sudan can no longer sustain few more years of hopelessness. There is nothing left but thin line of resilience maintaining the balance between a complete falter and the salvage.

At stake are the lives of innocent orphans and widows. Hopes have withered. Perseverance has waned as misery index supersedes the limits imaginable in the human life. Country once referred to as bread basket for Africa has degenerated to a country of million beggars characterized by homelessness.

The army has been subjected to hard toil. Youths have not been employed. Few in the government sector are either getting no pay or the little they get add no value to their lives. There is total meltdown in every aspect of life.

Hate is folding rapidly amongst the communities. Social fabric has been torn. Nepotism dominates the public domain. There is sluggishness in the public sector. Officers in the army and other organized forces are promoted not on merit but on nepotism.

While all these happen, President Kiir does not have guts to regret the unmanageable stage the country has glided into. He is happy with the status quo. He has nothing to lose.

He is the untouchable. The master killer has refused to denounce violence. He has employed unknown gunmen to terrorize the public.

Vocal media personnel, youth and some potential senior army officials have been gunned down by the system that Kiir calls functional.

Truth tellers including respectable elders are getting tortured either physically or psychologically. It seems, there is no cure to the harm of such a huge magnitude.

The best worse would be Kiir resigning so as to pave way for recovery from all the heartbreak and the heaped disdain. President Salva Kiir’s resignation is the easiest way of avoiding the bloodshed.

On many occasions, many people have reached me asking that I persuade Gen. Paul Malong Awan not to initiate war so that more fragmentation is avoided. I quite agree with them on that point but they should as well tell Kiir to resign for the sake of his people.

He must resign now. His quest for incentives, desire to sell a portion of our land and oil cheaply and insensitivity to current matters all have amounted to the impending disingenuousness.

While Kiir tries to use any strategy including spending all the resources meant for development not directly for that but for hunting down the oppositions, it is inevitable that change we so much desire must come.

It is for this reason that all youth whether redundant and/or in the army should abandon their positions and join the South Sudan United Front/Army so as to effect the final stage of our liberty. I hope this serves the day.

Till then, Mr. Teetotaler!

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