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Press release: The government of the Sudan and IGAD must allow the full participation of the South Sudanese civil society leaders in the Khartoum round of the IGAD-led HLRF

Yakani of CEPO

Sunday, July 1, 2018 (PW) — Up today morning the fate of civil society, women, business community and the faith-based group will have direct participation on the table of HLRF is not clear.

No official communication from IGAD or Sudan government leadership to us. It seems we are brought to just stay in a hotel and finally get back to Juba.

Personally as Mr. Edmund Yakani, one of the civil society delegate, if today IGAD and Sudan Government failed to communicate to us officially till 12 pm about our fate of direct participation in the peace talks, I will be booking a flight back to Juba.

The act going on about our isolation is totally undermining of the role of civil society in public affairs. (more…)

CEPO press release on the violation of the permanent ceasefire in South Sudan as government, opposition (SPLM/A-IO) trade accusation over ceasefire violation

CEPO Fact Sheet on Khartoum Declaration between President Kiir and Dr Riek Machar - Part 1


July 1, 2018 (PW) — South Sudan’s Government and SPLM/A-IO military spokespersons are trading accusation on violation of the Khartoum signed June, 2018 permanent ceasefire among them today after their declaration of ceasefire made by both parties leadership dated 29th June 2018. The violation occurred in Mboro area of Wau around 7am.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization strongly condemned the violation of the Khartoum signed permanent ceasefire dated 27th June 2018. This is a discouraging development, unacceptable act and bad demonstration of attitudes towards commitment for peaceful settlement of the ongoing violent conflict in the country

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO says it is shameful to demonstrate to the citizens, region and global community that our warring parties are not honoring their own words they said. Declaration of permanent ceasefire was announced officially and publicly. Yet ground forces decided to violate the ceasefire immediately. (more…)

Attached, please find Press Release from the IGAD Council of Ministers in Nouakchott, Mauritania, on the sideline of the 31st Ordinary Summit of the African Union for your information

Press Release of the IGAD Council of Ministers on South Sudan (PDF)


The Intergovernmental Authority on Development is an eight-country trade bloc in Africa. It includes governments from the Horn of Africa, Nile Valley, and the African Great Lakes. Its headquarters are in Djibouti City.