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Memories shared are archived, not in big state buildings, but in our memories. It is for this very purpose that I occasionally flashback. In living memory of my comrades in arm, Dheiu Ajach (Guojum) and Chol Makuei Mabior (R.I.P)

By Mawut Mabior Chol, Juba, South Sudan

Saturday, July 21, 2018 (PW) — Dhieu Ajach, nicknamed Guojum because of his bowed legs and arms. Very balanced, tough and fierce looking, is from Jieng de Apadang. Wickedly funny, but somewhat rebellious and subtly humane, he was a very complicated guy to deal with.

Initially, I treated him like any other member of squad, but that one day almost ended in exchange of fire. I had to devised a new approach to avoid the confrontation. Physically I couldn’t much him, but importantly, we were armed and in a war zone. I had to know him and he became one my best friends.

One bad thing about him was his addiction to tobacco. He could get up under a volley of bullets to go and borrow a smoke from someone whether farther away was not his problem. (more…)