Gen. Riek Machar is a curse that has ruined our Nuer community

Posted: July 22, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Amb: John Kassara Koang Nhial, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sunday, July 22, 2018 (PW) — Gen Riek Machar is a curse to all South Sudanese including his own Nuer tribe. Gen Riek Machar’s past and recent catastrophic wars “with tribal dimensions” have done greater damage to South Sudan as a nation than good. The war which is now engulfing the Republic of South Sudan shows the world how the tribally-based politics could quickly brings the country down to its knees.

In South Sudan or elsewhere, the name Riek Machar in the minds of many people evokes nightmare and retrieves unwanted memories. Due to his vicious hunt for leadership, Riek deserves scrutiny from the public to determine if he qualifies for presidency.

Gen Riek Machar is a decent man and he has made a considerable contributions to the freedom of South Sudanese. For example, his U-turn to the SPLM/A in 2002 is a laudable one, but there is a long list of reasons why he may not be the most suitable candidate for presidency in the coming years if there will be election in the country.Let me walk you through his failures. For example, starting from his attempted coup in 1991 coup against the SPLM/A leadership, his shamed 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), his failed LRA – Uganda Peace Mediation and many other failed negotiations on behalf of South Sudanese, one can boldly proclaim that Riek is not just a failed leader.

He has been in fact the cause of failures for yet others. His role when he was a Vice President of South Sudan has failed both his ex- boss Salva Kiir and the country as a whole. Do not give up yet of Riek’s failures.

One could also argue that Riek’s political skills are highly deficient. He lacks the power of persuasion which is an essential condiment for managing a diverse array of political opinions.

Furthermore, Gen Riek Machar has consistently shown that he lacks philosophical sophistication. Without this ability, one wonders how Riek will be able to steer the country effectively in a more integrated global economy if given a chance in the near future. Under his presidency, South Sudan as a nation could miserably scramble.

Gen Riek Machar is highly intolerant to other people’s views. The fact that he was not able to get along with some of his colleagues in the SPLM/A-United in Nasir and ended up dismissing them from the movement and same scenario of not accepting the views of others occurred in 2016 before he left Pagak to Juba.

He disagreed on some views with some of his former Generals the like of Gen Gathoth Gatkouth Hothnyang ,the current minister of Labour and Public Service, Hon: Gabriel Changson Lew Change , the current chairman of Federal Democratic Party ” FDP” and a current member of South Sudan Opposition Alliance, late Gen Gabriel Gatwich Chan Aka Tanginye of National Democratic Movement/Army ” NDM/A , Hon: Gabriel Yoal the current member of National Dialogue Steering Committee.

And the list is too long; this means that Gen: Riek Machar cannot provide the necessary collegial leadership for which South Sudan is hungry.

In addition, Gen Riek Machar is not known for being bold enough. Boldness is especially necessary when it comes to decision making. Without it, Riek will likely not be able to take on his leadership show on the road.

South Sudan needs a leader who is capable to lead effectively. Given Gen Riek Machar’s political feebleness, including his short sightedness and lack of organisational ability that ultimately leads him into settling for suboptimal choices including taking short cuts can be very disastrous for South Sudan as a nation.

It is therefore ironic that Gen Riek Machar who has perpetually perfected the art of tribal extremism can portray himself as someone with the audacity and moral authority to fight tribalism and corruption.

His rhetoric that he can make a good leader “if allowed to sit behind the wheel” is simply an attempt to trick South Sudanese into believing that he can deliver.

In fact, Gen Riek Machar does not qualify to be a viable alternative president of South Sudanese. He only worships his big tummy. He follows where his mouth goes; and where his egocentric interest lies.

That is why he has been shoring up his rhetoric with the threat of the use of the sword he is accustomed to.

Gen Riek Machar and his group in crime have exploited their “tribal loyalty” to advance their individual gains, parochial interests, patronage and cronyism.

These people should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed either domestically or internationally. Republic of South Sudan has now become a grave yard, orphanage camp and a global factory for refugees because of them, but can anything be done?

Gen Riek Machar and his group though will be allow to come back to the country via peace will only do nothing, but sectarian animosity into the country.


  1. Albino Aleu Aduol. says:

    John K. K. Nhial

    Your article is very clear and I would assume you are the truly educated man. Also there was a general James who spoken to Nuer in Juba before the returning of former vice president to Juba in 2016. He was speaking to Nuers particular saying, Dr. Riek Machar don’t want to see you be alive and the majority of listeners did not buy that statement however, when the J1, dog fight happened then, the general James gained credit for telling people the truth. In your statement apparently, there is nothing to be take out because I belief they are all correct and I am totally agree with you. Yes, the former vice president don’t take others view, because he belief his IQ was the best than the other on one hand, his leadership end up divided as you can see general Peter Gatdet Yak, general Gatkuoth and Gabriel changson have left early for the fact, he was using his movement of the SPLM IO like family business and he was only trusting the close relatives from a Dok community.

    Dr. Riek Machar don’t know how to lead even though he is highly educated person yet, the way he always doing in the government or his movement is clearly indicated the man is lacking so many things. Today I am speaking, his coming back to Juba’s government is going to divided the Nuers in to tiny groups and his message have already reaching inside communities because any person who decided to defected away from his SPLM IO would be punished this is why you might hear some people like commissioner of Ulang county quitting government and returned to the SPLM IO simple, because he is fear for his life.The former vice president talked about nepotism, corruption and discrimination but when you looked his movement style hence, you can tell there is no different from the government’s Officials being accused and himself. He did not trust Nuers people while, he is always asking them to fights on behave of his political issue but the appointment of his wife Angelina Teny Jay to takes two positions of movement’s defense and security was stunning in 2016.

    I think the people who are still thinking that, the former vice president will do good than his past years are fooling themselves, because he has been repeated same style for years and he will never change the way he does his leadership. I am very positive that, there will be a Son of Nuer to become a president of South Sudan but not the former vice president and not the person who defected against the organization of the SPLM and not the person who support violence in order to come to power but he or she should be the person who is willingly to united all South Sudan people particular, the Dinka and Nuer because we do not only need a capable educated citizen but also it would be a good Idea to have promoted the moderate person who can sees people equally.


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