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Peter Biar Ajak is a South Sudanese PhD student of politics and world affairs at Cambridge University in the UK; he was detained by agents of the national security at Juba International Airport on his way to Aweil for the celebration of Red Army Day.

Photo: Peter Biar Ajak- Arrested on July 28, 2018

By. David Mayen Dengdit, Denver-Colorado, USA

Thursday, August 02, 2018 (PW): The recent arrest of Peter Biar Ajak, a highly educated and vocal youth leader, has shed yet another spotlight on the state of media freedom and freedom of speech in the country. Well-meaning people and human rights organizations have called on the Juba regime to release him with immediate effect. But as President Kiir once stated in Parliament that he took no orders from anybody, this new addition of Biar Ajak  into the prisons of Juba and the call for his release may be treated with that unfortunate attitude of “we take no orders from anybody.”

It’s unfortunate that the authoritarian Juba regime does not borrow from dark pages of history that tyranny and oppression has never ruled a country forever – Never. When all is over, hopefully sooner rather than later, what happened in the country will never be forgotten. Arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances, assassinations of principled clergy and youth activists, ethnic war crimes, intimidation, pervasive rape, protection camps, refugees, etcetera, define one of the darkest pages in sub-Saharan Africa’s persistent experience with dictatorships. (more…)