The Life of Late Ustaz Donato Deng Mayen Amet 

Posted: September 3, 2018 by mayendengdit in Junub Sudan, Mayen Ayarbior

By Mama Helen Achol Wour Abyei, Denver, USA

Ustaz Donato Deng Mayen Amet Ayalbior

Ustaz Donato Deng Mayen Amet Ayalbior

Sunday September 2, 2018 (PW)- The family of late Ustaz Donato Deng Mayen Amet held the annual memorial prayer service in Denver-Colorado on September 1st. For the occasion, I made this brief outline of the professional and eventful life of my principled husband, Deng Mayen Amet. I know he is in a good place now because he was a good man who served his people diligently and with all his heart.

  • Born in Gogrial State, Lukluk Payam around 1938.
  • He started school at Kwajok Boys Elementary School then went to Bussere Intermediate School then to Rumbek Secondary School. He later joined University of Khartoum where he studied BA Education.
  • In 1964 Ustaz Dengdit was appointed a teacher at Rumbek Secondary School which was the only secondary school in South Sudan. In Rumbek he taught many students who later became great civil servants and politicians in the country, most notable of whom was the founding father of our republic, great Dr. John Ganarng de Mabior.
  • In 1965 after the war intensified in South Sudan Ustaz Dengdit was imprisoned in Rumbek by the Sudan government because of his criticism of Khartoum oppression through community as-well-as teacher-student agitation, some of which was contained in his weekly high school newspaper titled “The Vision” which was pinned on a board in the school yard and where students were encouraged to participate. After his release from prison he went to Khartoum and worked as a teacher in Omdurman Secondary School.
  • Ustaz Dengdit was very passionate, vocal and involved in [South] Sudanese politics. Together with distinguished South Sudanese politicians of the time like late uncle Cement Mboro, late uncle James Tombora, late Hillary Logali, Uncle Abel Alier, late Hillary Bago, late Alyaba Surur, late Justin Yac and many more. Together with Ustaz Bona Malual Akui they published “The Vigilant” newspaper which was the first South Sudanese newspaper. In the paper he was both the editor and prolific columnist where he wrote series of articles including what he titled “The Politics between the Beguiled and the Beguiler” i.e. between the captivated or enchanted and captivator or enchanter, “Where We Must Be,” “Paper Chains,” “Meaning of Liberty,” “Who is Not African?,” etc. He also wrote and published poetry. The Vigilant’s main focus was articulating the root causes of north oppression and viable solutions including federalism and separation.
  • After moving to Khartoum, he was appointed an Executive Secretary in the office of the National Minister of Public Works Mr. Arop Yor Ayiik, after which he was transferred to Dongola Secondary School as Head Master.
  • In 1967 he got married to Mama Helen Achol Wuor Abyei in Elobeid and the couple came and lived in Khartoum.
  • In 1968 he was nominated by his party “The Southern Front” to be one of its candidates for the National Parliament in Khartoum. He won the election in Gogrial and became a Member of Parliament in Khartoum.
  • After the coup of President Jafar Mohamed Numeiri in 1969 Ustaz Dengdit took his family to Wau where he was appointed Assistant Commissioner for Education in Bahar Al-Ghazal Region.
  • In 1978 late Dengdit was appointed Director for Curriculum Development in the Ministry of Education in Juba. He coauthored a English Grammar book which was largely used in refugee camps in Ethiopia in the mid-80s.
  • In 1980, he took his family back to Khartoum when he was appointed Director for Coordination Office in Khatoum until 1983 which was the time when Southern Sudan was divided into three greater regions, a policy known as Taksiim (Division). Since then he refused to take any government jobs in Khartoum in spite of many offers. He was later imprisoned in the infamous Kobar prison together with some Southern politicians but later released.
  • Upon retirement he went to Wau where he was Director of the YMCA from 1992 to 1995.

Family Information:

  • Late Donato Deng Mayen Amet has 6 children and 17 grandchildren.
  • Suzana Abuk Deng Mayen, married to Pagan Amum Okiech (3 children: David Koul, Anai, Dak)
  • Caesar Kuol Deng Mayen, married to Monica Malou Ater (3 children: Mayen, Mayar, Tong)
  • Caesar also has a daughter (Ayen) with Suzana Akur and a son (Deng) with Lidya Achol John.
  • David Mayen Deng Mayen, married to Pharida Namatovu (3 children: Abuk, Ayak, Chol)
  • Sophia Angear Deng Mayen, married to Dr. Sadaraka Tilian Sadaraka (2 children: Angelina, Martin).
  • Sylvia Ayak Deng Mayen, married to Dr. Robert Rilpoun Baipath (3 children: Ayen, Ayol, Padai).
  • Sandra Amiir Deng Mayen married to Diing Ngor Ayuel, (1 Child: Abuk).
  • Late Donato Deng Mayen Amet died in Juba on 1 April 2017 after a long illness.
  • In fulfillment of his will, his body is rested in his home village of Lukluk Payam , Gogrial State.
  • May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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