Rotational regional presidency: The only panacea to the current endless war over J1

Posted: October 12, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Dut Kuot Akok, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

”It is not a sin if you point out the true, but the real and unforgivable sin is when you know the true and hide it inside you due to the fear of unknown gunman”.

By Dut Kuot Akok, Aweil, South Sudan


Do Not Confuse a Camouflaged Call for Confederation for Call Federalism

Thursday, October 11, 2018 (PW) — The outset of the current endless war realistically by then was a competition over the control of the higher office (J1). All the ruling party cadres were eyeing the higher office comes 2015, the storm which started in the liberation council of the ruling party in December of 2013 was over who could be the party flag bearer if elections were to had taken place as scheduled in the interim constitution of the nascent state.

Their bodies’ languages and moods starting from the top hierarchy to former deputy, former secretary of the ruling party including the widow of the late hero were so fearsome with possible indicators of skirmish. Their inflammatory spirit of no reverse and compromise were unfortunate thus the symptoms of awaiting endless abyss were crystal to all of them.

Their competition over the control thereafter led to unforgettable and heartbreaking explosion of nascent state and subjected her unaware masses to untold suffering, destitution and destruction of theirs lives and properties since 2013 up to date. And without exaggeration, the problem of south Sudanese were centered around the throne dating back to 1960s when they were still guerilla with no political constituencies to fight over.

It was about wrangling over leadership between father Saturino and William Deng, Joseph Lagu versus Gordon Mourter, Joseph Lagu versus Abel Alier, John Garang versus Akuot Atem, John Garang versus Dr Riek, Dr Riek versus Dr Lam, perhaps Dr John versus the incumbent in 2004, and president Kiir versus Dr Riek in 2013, 2016 and predictably in 2019.

It is predictable because the issue of competition over the higher office was not address properly by the mediators in the so-called Khartoum declaration since the epicenter of the current humiliating war was centered on J1. I am neither a warmonger nor an enemy of peace realization to the suffering people of South Sudan, as others will narrowly term me so, but lack of ingenuity to thoroughly address the way forward after the transition period is a question in point.

Apparently, Khartoum declaration is all about the distribution of positions and aback to the status quo of the formers enemies and the assumed reunification of the SPLM as being rumored by the inner circle within the party but the question that arise is; who will be the party flag bearer after the end of transitional period if they reunite?

Let me throw it to diehards’ supporters of the would-be reunify party to provide a convincing answer to the satisfactory of all the doubting Thomas including the writer.

Henceforth, and as manifested in the above narrative that our problem do start over leadership, therefore, I am of the view that rotational regional presidency should be incorporate in to our constitution to solve this disgruntle wrangling on the way leading to J1. It is true that the above notion will not go down well with born to rule section or the laughable corner who are childishly said to be inborn rulers.

They are said to be competent and capable of ruling before birth and even in the grave after death. Their absolutism bigotry is illogical because Jesus himself did stayed for thirty years to reach maturity peak before he started to teach the holy gospel.

Now and again, rotational regional presidency is a sound-able solution to the current ongoing debacle according to the author because it offers equal opportunities to all the regions to have access to J1 democratically. It do offer hope for all to wait for their turn peacefully, For instance, if the turn is for Equatoria region, then they should be allows by the constitution to go for preliminary elections to nominate/select theirs candidates for presidency within their region on parties basis.

Their nominated candidates will therefore be presented to all south Sudanese to votes for the best and competent candidate among the nominees. It is by encouraging this that it will be possible to eliminate the current tribal attitudes among some fellows who do perceives that other regions are not competent to lead the nation. It will possibly offer two options to Mr. /Mrs. tribalist to either votes for the best candidate of his/her choice within Equatoria region whether he/she like it or not or else, fill in the blank space.

This breath of fresh air will offer free and conducive atmosphere to Wani Igga, Suzanne Jambo, Thomas Cirillo, Bagasi Bagasoro and Ladu Gore to express themselves democratically with no tribal inclinations as it used to be in our Africans politics. They will patriotically campaign with sole purpose of prospering the nation and empowerment of her inhabitants economically, socially and politically.

On the other hand, the same mechanism should be adopted in Bhar El Ghazal and Upper Nile regions respectively. They should start first with preliminary elections and nominate theirs candidates before leaving them in an open floor to be voted by all the regions. The outcomes of preliminary elections and overall participation of all south Sudanese will determine who is fit to lead.

It will simultaneously enable the like of Dr Riek, Dr Lam, Majak Agot, Pagan and co to express themselves on why they are longing for presidency. This leave tribal addicted calibers in Bhar el Ghazal who do still believed that presidency will never cross river Nile back to Upper Nile region come whatever with no option other than to votes for the candidate of theirs choice in Upper Nile or else do the same as mentioned above.

It will further forced some tribalists in equatoria and upper Nile regions to votes for candidate from Bhar el Ghazal or Dinka as being shamefully claimed by some semi craziest tribalists in both regions. Yes, Bhar el Ghazal do have some tribes apart from Dinka tribe but with the current tribal inclinations at its peak, they will surely camped behind their tribesmen/women and nominate them overwhelmingly since they are the majority in the region. Thus it happened like that however, the final answer is with the people across the nation to elect the most competent and tribally free candidate.

Finally, I would therefore like to recommend rotational regional presidency if we are genuine about permanent peace without future aback to another cycle of war and destruction in the long run. It is by giving equal opportunities to the current company of armchairs critics to try their lacks that we will be able to realize everlasting peace in the republic of south Sudan. Currently, we are in need of a person who sees beyond Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Shilluk and Zande or regions.

It is a stupidity to continue backing the wrong horses that are busy fighting over J1 and thereafter leave us at six and seven. All we need is a patriotic person who see tribe as a subgroup within our bigger umbrella called nationality and not an absolute shield as of now.

It is by doing so that we will be able to come back as brothers and sisters bounded by common identity and embraces ourselves again like before. Why not us if Rwanda is one of the most peaceful country in East Africa.

Our unity is our unwavering strength and togetherness.

The writer has honors degree of Arts in Rural Development, university of Juba and he can be reach via his email address:

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