South Sudan: Who Voted for Wars in the New Born Country?

Posted: October 20, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Malong Bak Malong, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Rev. Malong Bak Malong, Aweil, South Sudan


South Sudan Civil War

The reality of war in South Sudan

Thursday, October 20, 2018 (PW) — You know what, when you do something, it will inevitably be followed with a consequences. For instance, when you lit a fire, a smoke appears and too much sneezing causes the blood to flow from the nose. To come back to answer the question laid above as who voted for war? For this question, I would like to take a live example on the holy priests of God, the Pharisees—who had been, for a long time teaching and admonishing on how the Israelites, the hire of the Kingdom of God must positively response for the prophetically coming of Messiah, the Prince of peace. Unfortunately what happened when the expected Prince of peace come?

The Community went out welcoming their Messiah with ululation and shouts of welcome, welcome son of David! Exactly as the Prophets predicted it—even they, (Priests) had been teaching about His coming couple of days back; they were teaching that the Messiah of God will be welcomed with such and such great joy. This same is true on SPLM/A leaders, when they were enthusiastically saying that “peace will bless us once again!” Dr. John Garang’s favored speech in Nyayo stadium in Kenya. Unfortunately, like the holy priests, they were not prepared to welcome the Messiah with the humble attitudes, which was how He (The Messiah) was supposed to be welcomed.

Therefore, what happened when the Messiah did come—finding the priests of God unprepared to welcome him wholeheartedly? The answer is, “they were offended by His coming!” Nevertheless, being offended so much on His great symposium arrival, they voted for war against the Messiah! Moreover, one day, as he was coming into the Holy City Jerusalem, a great influx met him at the City outskirts, welcoming him with shouts singing, “Hosanna to the Son of David! However, offended, agitated and disturbed by such blatant joy, they shouted at Him, “Heee! Heee you! Make these noises to stop, what is this melee all for?

Nevertheless, Jesus knowing their ill attitudes and self-worthy pride, boldly said, “If these people stop to shout for joy, the stones will not be quieted!” In addition, as he came near the gates of the holy city Jerusalem—knowing that there will be Great War between Him and these power-hungry Pharisees, he wept at Jerusalem’s main gate on unfaithfulness in their hearts and said, “Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Killer of prophets and Messengers of God. How I wished that you would have known the coming day of your LORD (Prince of Peace), but you did not.

He continued, “So you and your children will one day be seized and crushed, no stone will be left over anther because you have not realized the day of the coming of your LORD!” That story eventually ended with the very holy priests killing the Messiah whom they toiled for many, many, many years on his benefit—teaching the people about his blissful coming! The same is true on the SPLM/A who rallied the people against the Khartoum government couple of years back—preaching that when we will attain our own autonomous right, everybody will be very, very happy.

Dr John Garang quoted that there will be many opportunities for the opportunities-seekers—using the scriptures from the Bible book of John 14 that says, “There are many opportunities in my father’s house, if not so I would not have told you”. Unfortunately, their compatriots those who were not unfortunate to get into executive part of the government, are left out severely suffering even from acute poverty—they got no reward over the same Country which they all fought to attain.

No many rooms whatsoever, because when Jesus said that quotations, he was very sure about his own attitude and mission. Therefore, in my own Opinion, I realized that the only man that had the vision on how such great nation could get along peacefully and blissfully among his SPLM/A colleagues was Dr John Garang. I can see that he was the only man who understands the demands and the languages the “nation-making” speaks.

Therefore, let me ask this stupid question, “Will these conflicts have a sooner end?” My first answer is: these power-affiliated conflicts will never have sooner end. Who told you that empty stomachs are ever kept silent? War will continue to wreck this newborn Country as far as truth is concerned. Another question is; then what will be the consequences, if this bad phenomenon remains to wreck this newborn nation? To answer that; it will force some to vote also. Others will vote on footing (walked away from the Country, displacement); others will vote by their hands (fight continually) while others will vote emotionally (ran mad as you can see many people walking naked in our towns) and others will vote for lawlessness (raping, robbing, killing by unknown gunmen and dictatorship) and so on.

No matter what attempts could this current government do to bring order or nourish prosperity, it will never avail since she has already voted for war against peace and its blessings. For the law of peace’s blessings says, “If you bless your neighbors, thus you’ve blessed yourself too”. The same is quite true with the law of Nation-making. For if this current system would not stop detaining, intimidating, killing, using malice, censoring Media houses, use of military diktat and above all, the phrase “we have liberated this Country hate-speech” individualizing the entire Nation as a property or belonging of certain group or figures—then we will not and cannot attain the lasting peace.

However, will those warring groups who are fighting against this system with their light fists be of any effects against this well-established government, which had luckily controlled everything nationwide? To answer that, my first answer is no. Those groups who are struggling against this system will not be able to get this government toppled down—because she has many potential grounds. First, this community she has laden, does not know their rights, because they have never been exposed to better life before. They know nothing about child rights, women rights, right not to be detain arbitrary, citizenship rights, and rights to speak up for one’s own rights without intimidation from anybody and above all, right even to strike against bad governance!

Therefore, such stone minds plus ignorance, helps so much and give great opportunity for this current system to carry on dictating the situation all along—even against the one percent of those who know their rights, they will be forced to be silent. Moreover, be very careful still, for when it comes for power, be very careful about it, for it is a very deadly beast! This harmful snake called power has two very dangerous languages. The first is, “please, peacefully leave me alone”. But the its another language is too venomous! It is very cruel language. It bites you suddenly using its tail (the people you trusted, especially your sublimates) and it flips up and down her wings roughly.

That wing is called the change of nationalism. It had been experienced by very many empires, which led to their total destruction when those kingdoms did not answer to its poisonous bites. Very many emperors, in those stone ages even up to date, the only king that survived its bite, were King David from the Hebrews sons. For when he committed adultery with one of his sublimates called Uriah with his wife Beersheba from the children of Hittites.

Nathan, the prophet, came to him and spoke to King, “Thus said the LORD, you have rebelled against the command of the LORD by taking Beersheba, the wife of your servant Uriah who served you faithfully, to your wife and have killed him”. He (prophet) continued, “You have done it secretly but I the LORD, will do it (expose David’s wives for public sex) openly, the word shall never leave your house, but concerning your life, none of your hair shall fall to the ground”.

That biblical story ended with King David ousted out from power by his own son, Absalom, had he not repented in tears before the Living God, his life would had bitten by the beast—the snake called power! Very many great military men like Adolf Hitler, M. Gadhafi, and presidents I do not want to waste my inks mentioning them—just know they were crushed by the same power! When this SPLM/A movement generals were in the bush, it seemed that they had not satisfactorily enjoyed sexual pleasures—which when they arrived towns, they turned against any women no matter whose wives a woman could be, they just devoured!

Thanks to one of my general cousin, who used to say, “I love every beautiful woman, I don’t care to whom she belongs, I just got to get her for myself”. Mark this well in your mind dear reader: Any wrongdoings committed in presidential palaces are punishable by the law power maintaining!

The author, Rev. Malong Bak Malong, has a diploma from Emmanuel Christians’ College at Yei River State. He is the founder of Aweil Pentecostal church, the chairperson for Great Aweil Pastors’ Union Chairperson (GAPU), and the former General Secretary for Aweil In-churches’ Committee (ICC). He can be reached via his email: Malong Bak <>

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website. If you want to submit an opinion article, commentary or news analysis, please email it to PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website do reserve the right to edit or reject material before publication. Please include your full name, a short biography, email address, city and the country you are writing from.

  1. kailoor says:

    Thank Pastor,
    The text is too relevance to our situation biblically, socially and politically well noted. what David son did to his step sister led to fratricide amongst David sons just way man of God said it.


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