Gen. Taban Deng Gai: The Manifested Beacon of Hope and Peace for South Sudan

Posted: October 22, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Dut Deng Kok, Juba, South Sudan


Taban Deng Gai, First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan

Monday, October 22, 2018 (PW) — H.E. FVP Gen. Taban Deng is considerably as an icon of peace and justice in South Sudan. He delivered magnificently on some of his dreams and promises since the struggle of the SPLA/M till now and that was the reason Dr. John Garang praised him in his statements that if I have more Taban’s, this movement would have succeeded earlier, Dr. Garang perceived him as the foremost of the virtues and he also weighed him as a man with vision, courage, integrity, and humility.

Nevertheless, the entire nation is delighted with your benevolent leadership, but nowhere as ecstatic as your bothers around you who saw us the personification for their highest aspiration and the embodiment of the kind of the leadership the needs desperately, and you ‘re working tirelessly day and night for the unity of our country, try any means of success like George Washington who lost almost every battle he fought during the revolutionary war with his colonial ruler’s but he succeeds at last.

The biggest success in history has also been the biggest failures, try any possibilities to bring togetherness to our country and the upcoming generation will enjoy the rewards of stability of your exerted efforts. Together, we shall make our whole nation more vibrant and successful. But if you totally fail to bring about the much-needed unity in Greater Upper Nile Region, no one among us will do it, till other generations to reunited upper Nile. Without you this revitalized peace agreement, which was recently signed in Khartoum, would have not been possible.

Optimism about Upper Nile’s future is in short supply, it still has extensive if dilapidate infrastructure, its spectacular landscape and climate offer considerable agricultural potential and it boasts a relatively skills and educated workforce as well as it’s talented in diaspora. But none of these assets are likely to be utilized until political woes are addressed.

We also like you to give a voice to poor entails increasing the economic and political opportunities available for them in order to ensure that the government takes their opinions and preoccupations seriously because many poor citizens still have little influence on decision process.

We need citizen activism of door-to-door canvassing and publicity campaigns. I’m appealing to you to rethink your platforms in an effort to better capture the support of this new system of good governance. Put your attention to help young people’s associations or reconnect them with international agencies to expand the realm of possible by making a set of demands that appeared to be politically unattainable but that also help.

Accept responsibilities for the actions of government to bring up qualified young people in order to avoid loitering of youths that may push them to commit unnecessarily crimes. Perhaps, we are all witnessing the conflicts is totally disadvantage us the young people and upper Nile region particularly, however, the best way to overcome this masses is by exposing how some individuals with constitutional poste become, promoting erroneous promises and self-preservation and a belligerent mindset are needed to be the top priorities, we are in the midst of the devastating challenges, we strongly want you to take action together with our president Gen.

Salva Kiir Mayardit to bring a total reform because the country is totally disintegrated politically and we will reunited this country using door to door campaign, mobilizing rural youths, talking of tranquility, peace and reconciliation by the group so call Community peace Action Group (CPAG) this group is comprised of so many groups, community leaders (Chief) Youth Leaders, women leaders, and religious leaders base on our diversities, because the root cause of this conflict is about the lack of sufficient economic activity, while they politicians are just too happy extract resources or quash any type of independent economic activity that threatens themselves and economic elites.

The extractive economic institutions do not create the incentive needed for the people to save, and extractive institutions directly contribute to the gradual of state by neglecting investment in the most basic public services. This is what happening in South Sudan today. We are continuing advocating for peace because we are tired of being perpetual victims of state sponsored poverty and human degradation vested on us by what seem like a despotic rule. We are committed to peace by any means but what we are not committed is to become a victim of peace. We know our cause to be just and God will never abandon us in our struggle to reconstruct a new South Sudan.

Conclusion: your idea of conflict resolution will provide recognition and legitimacy to build another perception of Youth as peace builders as it is stipulated in UN Security Council resolution 2250, the role of youth in peace building. The youth stand together with you, supports your positive idea of peace and reconciliation.

I personally encourage you to continue with that idea of unity, and it will provide a platform for partners to work together and build partnership with different sectors to generate inclusive peace process, and bringing back the spirit of love. We they youth, we are not agent of violence, and we need to play a vital role together with you in encountering violence and extremism.

I hope the Government of South Sudan is ready to hedge to ensure us the protection of civilian’s properties and protection of lives specifically including youth and women from any forms of sexual assault and gender- based violence; we want your support to end impunities bringing to justice those who have committee grave crimes against humanity.

Therefore, I would like to share in this special message offering to you my sincere prayers and good will for the almighty GOD to continue nourishing you with good health, long live, good wisdom that will enable you steering this country to even a greater height.

The author is a member of upper Nile region and a student of St. Lawrence University, pursuing degree in local governance and human rights; he can be reach through this. Email:

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