South Sudanese are being Ridiculed on World Stage: the Case of Nyalong Ngong

Posted: November 26, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Deng Agok Ageer, Australia

Fake News

Monday, 26 November 2018 (PW) —- Few months ago, we saw this unprecedented wedding that was held in Nakuru-Kenya. At the time, I didn’t put a lot of thoughts into it until, the other day when I came across it again, couple with this stories trending about Nyalong wedding, which is also called auction on CNN. Underneath all our social interactions, I have realised, that, we have become accessories of our bad publicity. I know we have enigma of sorts which has become slowly bad PR.

A lot is going wrong to put it that way and So, I though it’s imperative now to shed some lights on certain issues. I will base my thoughts mostly on the context of Nakuru’s wedding that, I just alluded above. What am I talking about? Well, some of us who saw the video, or the picture below, will remember exactly how un-comforting that video was and still is.

I am afraid, that, videos is still circulating around the world. If you saw that, video at that time, then, imagine the how embarrassing it was for the individual, the organisers involved and most importantly for the country the videos came from! With that said, how do you think the world would react to it? In your own imagination, what do you think is being said generally about us?

Give your evaluations without me saying it. It’s indeed, an outrageous reading I must say. I must also add by drawing your attention to Nyalong story which is now unravelling and so increasingly becoming a negative story, day by day on world media especially, on CNN and many others. Not only that, we have African gang of South Sudanese Origin especially, from Melbourne -Australia, also add our unfortunate Rappers who think they got talents. Unfortunately, in many cases, they turned out to be nothing but crying sounds on the world arena.

We must understand, what they represent on world stage is not only themselves but the image of our country. In this climate, their inexplicable quaking ridiculous music is not precisely a rap music but some kind of inventions. As result we becomes the ridicule of the world. These plus many other awkward moments, we disseminate on social media, are so obvious red flags and yet we continue to do so without regards. It’s absolutely central to teach ourselves well before we post our music on social media. Let give respect to certain things by according them the rationale they deserved. Get some someone to coach you until you’re good enough to appear on social media.

Frankly, I am very alarmed by those careless postings. Don’t get me wrong folks, I am not trying to sound like an angel here or an expert on a lot of things but what those people who organised Nakuru’s wedding did was dreadful. They did a disservice to this poor young man. Seriously, what were they thinking? It’s inevitable such awkward moment may occur and should have been anticipated.

Why throw people into a situation with less training. Assuming everyone will know what to do in every situation is the stupidest thing anyone can play with. I mean, the organisers of this wedding should have known that, not everyone is born a dancer or have the rhythm of anything on their fingertips. It’s highly complex to know any dance.

Having said that, preparing bridegroom and bridesmaids for such events should have been the first priority. Throwing this poor man into the middle of the see and expect him to swim away when indeed he can’t was infuriating and tantamount to suicide. It’s extremely disappointing to see people experimenting with people’s integrities. It was ill thought and shouldn’t be repeated again. Look! He was just trying to swim away from drowning and who can blame him?

Now this embarrassing episode has taken the world by storm. We are being ridiculed for our stupidity for something that was avoidable. This plus Nyalong story were avoidable unfortunately, we’re now trying to blame CNN. We have to understand how the world works. Marketing ourselves for whole wrong reasons is very unfortunate. I have seen some videos of our young men trying to imitate rapping unfortunately ended up being nothing but disappointment on the world stage..!

This and many other awkward moments’ videos from South Sudanese on the Facebook undermines our claims or the belief that, we are equal at the level of the modern society. It’s very important to be seen civil if we want to emulate other cultures..! Let not be the laughing stock of the world. Let have good sense in encouraging professionalism especially if we want to organise definitive events such as weddings and so forth. It’s time we should avoid these careless postings which are frequently becoming our undoing.

Essentially, a lot of our bad propagations on social media at the moment, revolves around our careless postings. We are revealing too much negativity to the world and thus, we must come to term with the damage we are doing to ourselves. Just fathom the impact these negativities will do to us all. Some of us will not get jobs just because of those bad perceptions.

Even now, there are evidences that, our people in Refugee Camps have fallen to the last bottoms as far as humanitarians positions are concerned, just because some of those countries cannot stomach our bad behaviours here and back home. Make no mistake, what we do now will have ramifications and it will be too late to reverse, should we decide later that, it’s time to turn that negative around..! Lastly, think twice if you want to expose anything into the social media.

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