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“We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing”

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PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB): The Best Articles, Writers, of the Year 2016

Wednesday, January 02, 2019 (PW) — On the eve of 2018, we celebrated our writers by showcasing their works for the year 2017 on our website. As part of that tradition, we bring to your screen the best of 2018 as featured on PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website. The New Year 2019 is a joyful festival, a celebration of the last year achievements that include the signing, and partial promulgation, of the revitalized peace agreement (R-ARCSS) under the auspicious of IGAD. Thus, 2018 ended on a positive note for the people of South Sudan as demonstrated by the arrival of various opposition leaders in Juba, South Sudan, for the celebration of both Christmas and the New Year seasons.

Last year, our country was featured over hundreds of websites all over the world, mostly in a bad light. However, PaanLuel Wël Media website occupies the central stage in publishing opinion articles and news analysis featuring ordinary South Sudanese, which make sense of the dire situations in our beloved country. This makes it an instrumental informant to South Sudanese worldwide as it publishes writings from South Sudanese, both within and outside the country, expounding on the general and specific lives and situations of South Sudanese in countries such as Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, EU and many other places where South Sudanese are taking refuge.

Instead of being constrained by the ritual of the “top 10” best writers, opinion articles and news analysis, we have elected to showcase the rich compilations of the best writings from the best opinion writers and news analysts. For instance, a piece of writing that highlights the horrors of the civil war and economic crisis that our people are enduring in dignified humiliation, particularly the one that best capture and present not just a constructive criticism of our leaders from all sides of the political, economic and conflict divides, but also a viable resolution of the ills that have been ailing our country since the 2005 CPA era and into the independence of South Sudan in July 2011.

Today, PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website is celebrating the diverse and excellent opinion articles and news analysis of our best writers and acknowledging the work of other numerous contributors, columnists and opinion-writers whose names or works may not necessarily appear in this highlights. As we usher in the New Year 2019, it is imperative to motivate and encourage our best writers with something unique to mark the end of the year 2018 and the commencement of a happy – peaceful and prosperous – New Year 2019.

Here is the Year 2018 in Review: (more…)

Dinka culture does not practice and encourage auction of Dinka Girls as claimed by some feminists, media outlets and activists: A Case of Nyalong Ngong Deng from Awerial County of Eastern Lakes State

By Ustaz Abraham Mabior Rioc, Hong Kong, China

Fake News

Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang, Awerial County, Lakes State

Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang, Awerial County, Lakes State, whose bride price consist of 500 cows, 3 V8s, and over $10,000

Wednesday, January 02, 2019 (PW) — In the past few months of October, November, and December 2018, the alleged auction of Nyalong Ngong Deng went viral on the social and international media outlets preached and entertained by some feminist campaigners and civil society-based activists. The misconception of the marriage that was labeled as auction as well as the girl being considered underage was furiously condemned at local, national, and international levels and the government was urged to investigate the matter.

As far as freedom of speech and expression is concerned in South Sudan, it is not bad for one to express his or her viewpoints on the prevailing social, political and economic issues besetting the nation. However, what is required is a professional code of conduct that guides the freedom of speech locally and internationally. With no doubt, I have been a feminist by practice and advocacy, nevertheless, I am so cognizant about my professional conduct that does not allow me to invade the privacy of any community member or organization.

With regards to expressing one’s views, it should be noted that keeping your argument in check with one’s privacy is a prerequisite of freedom of speech. This means that a writer, an activist, or any other concerned person in the community or outside should not interfere or invade one’s privacy just like the case of Nyalong Ngong Deng and her families. I would like to acknowledge that freedom of expression is fundamentally important, but it requires every profession to consult the concerned elders or community before making any information public. (more…)