Ella’s story

Posted: January 10, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Sally Nyalony Gatwang, Juba, South Sudan

South Sudan Civil War

Wednesday, January 09, 2019 (PW) — Two minutes later after delivery, Ella’s mother dies before she could even see the child. This unexpected dealth astonished the all house hold especially ell’s father. Ella is now left with the grandmother and father to look after her. Responsibities became hectic having a child no body to take care of properly since the grand mother was aging and the father more frequently is in the office and travelling.

Without hesitation, her father marries his personal secretary. Mrs anna and Ella really don’t get along so well. At the age of four, Ella groused to dad about her relationship with anna. Surely the two weren’t getting along well. Anna grumps that Ella is indispline and doesn’t want to obey her. While Ella on the other hand reproach that Ann was calling her half orphan. Mr. Emma then decides to take Ella to his sister place and she studies also their plus also get to know the cousins and to feel lonely.

Nineteen years later, Ella was graduating and she happens to be the best student in the United States of America. Two free tickets were given to her to invite whoever she wanted and the school would cover the disbursements. Nothing from the start of her jounery of education was ringing in her mind rather than calling her grandmother and father to attend her big day with her. She immediately rings to her dad and grandmother to apprise them about the graduation.

The father over thrived with joy promised the daughter that he would be there throw hooks and tails. The father and grandmother then set off to the United States but unfortunately the time they reached Ella was in for a meeting about their graduation. So they assented to meet the following day which happends to be the long awaited.

Early morning as all students are settled Ella’s parents are nowhere to be seen and extremely late by two solid hours. The school director was ready to even have the function late for the sake of Ella. She fands her best to call her parents then emits the aunt to go check on their on them and find out what is going on with them.

Ella asks the school director to continue with the function. At the moment Ella above all was foiled at the parents but the director add her more five minutes and within a two shakes of a lambs tail, they had reached. She was thrilled with joy and so was the all gathering because all wanted to see who produced this intelligent girl.

At the end of the celebration, they decided to go for dinner as a family. Honouring the invitation of the president. On the way to the president’s house their car got an accident. The accident was so bad that the fathers head wasn’t found and the grand mothers wast was cut off. Both died on spot before they could reach the hospital. Ella with some injury made it to the hospital alive fortunately. But by the time she became conscious she was already in the hospital. She couldn’t speak but she could understand. With time she finds out that the grandmother and father passed away on sport.

Before the father left Africa, he had all the land titles under Ella’s names, and Ella stepmother didn’t concur with. So on hearing that her husband was dead she changed the land titles to her sons name and made the all community believe that it was Ella who killed her husband. Ella was forced by situation to go to Africa and see the family and also fo the fathers will to be read out when shes theirs.

As she reached home, life became harder than she thought because the community had a different bad story about her that she maliciously murdered her father. Even the lawyer failed to readout the fake will out there and then as required. The siblings from the stepmother looked at her as a gold ginger unlike the youngest aged ten, maybe because he was young. This was the only friend to Ella in the all area.

Years later, Ella follows in love with the son of a peasant as believed by many to be. The stepmother was happy because the guy was good for nothing, lowlife human that looked like he had no hope for the future. But Ella saw something in him. Their engagement went on successfully though only ten people attended and eight were from the boys’ side plus Ella and the stepmother but she didn’t careless.

Two days later to the wedding day of Ella and Riak, it is found out that Riak had a wife and was married with a child. This was known as Ella and riak went for a picnic. Where a beautiful young lady sees Riak and then starts weeping. Riak had earlier lost his memories and then brought to uncles in Africa so that he may recover. He is rich with many companies in the states but when he came to Africa his name was changed and hidden never to be heard.

So the wife was told that her husband died in Africa. She then came to see the body of the husband so that she could believe what she was being told. She took ten years looking for him and it was a miracle that she meets the man that day. When Ella had the story she couldn’t take it. So she collapsed.

You can reach the author via her email: Sally Riak <nyalonygatwangriak@gmail.com>

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