Choosing to stay with the foster Mother when the Biological Mother is not yet dead

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By Peter Khor Bullen, Juba, South Sudan

Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang, Awerial County, Lakes State

Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang, Awerial County, Lakes State, whose bride price consist of 500 cows, 3 V8s, and over $10,000

Saturday, February 9, 2019 (PW) — When you are with your biological mother, she is the only person who can offer unconditional care. When you are still young, she knows when you are sick; she monitors you when you are hungry. She also knows when you are thirsty. A mother changes no position of care. Though not all mothers have that in mind, only a few of them have zeal to care. Life is indeed a choice, but much of it is prefers to be spent without interference from mothers who are easily adoptive to the heart of the devil. With the later heart, life goes on and on again with all sorts of tragedies and fault line. But one has to choose whom to live with.

While in Bor, Not all things bothered me but one thing bogged down my intellect. The conditions of dogs and their puppies in the hand of pigs, Cows and survival aggressive goat that can be ready to fight human anytime. They are the street boys and girls of Marol Market. If animals could be asked and you post a question to them on whom they thought to have cause them problems of different forms. They will quickly answer “Gen Kuol Manyang Juuk”. Don’t be jerked; I will narrate why him in particular. I love him very much. He is a good general born among the most complicated creature on earth (i.e. Bor Community). Ask me why. It will be long.

When Gen. Kuol was still a governor; he tried very much to alleviate poverty by all means. He uses to encourage the residence to farm in order to produce more foods. He from time to time advice youths to accept any work that will give them money. He was thirsty on how society he rules should emerge victorious in fighting poverty and disease. I bed critiques to be calm on this matter. He became a leader I later admire. When the society was becoming unruly. He initiated his own program in anticipating being exemplary.

He bought exotic cows that produce 5-8 litters of milk per each cow every day. No one pays attention to him. He went as far as introducing pigs to Bor for the first time in the history of Bor Dinka, but the community still were still travelling wrong with lives and when as far as naming their dogs. “Cë Kuɔl Guut” meaning he (Kuol) fail from his aspiration of rules. Shame on them because they didn’t know what they were doing.

Going back to why Dogs will choose to blame him for their suffering. He introduces pigs. The most aggressive domestic’s animals who can’t fall into any grouping. They are carnivorous, they are herbivorous, and they are as well omnivorous. Remember; they are scavengers too. They eat what is available on land and they are such a strong animal who can use his head and jaws to fight both cows and dogs. Goats don’t accept to attempt any fight with them. When December 2013 war devastated Bor, all the pigs in custody were release into town.

But because Bor is a favorable place for them to feed and breed. It produces hundreds of thousands. Everyone can just get for himself one and put on it a mark mostly ear cut. So that you own it. The ownership is currently not for Gen. Kuol. Everybody has a claim because they surely over breed. If pigs where not there, dogs and their puppies would have been the happiest pet in the market. They keep on asking, why bring pigs to Bor? They are the real burden. I guess!

Looking at the lives of all the dogs in the Marketplaces. There is no single bone dogs can get. They are indeed stabbing. Pigs can get rids of all the leftover in the market. The rest is also cleared by slaying cows loitering in the market. They can’t go anywhere. Residence of Bor always says; these cows can be given as brides wealth for the slay queen of Bor who also loiter the market because when they disappeared, you can still get them tomorrow morning in the market. Marol market is not safe for Dogs and its puppies. They are indeed overwhelmed by new colonizers in the land. They capture all territories including the bank of the Nile to just to feast on removed scales and intestines from fishes cleaned for consumption.

What is it that tortured my intellects?

After sleeping all night memorizing how morning will start in Bor. I scanned all the expectation of the day but what I saw in the morning make me forget what I expect could be the features of the next morning. While on my way to the market; my eyes were caught up when a women pour out the leftover of the morning breakfast. More than 50 pigs and piglets rush to the scene and cleared the area on spot. The stabbing dos with its four puppies were just about to approach and everything got done. No way; they have to make an alternative if they need to survive. Another one came but still, there was no way. Luckily one piglet starts making noise crying out to lactate. All other piglets joint in and they make noise too.

The mother pig was disturbed and it lazily falls side’s way exposing all the lined teats. The piglets ran in for feeding including other matured one. The puppies saw it and they join too. While they were both suckling the mother pigs was not paying attention as to who is suckling. Provide that they want to feed. Mother dogs joint in shamefully. Knelt down but still visible through it tried much to label her back with the other piglets and puppies. It was a shock of new time when I saw man’s best friend surrendering to pigs because it just wants to survive.

My heart jump and I ask in the bottom of my heart; what the hell is going on here? Not so good. Nature is not so fair! I turn and asked a hawker who seems to be a Ugandan. I asked him, please; my brother, what is going on here? He glances at me and says “life is not simple in the market here my boss”, the dogs here are suffering and there is no other option better than that my brother”. Let the miserable mother survive! I inhale that pain. Indeed, if they remain with their dignity of being supper pet; they will perish.

To whom it may concern?

We are almost approaching May. The time all the parties signatory to the agreement will start to show their potentials of who will win the heart of the astray populations of South Sudan (the youths). Whom should we choose? Should we choose to remain with our dignity of being supper and repressible citizens, then die out without service and jobs or we choose to adopt a foster mother who will at lease feed us and push us to the election to decides the next conqueror in the market?

To whom should we share our aspiration and hope, the Biological mother or the foster mother? I hope the later will be the right choice. We had been in the market for long but it has rendered us shameful.

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  1. Thank you very much for appreciating our current minister of veterans affairs.
    Infact general Kuol manyang is hard working man who like everyone to be self reliance.
    I like general KuoL .


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