National sovereignty: The Case of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia in the peace process

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As South Sudanese may be searching for peace let us also be mindful of our national sovereignties with neighbors, the case of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia in the South Sudan peace agreement.  

By Dut Agostino Agei, Pro peace institute, Oslo University, Norway

kiir museveni

President Kiir and Museveni in Kampala, October 2014

Friday, February 15, 2019 (PW) — In several peace agreements, South Sudanese in one way or another have done whatever was necessary to bring peace in South Sudan. Thank you South Sudanese leaders for peace agreement. Peace is a fundamental human right principle that can in addition be found in Geneva law of convention.

The instability started by the time internal distrubants occurs in our nation across different duration collapsed national economy and causes masses displacements into African regions and eventually into the world. Such a fragile situation in the new African nation capture the attentions of international medias outlets made of the guardian, New York time, Aljazeera, wall street Journal and even BBC world that mounted pressure of peace to South Sudan ruling elitist. This was by international communities as well as the UNSC.

In response different helms of our national institutions of governance carry out whatever was necessary to bring peace and stability in South Sudan in an attempt of humanitarian call for peace in South Sudan. However, all these processes of peace finding involves scenarios where South Sudanese find themselves in reunions with African nations where governments at some points claim a certain place in South Sudan. I am going to be proves either right or not when I cite Sudan, Egypt & Ethiopia in that order.

In details discussions let me start off with the republic of the Sudan. Khartoum peace agreement in my humble view besides other nations that support this accords falls in the quest of our national sovereignty. Other than the Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia in the regions have a significant role in the stability of South Sudan that ended the internal disturbants under the auspices of the Khartoum agreement to be implemented this year.

As per the principles under the laws of communities of nations one may find that the system of realism works better than humanitarian supports. In this regards South Sudan can be seen getting supports to be stable in exchange of a future commitments in returned. Currently the success of KPA owes South Sudan with a future deals. Such unforeseen deals are uncountable but several of them lies in the state affairs of sovereignties that are still under ratifications. This can be as per the view and interest of the Sudan.

Also as per the Ethiopian and Egyptian case there exists some scenarios where the national Government of South Sudan needs to be mindful whenever peace deals are to be convened over the apprehensions of South Sudan sovereignty in future in example of the Sudan being a player in South Sudan implementations.

Since South Sudan seceded to be a different nation some interactions processes for example economics, trade relations, grassing rights in the buffer zones as well as administrate areas are going to be dictated by the supports of the Sudanese government under the realism point of view. South Sudan will be in position of paying back the good particularly the political positions of places that are considered to be sovereignty of South Sudan.

In an attest to this the recent reports of the SUNA news network that South Sudan after being stable has to negotiate the peace deals between Sudan government and the Darfuris and also Nuba that South Sudan in future may find difficult to reverse due to laws of agreements and therefore subjected South Sudan into hardships of serving the interests of the other African nations therefore the Egyptian case in second.

The Egyptian Government supports in South Sudan peace agreement can be analyses under the Sudan government. When Sudan was one the sovereignty of the current South Sudan was greatly respected by north African regional members as compare to current status where South Sudan becomes a different nation. South Sudan physical features of Nile tributaries and swampy areas of Sudd besides all the ports of entry into South Sudan were protected by the cooperation agreement under Sudan with the neighboring countries with Egypt in particular. This can be found under the Nile waters agreement/treaty where the system of cooperation was taken by consensus.

Currently, different governments in different regions take a unilateral decisions of Nile waters usage with less minimal permissions from South Sudan as the source of Nile in the example Kariba Dam agreement between Ethiopian and Egyptian government along Blue Nile with less consultations from the other Nile waters member Countries. Such a violation of the cooperation agreement has every effort of being a supporter of peace agreement in South Sudan and eventually in returned of cooperation agreement just as in the scenario of Ethiopian support.

As Ethiopian and Egyptian government being South Sudan peace custodians each nation carries element of different interests for example the Ilemi triangle. This highlands bring together South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya under the annexations of the area that can only be solved through cooperation agreement between countries that have been instrumental in South Sudan peace agreement. As a results the repercussion of peace support in South Sudan in time of liberation struggle as well as during internal disturbants have scenarios of committing the area in return of the deals.

In as much as South Sudanese may be searching for different avenues of finding peace in the regions and in the neighbor line countries of South Sudan may the sovereignty of our nations matters. Simply because the recent peace agreement that settled the internal wars in the Country along sides it implementation reunited South Sudanese government with friends and enemies for instant the case of Sudanese government.

How I personally wish not to mistakes the sovereignty matters in persuade of peace agreement finding in South Sudan. This carry the offends of reversal implications once the agreements are arrived at for instant the exchange of peace making that Sudan government imposed on South Sudan to negotiate peace deals between Sudanese government and the administrated areas carry the future tact as one of the South Sudanese educator once put it that,

The sovereignties of South Sudan are behinds Malual Rizeigat, the oil field of Unity state or Panthou, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Kafia Kingi enclave, Chali-el-fil in upper Nile etc.

Dut Agostino Agei is a South Sudan nationals who study in Pro peace institute, Oslo University Norway, he can be contacted via mail

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