I Miss You Malakal City

Posted: February 19, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Ariik Mawien Atekdit, Kuajok, South Sudan
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (PW) — I miss you Malakal. It had been a long while without seeing your view. As politics of S. Sudan so much affected your affairs. We got so much uprooted and our direction got lost as we dashed to UNMISS as we hid for surviving.
We badly left behind our beautiful places in town including Dingri-shufu, al-Bam, al-Thorat, Hai Matar, Malakia, Luakat & Hai Salaam.
We badly missed the unnumbered hospitalities & and the generosities of the communities and the joy of cultures of Upper Nile.
Never again did we see your gorgeous images in the direction of Warjwok, Wau Shilluk and Lelo or did we care much to check on the residents of the enjoying side of Doleib Hills and even Kokpiot.
Never again have I taken my coffee in the Finjaal as it used to be at Suk- Dukuliah with the view of seeing the university students passing by to and fro the campus all in pairs.
Our love for you will never end. It is paining me as I fainted. It is true you were badly destructed my dear Malakal but all that happened without our acceptance, your beauty will never be forgotten!
Never again have we got a Peace of mind like when we used to be at  Suk- Kali baalak in the evening waiting for an order of the delicious tilapia fish from the Nearby Nile.
At Ray el-Masri didn’t I take coffee for the last time in town that evening of 2013, December 23? I remember I ate the best ever cooked balila from a beautiful Shillukawia as Nuerawia delivered me a cup full of cold Nile water to Drink in Asosa.
At Suk- Saha we had the best ever place to enjoy our everyday lunch. I remember the prices at Suk-saha restaurants were lower and better especially in that Denkawia place with her Mabanese workmate.
I pray that Malakal becomes peaceful to land at the airport and  get a taxi to drive me to Hai el-Shahthi,  cross the Nile and spend the day at Minah al-Ghrebi (Western Port) and later return in the evening for a cultural dance at Meidan Ga’ida (Ga’ida Square). I miss you Malakal!
Mishthag lek ya bled!

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  1. chol mayak alier says:

    not only malakal, but also bor city, juba city, yei town, were also affected negatively.


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