Be a much more slay queen that you would want to see in the world

Posted: March 23, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in KON Joseph Leek

By Kon Joseph Leek, Juba, South Sudan

Saturday, March 21, 2019 (PW) —- If you are a slay queen, I stand with you. You are not alone, I stand by your side. You are fighting a war, you are fighting a noble battle you must struggle to win – it is a battle of self-redemption, self-emancipation, self-elevation and a battle of sailing away from some bogus traditional and cultural strings that are pinning you down.

It is a battle of untying your hands and fight back the men who have tied your hands behind and repeatedly mercilessly slap you directly in the faces without blinking their eyes. It is time you see ways of ending your helpless yielding, weeping and begging for mercy from them. Wipe away your tears, redeem yourself and move on.

It is a battle you must win for your own survival and because we are in the 21st century – you are not anymore like your hapless African mothers who were not exposed or didn’t have chances or opportunities to live in the global communities of civilization and advancement. You must be loud in this; women freedom must be pragmatic not a mere preaching.

Slay queen is a coinage by men who are damn afraid to face strong women. It is a coinage by men who want dominion over women in years, men who are wondering how a woman can be superior than a man, men who are damn afraid to see women coming to their levels.

It is a coinage by men who are wondering why women should dress in trousers, why they should do yoga, why they should sit with legs spread to 180 degrees and kick as high as reaching the head, why they should run by the roadside as a lunatic exercising, why they should question anything without stammering or deviating, why they are hired for big positions, why they should debate in equal term with men.

Men are just wondering how, they are wondering but the answer is; this is 21st century men, this is fricking 21st century. You either commit suicide or leave them alone.

It is weird seeing our today’s men in need of ladies of their mothers’ types. Ladies who didn’t go to school and have chances to open-up emails leave alone social media. They want the type that sheepishly look down as a man hurl all his deprave insults on her, the type that nodes on anything whether bad or good (YES girls), the type when beaten would only weep or goes to look for mercy from her husband’s clan chief (who happen to be her husband’s uncle) – the result always prove futile because you would be returned to the same house to suffer the same fate.

Men want the type they would leave to struggle with the children and goes to live in the hotels and clubs

Slay queen is a name brought by the men to bring women down, it is a name molded to christen them Devils. They (men) went as far as calling them freedom fighters. Men prefer the slug-looking sluggish ones dressed in Katangas – the expensive silent wolves in sheep skin, these ladies who look down and failed to raise their voices against any nonsense, these ones who can not read out the medical description for their children, the type grazed by their fathers in green lands to first fatten and later brought to Juba for sale to some lucky old-age-higher-bidders to have hands on them.

Slay queen is a word they coined to dominate women to be their slaves ad infinitum!

Better be a Slay Queen my dears, better be a slay queen. Slay queen; the one who knows what your right is, what life means to you, who knows what you want, knows the right of others, who mind your own business, extrovert, be there to expand, influential and a role model to many.

There is something bigger to slay queens that deserve learning from. They do great jobs and if it is a competition, they are good at destroying their competitors by being so much better. They are good hustlers. Slay queens, you are great people

A slay queen is that woman that likes to show off her luxurious life style even if she lives in the poorest neighborhood and struggle to stay on her feet and works towards that life style. They are people of vision and forwardness. If you are a slay queen please be proud of yourself because you are a fighter that scare men, because you don’t give a damn!

 Do not make that little coinage shake your skirt. Twirl and swirl with it till it disappear and move towards your promise land.

The writer is a former teacher, former lecturer, former commentator, former Journalist, counselor and now a humanitarian worker. Talk to him on;

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