Just as the fish moving inside water cannot be known when drinking water

Posted: March 23, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Majok Arol Dhieu, Juba, South Sudan

Saturday, 23 March 2019 (PW) — Corruption is not a thing of the past; it’s an old-age story leading into the present problem and has been in so many forms such as nepotism, extortion, bribery, ableism, cronyism, singlism and embezzlement since the starting of the civilization in Africa.

In not difficult words, corruption is any act that is intended to wrongfully increase the private gain of an individual who is able to do so because of the power granted to him/her by the public or an institution democratically elected by the public. In most of the cases, detecting corruption is very difficult, more so when the act of corruption or bribery has a reciprocating benefits.

For instance, imagine a scenario where a person or a firm makes hidden extra payments to an official from mass advertising company in exchange for a service, which this person may not be entitled to if the proper procedures were followed. In this case, neither the bribe payer nor the bribe taker has an incentive to report bribery and therefore it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to detect the bribery and prove it in the court of law.

Spectators noticed faults faster than the coach because they are watching while in comfort unlike the coach who involved himself in running from corner to corner in which the mistakes may occurs while he was struggling not to ram down one of the players accidentally.

Corruption commission, members of the assembly and other government official’s watchdog must to be told that what they termed as normal activities is where the spectators acts as expert witness to the government officials who have perceived as if being in a government position is as if you are licensed to print money.

Extortion above mean to get something by force, that means the boss of any institution, “let say the minister in the ministry of Land— (name it correctly)” would of course force his directors to sale some plots in which they can produced maximum supporting documentation for that activity.  The members of assembly as the eye of the public plus any other government’s official watchdog must to question the activity itself not the approval if they aren’t indeed involved in the bribery scenario.

In my country, when some institutions dare to question other institutions’ credibility on their daily activities, the ending of the film is always melancholy rather than mirthful.

At a glance on daily operations, you could tell that something is wrong and our people if they are told that, what they have done is corruption, they would burst out. I assumed they must have perceived corruption as one of the dinosaurian types that could be seen and heard when moving. No, that’s not corruption. It might be your uncle’s wife or your neighbour’s wife.

Let me show you how corruption looks like.

When job seekers are told to pay money in exchange for positions, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when employment runs on family line, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when rate collectors ended up recording least amount in the form than the real amount paid by the taxpayers, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when the dealers at the auction buy cattle from the owners and resell them at the highest price, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when the government’s ministers approves payment singlehandedly and highhandedly, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when the government declared check-points to be lowered and still exist, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when the government reduced fares and still exist, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when the government’s payrolls carry names of the nonexistence staff, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when the head of department is not a signatory to the account, it’s a crying shame and corruption, when the state revenues are not deposit into the revenue’s account, it’s a crying shame and corruption and vice versa.

I believed by going through the above, I have opened your eyes to see how a corruption entered into the system. It cannot come as an animal or a woman. It comes in decisions.

Lastly, I must conclude that we have fainthearted lawmakers, if not; they must to disapprove some of the activities intended to steal public funds which the corrupt officials use to shields themselves from investigation. Our lawmakers should be daredevils than to be a pillowcase for the executive.

I have authored hundreds articles and can be easily caught in the crossfire on majongaroldit@gmail.com

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