Sudan Al Bashir Regime Days are Numbered

Posted: April 8, 2019 by aljokd in Junub Sudan

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

Riek Machar and his wife, Angelina Jany Teny, in Khartoum with President Omar Bashir

Monday, 8 April, 2019 (PW) – The good Sudanese are back on the streets again. They won’t give up despite obstacles placed on the route to change by a desperate dictator. So far, the ordinary Sudanese on the streets since December 19, 2018 should be congratulated and supported for their determination to see the back of a regime that committed heinous crimes against humanity since June 1989 to now.

Edmund Burke once said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” “Do nothing,” is no longer an option for the good Sudanese.

Bashir came to power through a military coup, went on to rule the country through dictatorship with the help of his dreaded national security for thirty years and counting. Further, he has made deceit a banner of his rein. He said many times that he won’t contest for president in 2015 but ate his words. He claimed not to run in 2020 elections but his rubber stamp party or parliament overtly tried to change the constitution for him to run comes next poll in 2020.

So far, piecemeal reforms were instituted in February in response to protesters demands including halting constitutional amendment and Bashir stepping aside from chairmanship of National Congress Party (NCP) but they’re cosmetic in nature.

The NCP regime seems insatiable for blood. More than 40 protesters lost their lives. Two protesters died over the weekend as reported by Sudan Tribune. Neither the state of emergency nor death deters Sudanese in their quest for total de-ncpenisation of the Sudan.

The Algerians next door have freed themselves of Boutiflika, the Sudanese can do the same. What other task remains for the aged Bashir to accomplish? After presiding over genocide, endemic corruption and dead foreign policy Mr. Bashir and his supporters still have appetite for continuation of more of the same.

The out-of-touch South Sudan government on two occasions steadfastly stood by the decadent Bashir regime. This is entirely to be expected because Al Bashir over the years meticulously implanted NCP seeds in the midst of the SPLM clique. Also, lately the top SPLM as a result of the implanting began to warm and or adopted the NCP modus operandi to 99%. For hosting the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan, Bashir has become a messianic figure and needs to be perpetuated in power. The fact is, South Sudan owed nothing to Sudan. Therefore, South Sudan and Sudan will be better off without the poisonous influence of Bashir and his sanguineous mentality.

Despite having known no peace since independence, Sudan under Al Bashir continues to wage war in three of the four geophical directions in the country even after losing Southern Sudan in 2011. Islamic Bashir should be reminded that no country is founded to fight perpetual wars against itself. Peace means more than war.

Who else can save Sudan from NCP and Bashir if not the Sudanese themselves.

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  1. David Lony Majak says:

    I read through the Article written by my colleague in the media fraternity, the whole thing is so excellent but I distrust the admissibility of the portrait captured on this article as it is not about IO-Sudan and South Sudan. It is a protest in amid Sudanese people against the regime of the rigid leader of the Republic of Sudan, there is no prerequisite at all to post a picture of opposition leader as if it is a skirmish instigated by IO and Sudan. We should respect media laws, on how to use captions, depictions and photos, it is getting the entire Article to the obstructiveness as the photo indicated other leaders. President Bashir’s days are not numbered referring this to past political misfortunes in the Republic of Sudan, he may be overthrow but may take longer time.


  2. w.georg says:

    With Field Marshal, M. Bashir, gone, here comes Muslim Brotherhood part two. They failed in Egypt, now North Sudan.


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