The Burning of Traditional Attires in Bor is a Reflection of Theological Deficiency

Posted: April 11, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Mading Akueth, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Socio-Cultural

The burning of traditional attires by the Diocese of Bor in Jonglei state is a clear reflection of moral and theological deficiencies within the Episcopal Church of South Sudan

By Michael Mading Akueth, Juba, South Sudan

Thursday, April 11, 2019 (PW) —- There is no dearth of literature on the origin and growth of religion, as is evident from the vast bibliography of the subject. Most of the popular works, however, especially those of the nineteenth century, are based on an evolutionary hypothesis regarding the -origin of man, and in many cases they took for fact another hypothesis which eliminated God from human history.

Therefore the debate for God present and not present have been living with human kind for ages and the extremists of either side were always confronted with facts of tolerance. Theorists structured them into two main school of thoughts those who belief in God (Atheist) and those who don’t belief in the existence of God (anti-Atheist).

Retired Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth and Bishop Akurdid Ngong of Bor Diocese

Furthermore, theistic and anti-atheistic are two the theories of religion which have shape human thinking and they are allow to live together in the communities.

In dealing with the universe as a whole we have no prehistoric qualms to contend with, no hesitation about attributing Intelligence to the operations of a distant Mind. ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ The mind responsible is still active today, and we have no reason to suppose that it has changed in the East.

The material universe has evolved, and has rendered possible a fresh influx of spiritual reality as it attained greater complexity, but the Creator may be the same yesterday, today, and forever. His design and purpose in bringing the Universe into existence may not be apparent to us; or we may form some hazy conception of it.

That is a relative and subjective matter, not of much consequence except to us. But surely we may have faith that there is. a Design and Purpose running through it all, and that the ultimate outcome of the present cosmos; and all its manifold puzzles, will be something grander, more magnificent, and more satisfying than anything we unaided can hope to conceive.

With this background in mind, why do the church leaders of Diocese Bor see evil in mere clothing? Who doesn’t know where the devil lives? We chose to fight the myth but the elephant in the room is ignorance. God since the beginning of the earth had given man the free will to choose between rights and wrong, light and darkness, God and devil but never decided to enforce his righteousness on human kind.

Why do we choose to do what God never did away?

We should allow people to live their lives and encourage them to grow in faith according to their belief in Christ Jesus but not necessary forcing them into certain lifestyle which does not conform to the teaching of Bible including burning of their clothes.

We have broken the record burning the clothes that worth 18 Million South Sudan pounds to please people that we are holiday but the Bible says there is nothing that destroys the person more than what come from the inside.

If we want to promote the outside activities to out shine the inside belief of Christ then we are misleading the flocks of God and it is the true demonstration of theological deficiencies that can create cult among the believers and eventually cause faith failure.

There is nothing that we wear that can make us unholy, the Christian leaders in the history of Christianity were wearing different attires according to the civilization of their times and some of their followers were three quarters naked but the bible recorded that God was doing marvelous among them.

Therefore, the burning of innocent believers’ clothes in Jonglei state is a clear reflection of moral and theological deficiencies and it should be condemn by the informed believers who know that salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus and not by works.

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  1. kailoor says:

    And Jesus flock devil into the pigs and pigs rush into the sea: If it happen so, then who are they to burned that hives of clothes in the name of destroying devil:
    God will never allow Devil to rule over the world if man desire that to happen, I mean unless human person chooses a satanic life, God will never make that to happen man, it is a total waste of clothes and woods in the name of wagging war with devil when we know that we are the doer of wicked things that attract the attention of devil. Case in history, when they started fighting themselves in land disputes, did they witness any devil present there?Biblical Job story is an exception to that story as its reflect the test of his strong faith witness by Almighty God.
    Watch out!!!!


  2. Man of UT. says:

    The people who fought didn’t fight over the distribution or in choosing clothes’ colors; they fought over the distribution of lands. Then what is the connection of land dispute and clothes being wore?
    By burning clothes, thinking that devils are in them, they are showing the devils the new way of dwelling in clothes. soon, devils will fill their pockets. unless they will start walking naked.
    Thank you,
    Man of UT.


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