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Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

Monday, 13 May, 2019 (PW) – A protest may mean complaint or objection against something one feels is not right. A protest can be carried out through demonstrations on the streets such as we recently witnessed in Algeria and Sudan leading to ousting of long-term dictators; Bouteflika and Bashir.

Ordinary people in those countries felt that the two leaders no longer had what it takes to remain at the apex of those countries going forward. On the other hand, the two presidents wanted to perpetuate themselves contending that the problems at hand in those countries can’t be solved by anyone else but themselves. This was their thinking despite acute national or international failures under their watch.

The social media or Facebook has been hatching a possible protest in South Sudan come May 16 2019. May 16 of 1983 is the well-known rebellion date celebrated since 1984. Major Karbino instigated a deserving mutiny in the town of Bor on that very day leading to the formation of the SPLM/SPLA shortly thereafter. One of the objectives of the SPLM/SPLA was to fight for freedom for the whole country. This objective, proved elusive even after the country ending up divided along original north/south divide. Neither the north nor the south is free today.