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Hon. Governor Jadallah’s Order: A State’s Quest For Private, Public, Political And Legal Morality Or Banalisation Of The Real Issues?

By Wol Deng Akech, Juba, South Sudan

Augustino Jadalla Wani, Governor of Jubek State, South Sudan
Augustino Jadalla Wani, Governor of Jubek State, South Sudan

1. Introduction

Monday, May 20, 2019 (PW) —- For the last few days, the South Sudanese general public and the discussants in the social media platforms in particular has witnessed a sharp debate on matter of socio-legal concern. This debate has been ushered in by the recent Gubernatorial Order (hereinafter referred to as GO) issued by Hon. Augustino Jadallah, Governor of Jubek State. The GO is purported to prohibited nightclubs and imposed restrictions on the hotel entries on conditions that the couple, lovers or paramours of the opposite sexes who wish to afford hotel room have to produce marriage certificate. Perhaps, the intention is to restrict or control pre marital sex, intimacy or physical relationship or outside marriage affairs.

This author has made a great deal of attempt to access the copy of the said GO but to no avail. But the non availability of the GO in the public domain cannot be cited to justify the non issuance of the order. This is partly because the Hon. Governor made it public by words of his own mouths in his media statement upon and after having visited and briefed H. E. President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayerdit in the State House (J1) where he expressly stated that he has issued an order banning the nightclubs and rampant hotel visits and that he visited the President to brief him on the same.

For him, the banning of nightclubs and rampant hotel accommodation would minimize the crime rate in the national capital. The Hon. Governor perceives that nightclubs have introduced immoral activities in the society which are criminal in nature (trafficking in humans for sexual purposes) in which young women as youngest as 14 years are sexually exploited. This happens through what he called “take away” where these young women are drove into nearby hotels by the sexually depraved and financially powerful or influential individuals.