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Possible collapse of revitalized peace agreement after Vatican retreat, are we not like dusted devil in the house of God?

By Dut Kuot Akok, Aweil, South Sudan

Friday, May 24, 2019 (PW) — South Sudan is the only country where the numbers of churches are more than the numbers of schools, health centers, boreholes and perhaps restaurants. We do often flood churches every Sunday with cunning faces that we are believers when we are not including our so-called priests or Bishops. We are completely ugly like sin not in our physical appearance but in our perceptions, actions and attitudes characterized by hostile attitudes towards our fellow human we used to worship with every Sunday. We used to pray using footballers language of which everything does completely ended up in the field.

Currently the languages and faces we used in the church are completely different from the ones we used after stepping out of church gates in our various churches where we speak devil words.

And according to my personal observation, the current manmade debacle will never be overcomes through prayers or kissing the feet of the incumbent and the former during Vatican retreat. His holiness humbleness has surprised the world and I in particular was left perplexing. His humbleness should had been responded in to by our leaders in positive manner but to his surprise and perhaps regret, one among those he kneeled to kissed their feet demanded the extension of the formation for another six months in Rome followed by alleged recruitment with the intention of engineering another war as said by the president.