What is happening to my brother Kerbino Wol is a Tonj internal issue, not the government nor President Kiir

Posted: June 12, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

Truth be told, What is happening to my Brother Kerbino Wol is a Tonj issue; it has nothing to do with President Kiir or the whole government.

By Anyar Agok Wol, Juba, South Sudan

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 (PW) —- Our community has failed us, cowards. For almost 13 months, my family has gone through untold sufferings from emotional and physical torture, harassment, and intimidation from the National Security Service without simple Sympathy from our community, Konggor In Toni.

Last night we stayed up until morning, thinking that our brother was going well to be released but sadly, the government again dashed away the little hope we had after the judges in Juba sentenced my Kerbino Wol Agok, Peter Biar Ajak and others for years in prison because some people are scared to let them go free.

Peter Biar with his wife

My brother did nothing wrong and it was proven true when the NSS decided to charged them all nonsense to do with the prison protest in October last year. There was nothing mentioned about why he was detained for 6 months in the first place. Why target an innocent man?

Is because we don’t have strong people in the government? Or because our community leaders have sold their stomachs to the highest bidder? Or because he was doing better in business and people got jealous?

My Father, Kerbino himself and I joined the army because we believe in this country, we sworn to defend and die for this nation and we did our duty. Where did our family go wrong in Tonj? Kerbino try to help people from all parts of South Sudan through his business when he didn’t have to.

The court broke our heart today as a family. Some of my family members came all the way from the village to witness the release of their son village only to be slapped with a hash verdict. Where is Justice in South Sudan?

When other people killed innocent civilians along Nimule road, they’re beg and given ranks and positions in the government. But when it is someone who hasn’t done anything wrong, he sentenced to prison. Who did Kerbino killed?

I know and everyone in our community know that he innocent but the cowards are scared to even whisper. We all Konw that it is only your community that help you in situation like this in South Sudan. It is sad that only people from other communities are bold enough to speak up and help.

Anyar Agok Wol, the author and brother to Kerbino Wol
Anyar Agok Wol, the author and brother to Kerbino Wol

Truth be told, What is happening to Kerbino is a Tonj issue, it has nothing to do with President Kiir or the whole government. A few people within community are responsible for Kerbino’s situation because he crushed their egos.

I know God is watching even if our own community is letting us down, we shall overcome and rise again. Every Dog has his day. God bless those praying for my brother.

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