Gen. Taban Deng Ghai: Unforgettable legacy of the great politician who seek for unity and peace

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I want to salute 1st Vice President Gen. Taban Deng Gai tenacity, commitment and zeal to get South Sudan working again. I also salute and thank the president of the Republic Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit for the great achievements they have made with Gen. Taban Deng and speaking with one voice with their people during this critical time of war to end the crisis.

By Dut Deng Kok, Juba, South Sudan

a jovial Preisdent Salva Kiir and SPLM-Io Chief Negotiator Taban Deng

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 (PW) — Dignity is the ability to stand strong and tall in the face of adversity while being able to sit with the elderly and crawl with the children. Dignity is taking a stand for your beliefs without closing your mind to other’s opinion. Dignity is being an example by your deeds and through your words avoiding gossip, anger and lies. Dignity will manifest itself in the warmth of your smile, the depth of your love and kindness for your fellowman.

In real terms, election time is the moral gauge, the accountability and evaluation time for the politicians. The implications of the election time preoccupy the consciousness of every politician and it is for this reason that every politician weighs his/her utterances before any audience (privately or publicly), moderates his/her public conducts and mannerisms; and strives at all times to embody the aspirations of the electorate; essentially because each of his/her behaviour is subject to public scrutiny.

The administration of President of the Republic of South Sudan H.E. Gen.Slava Kiir mayardit has secured for itself an unforgettable legacy so much so that long after the government reaches its revitalized agreement in September 2018, the remarkable effort made by the government through the management headed by H.E Gen. Taban Deng Gai will remain evergreen.

That it took just three years to cement the legacies of reforms and transformational changes in the administration of the scheme could only have happened because the President took his time to make a choice of a General Taban who is credible, effective and efficient as a manager and also someone who believes in teamwork. Specifically, the Upper Nile Youth Union was established 3 years ago by the Youth of Upper Nile with the core mandate to promote the unity and integration of a very diverse country almost torn apart by six years of bitter and destructive civil war. In over half of a decade of operation.

While in position of leadership some leaders tend to push beyond the limits, explore new horizons to attain greater heights of achievement by evolving policies that shift the paradigm of administration, I believe, is cast in this mould. A humble unassuming politician and gentleman, he was busy, quietly playing his part in building, stabilizing and sustaining the security architecture of the nation. (South Sudan)

Gen. Taban, at the dawn of his stewardship outlined four focal areas to drive the administration of Upper Nile Youth on the path of realizing the noble objectives of the government. These include, consolidating the achievements of previous, breaking new grounds, motivating the sport activities through enhancement of welfare provisions, improving the welfare and security of union members and expanding the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) pregame through establishment of more skill centres and greater stakeholder involvement for skill and material support.

Gen. Taban’s unique leadership disposition and attributes is evident in the articulation and implementation of the national agenda. He has in the past years demonstrated these in his strong will, determination and commitment to refocus on Upper Nile Youth union to play the expected pivotal role in fostering national unity and development as enunciated by the founding fathers of this nation. Upper Nile region is the only notorious region in the country.

In view of the fact that the law that established Upper Nile Youth union placed the responsibility of providing and maintaining Orientation camp facilities under the purview of State governments, H.E Gen. we the Youth, we want you to embark on advocacy visits to State Governors of greater Upper Nile appealing to them to upgrade facilities in their Orientation Youth skills. The intensive improvement of facilities in Upper Youth Orientation Youth skills across the region was a positive signal for peace in the country.

To further enhance the welfare of Upper Nile Youth members, the Management of the Scheme should be under the watch of qualified and young leader who doesn’t have personal interest but national interest; Youth know you have very beautiful, positive and concrete advices to Youth since the launching of Upper Nile Youth Union.

Gen. Taban was quick to understand that he needed a happy workforce with the right capacity to drive the lofty agenda for administration and the best way to achieve that is through enhancement of welfare of the Youth. In this vein, he has consistently pursued initiatives geared towards motivating young people. The agencies to create more vacancies. Already effort is on going for the expansion of regional Youth administrative structure to accommodate the increase in scope and area of development Youth Centers.

The humane disposition of H.E Gen. Taban Deng Gai is further highlighted in the numerous interventions he has made to ensure that South Sudan would be a peaceful country when Youth is well informs about their roles in the country.

Is an avenue deliberately created to enhance and deepen cultural cross-fertilization of ideas to promote national integration, the core mandate of the Youth? His understanding of the key role of these social events to bonding among Union members apparently inspired Gen.Taban’s decision to make concerted efforts to restore them in the Scheme’s annual calendar of activities.

A man with an uncommon drive for initiatives that not only impact the present but have potentials to unlock the future, Gen. Taban has revitalized hat will improve the  Youth’s image through a robust and cordial engagement with the media. The result will be increase positive media coverage and reviews of regional Youth activities and immense contributions to national development and growth. The effect of this improve media visibility is increase appreciation of the relevance of the ideas.

 In conclusion, I want to salute Gen. Taban Deng Gai tenacity, commitment and zeal to get South Sudan working again. I also salute and thank the president of the Republic Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit for the great achievements they have made with Gen. Taban Deng and speaking with one voice with their people during this critical time of war to end the crisis. I rejoice that we did not sell our birthright for filthy lucre. Our united voice spoke volumes about our belief in a workable South Sudan; about our commitment to a truly restructured South Sudan

In Psalm 30:5, the scriptures remind us that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. I, therefore, urge South Sudanese Youth to be patient. The husbandman waits until he reaps his harvest. Be patient! For you know who has said, “Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give to every man according as his work shall be.

Take example for H.E the president of the Republic, his patience brought him to be the president of this country.

Dut Deng Kok is a South Sudanese opinion writer, he can be reachable visa email

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  1. Man of UT. says:

    That’s true, the man (Gen. Taban Deng Gai) is really very great. He deserve to be praised by every loving PEACE South Sudanese.
    Thank you.
    Man of UT.


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