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By Malith Alier, Sydney, Australia

Saturday, 20 July, 2019 (PW) — “Traumatised” was the description used by former South Sudan ambassador to the UN, Mr. Francis Mading Deng, to described South Sudanese behaviour post CPA and resultant independence. Many people including this author protested this depiction. We thought that even if that was the case, it shouldn’t have come from the highest voice of the country to the body of all nations.

There is a saying in  Jieng that “nobody allows their camp to be infiltrated” at any time – day or night. Francis Deng should have not, so we thought, allowed foreign nations picked into South Sudan affairs so easily by saying something like that.

For sure, some of us might have revised their thoughts in regard to the issue of trauma and the past long war between the north and the south. The unmitigated violence since 2013, armed or otherwise may be a result of trauma or paranoia. It may have inadvertently become a culture of settling disputes; big or small.

A week or so ago, the minister of information from Jonglei state released information about an incident that happened at the only university in the state. That a student was assaulted by unknown assailant in Bor. The chain reaction grew into its own magnitude only normal in the nascent state of South Sudan.