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By Dut Deng Kok, Juba, South Sudan

Thursday, August 1, 2019 (PW) — After the genocide experience in 1994, Rwanda continues. In remembering its dead population during the ugly tragedy, a museum was created in their honor with a bold inscription written on it ‘’Never Again’’. This is the best that has happened to those victims of human cruelty.

With the above understanding, it has become imperative for we at the Foundation for Peace Professionals to re-direct a certain misconception about the Rwanda genocide that is being thrown around by analysts, when they are commenting on the implication of ethnic based secessionist hate in South Sudan, which may lead to similar thing as experienced in Rwanda.

While most commentators are right in quickly referring to the Rwanda Genocide experience in other to caution agitators about the consequences of their actions, it is important to bring us to another perspective that is yet to be properly looked at and fully appreciated.

In 1994, when the ethnic based hate campaign began in Rwanda, the total population of the country was just a little over 6 million.


Press Release: RJMEC Interim Chair Stresses Importance of Cantonment and Funding

Thursday August 1, 2019, Juba, South Sudan — At the RJMEC monthly meeting, held in Juba on Thursday, 1 August 2019, Ambassador Lt. Gen. Njoroge, the Interim Chairperson of the Reconsituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC), updated the particpants on the progress of cantonment. He said: “CTSAMVM has reported that the majority of the designated sites and barracks have been verified. The JDB issued orders for all forces to move to the designated cantonment sites and barracks by 31 July 2019.”

However, he stressed cantonment’s overall importance to the formation of the Revitalised Government, and he made it clear that more work was necessary in order to operationalize the cantonment sites.

Amb. Lt. Gen. Njoroge also told the meeting that “one of the key factors influencing the rate of implementation of the critical pending Pre-Transitional tasks is funding,” and he urged that the Government follows through on its pledge of US$ 100 million for implementation, and “continues its disbursement in a predictable and timely manner.” Alluding to the slow pace of implementation and the lack of funds, he added: “Time is fast running out and a lot still remains to be done.”

Finally, referring to his recent visits to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to brief the Chairman of the IGAD Council of Ministers, Amb. Lt. Gen. Njoroge, informed the meeting that he has received assurances from the Council’s Chairperson that he will act on his recommendations.


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By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan


Thursday, August 1, 2019 (PW) — Dr Olimpio is a Ghanaian economic expert in Revenues Management with a wealth of experiences. He is known for unquestionable integrity when it comes to money. He won medals as a result of his hard work. He served in many failed countries. He became successful.

Two years ago, the government of the Republic of South Sudan hired him to regulate the revenues collection. It is a public knowledge that South Sudan has been branded as one of the most of corrupt countries in the Continent. The economy collapsed. The country is engulfed in senseless war over power and wealth.

Some South Sudanese politicians dissatisfied with the current state of affairs also admit that the country has gone to the dogs. It is the fact acknowledged by a friend before a foe. The President’s trust has been betrayed by many people he appointed to the Customs department in more than one occasions. When the President felt let down; he said he has only people who know how to eat money but no people to do the job. He was forced to be sarcastic. 

Those he entrusts with national duties renege on their promises to serve the people. They boast that they fought and therefore hoodwink themselves into believing that they have inalienable right to steal the money as their whim dictate.


By Bul Deng Yol, Juba, South Sudan

Thursday, August 1, 2019 (PW) — The entertainment world of WWE has more than just the entertainment beat to offer. Much is in the play. Observation is that every time the company is headlining its next big show, new rivalries are created. Created not by the champions and sometimes not by management, but by those who would want an opportunity to takeover championship.

Funny enough, when the management turned a blind eye on a competitor and warrant not the match, the superstar will not shut his or her mind but instead, look for avenues to push for a chance, since they have made it a culture to lives a life of possibilities and banging the door in superstar’s face is never the end. Rather, the superstar will play into the mind of the authority or the champion, that later culminate into fixing a match. Occasionally, it may be by way-laying the opponent and inflicting harm whenever possible or trashing the champion.

The most captivating part ensues after official match fixing, where an opponent may resort to mind games. This takes the form of hauling abuses, asking your friends to conspire against your opponent if the chance prevails, appearing in the middle of ongoing game, diverting attention or ambushing the champion either in the locker room, in the ring or on the ring side. This psychological warfare weakens or build dreadful image of oneself before the day of contest.