South Sudan: Give the Commissioner of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) to do his work Freely

Posted: August 1, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Economy, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Pal Chol Nyan

By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan


Thursday, August 1, 2019 (PW) — Dr Olimpio is a Ghanaian economic expert in Revenues Management with a wealth of experiences. He is known for unquestionable integrity when it comes to money. He won medals as a result of his hard work. He served in many failed countries. He became successful.

Two years ago, the government of the Republic of South Sudan hired him to regulate the revenues collection. It is a public knowledge that South Sudan has been branded as one of the most of corrupt countries in the Continent. The economy collapsed. The country is engulfed in senseless war over power and wealth.

Some South Sudanese politicians dissatisfied with the current state of affairs also admit that the country has gone to the dogs. It is the fact acknowledged by a friend before a foe. The President’s trust has been betrayed by many people he appointed to the Customs department in more than one occasions. When the President felt let down; he said he has only people who know how to eat money but no people to do the job. He was forced to be sarcastic. 

Those he entrusts with national duties renege on their promises to serve the people. They boast that they fought and therefore hoodwink themselves into believing that they have inalienable right to steal the money as their whim dictate.

When this renowned Ghanaian expert was assigned by His Excellency, the President to head the NRA with the view to regulate and streamline the revenues collections, he started well. 

In the processing of doing so with zeal, dedication and honesty, those who have been eating started to be on his neck and calling him names. The reason is that what they dishonestly used to get is no longer there. Their chances of stealing have been curtailed. They got cross!

The Commissioner has now more enemies who are by definition those who have been eating the non-oil revenues and coming to lie to the President that all was well.

Those who felt denied what they see as their opportunities to fill their bellies threatened his life. However, he went on air to reassure his opponents he would not back down on his mission of success. He could not be cowed into allowing these heartless people who love their bellies more than the country and people to continue playing with public resources.

It was only until recently when one loyal Director-General of Customs was able to remit a reasonable amount of money collected to the government coffers. He was congratulated for the job well done. 

To those against the President, the Director-General was seen not to be knowing what he was doing for choosing to be transparent and faithful as he promised during oath-taking. The author has been hearing people telling him; please, eat; your predecessors have been eating.

Why do you want to be good alone? His conscience didn’t allow him to listen to those poised to portray the image of the President as bad. He proved them wrong. My message to Commissioner Dr Olimpio is that please; continue to do your task. South Sudanese trust you.

We support and are thankful to the President for appointing you. You didn’t fail in carrying out your duties. There are people who want to see something good for this country. Go ahead! We are behind you!

The author, Pal Chol Nyan, is a Graduate from the College of Radiological Medical Sciences from Sudan University of Sciences and Technology. He also holds a Diploma in Teaching Methodology and a Diploma in General Medical Sciences. He was a red army soldier, a former Primary school teacher, currently serving as a General Medical Practitioner in Juba Teaching Hospital in Juba, South Sudan. He is a columnist with local newspapers in Juba/South Sudan and contributes in many websites about social, security and economic. You can reach him via his email:

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