Thiik Thiik Mayardit: Why the government shuts down Insight Security Company in South Sudan

Posted: August 21, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Press release: Why the government shuts down Insight Security Company in South Sudan

Deputy Mayor of Juba, Thiik Thiik Mayardit: 'My war with Ateny Wek is that he made some wrong reports on behalf of the President'

Dear Country men and women, at my Capacity as deputy City Mayor of Juba city Council and as a leadership, we have shut down Insight security Company .

When news of closure was announced, many South Sudanese were suprisingly questioning themselves as to what prompted the unfortunate lock up of the Company which existed for a quite long(13 years).

Here are reasons why I closed Insight as a company.

1. Insight company was opened in 2006 at deal which would have earned government of South Sudan £50,000 USD annually but the company failed for 13 years now without paying not even a coin.

2. Exploitation of our citizens,

Insight company has topped the list of companies which have maximally exploited our citizens as shown by the followings details.

The company is suppose to pay its UN assigned staff £347 USD monthly according to what we saw in their contract, an equivalent of 104,100 SSP today in accordance to black market rate but to our dismay, we found out that these above staff are paid only 32,000 SSP each per a month meanwhile the company is deducting 72,100 SSP from all its UN assigned staffs.

Another one are staffs which this company assigned to the W.F.P which is World Food programme, these staffs are suppose to be paid £294 USD which is an equivalent of 88,200 ssp and shockingly, the Insight company is paying them only 20,000 SSP and the company is deducting 68,200 SSP each staff monthly.

Third victim group are staff of one of the company which I forgot it name and will be provided which the Insight is to trust fully suppose to pay them £179 USD monthly, an equivalent of 53,700 SSP but cheating them with 15,000 SSP a month.

3. Insight don’t issue sitting allowances for their staff and it’s stipulated in their contract and neither do they issue Insurance cards for treatment to their staff.

4. Insight have taken diversity of South Sudan for grant, it has been a centre for colliding our tribes as they used each against each other through their manipulated employments.

5. Since the Country plunged into civil war, Insight have taken advantage by writing false reports to international community which is complete opposite of their tusks in the Country.

For these reasons and after we negotiated severally to grant the rights of South Sudanese Citizens by paying them in dollars and in stipulated figures of the Contract which the company in question failed miserably, I wrote a letter to the Ministry of Labour and public service, filings all these slew of complaints and our Minister was very angry about this for he too represent the will of our vulnerable people.

Therefore, my fellow citizens, we thought this is disservice to our people and we representatives of the people can’t shy away from taking bold against the company which not only breached the law of the Country but also abuses its citizens through exploitation.

If you want a reason as to why Insight company was shut down, this is a reason we opted to ceased to operate Insight company Lmtd.

Thiik Thiik Mayardit,

Deputy Mayor,

Juba city Council,


  1. Bala says:

    Great job Mr deputy mayor and ministry of Labour. The company deserved that shutdown. Your action came too late but still is the best. Scrutinize every company and close it down if it is exploiting its employees as well as royalties to the government.


  2. Deng says:

    A good move! may God bless Juba City Council.


  3. John Mayen says:

    This is not the only company that is exploiting vulnerable citizens of South Sudan. Good that you are waking up to close these unscrupulous company/business, it should be a wake up call to start further hunt of all such businesses exploiting our people and our resources. There are strict laws ever where – with severe penalties – imposing heavy fines in Thousands and hundreds of thousands on those who breached labour and employment. These seem not to exist in South Sudan hence the reasons why the country and its people are being treated in the way described.


  4. David says:

    Good move but the government seems to be encouraging black market rate to be used by the NGOs to their staffs, in my view I think the NGOs are using the central bank rate exchange to pay it staffs even though it is a little bite less than the actual rate and the government should be okay with that instead of encouraging black market rate.


  5. when says:

    What do you mean by black market rate David, this looters agreed to pay the poor workers with dollars and resort to give them less than the stipulated amounts, is that reasonable; day light robbery which will not go unpunished event in haven where forgiveness is known. That form of exploitation is no different with slavery experienced by black people at home during colonial time and abroad. Yet again we are reminded again by these thugs when we are suffering great economic downturn and they took it as their advantage GOD FORBID.

    My advice to Mayor is to do everything possible to maintain those with assignment in their respective places of their duties so that this well thought punishment will not go back again to bite the very victims that you wish to rescue.

    Do this again and again to various companies which are exercising this uncivil practice; take them court give them severe fine equivalence to their immoral standard and fire them off. get connecting too to Ministry of labor and employees justices where a lot of complains are held up there by hired thugs from government who do not have desire of serving hungered up population.



  6. when says:

    When did you introduce yourself to this forum? One identity like mango make you more unknown than you think. What we are debating here are opinions, I hope you will not ask me where came from.


  7. Malith Da Alier says:

    As simply as rendition may look, this is not the case
    Juba Cicty Council can close any company that violates its laws i.e. the JCC laws but not other laws higher up like the national and state laws.
    Clearly JCC sleep walkingly withour restraint entered the national and state jurisdictions by allowing itself to act altra vires

    Point number 1
    It’s claimed that Insight Security was founded to earn the government of South Sudan $50,000 a year
    – JCC is not the government of South Sudan and therfore, has no authority to act on behalf of it
    – Businesses are not formed to earn government predetermined amounts of money
    – National taxes are not administered by local government like JCC
    Companies are like babies. They are like brides and grooms who are not forecast on how many babies they will bear. This is better left fore nature to determine how many babies to be born and how many will survive. Profits are what the companies make on which they can pay taxes or income to government. These profits are variable based on other facftors.

    Point number 2
    Exploitation of citizens
    This is too amboguous in a sense
    If the said workers have signed employment contracts and have accepted the agreements with the amounts, Then it makes no sense for JCC to intervene without a court involvement. JCC is not the enforcer of employment contracts in the country. Second, many observed that it’s not only Insight Security Company that is doing malpractices in relation to workers and the job market. Numerous other companies are parttakers and action should be a general a proach, not a window dressing to be aimed at a single entity

    Point number 3
    Sitting allowances and insurance cover for employees
    Again these are matters that can be determined by the courts. The individual workers involved can bring a case before the court and I am sure the company will be forced to make good on the fridge benefits as stipulated in the contract or by law. Simply closing the firm means denial of justice to workers. The second part of this is what next for the affected workers? Where will they be employed? You have thrown the baby away with the bath tub Mr. Mayor! By dong that (closure) everyone loses. Employees have lost salaries, allowances, and their dignty. The government has lost future tax revenue.
    What happened to your investment mantra? South Sudan government is on record that it endeavours to attract investors. Closure of existing entities sends a wrong message to prospective investors because no one wants to invest huge amounts of funds in unpredictable environment

    Point number 4
    Diversity of South Sudan
    This cannot lead to closure of a company rationally. The point is that any South Sudanese employed be they from west/east/north/south is a South Sudaness. Arbitrary closure of a company is not one of the solutions to bring about diversity and inclusion.

    Point number 5
    Writing false reports to international community
    This is not your area of power in the government hierarchy. JCC is not reponsibile for international matters in the first place unless there has been role changes recently. This jurisdiction is for ministry of Foreign Affairs. It’s specifically for ministry of National Security if there are matters detremental to the country that Insight Security is/was involved.
    The second part of it is that what are those false reports? Is there any evidence you can show to the citizens? Does arbitrary closure address those concerns?
    South Sudan is such a country where everything is jumbled despite the fact that power is clearly shared between national, state, and local government levels. It is therefore, not surprising that even a local council punches above its weight.


  8. Joss Chol says:

    its good work,and perhaps wrong direction of directives,farther more if the JCC could not be bribes than ,it good moves because cases now a days are not going to court simply because this foreigners goes a head bribes government officials ,example the K.C.B and Cooperative bank cases,what happen ,why didn’t government even speak up,foreigners are taking jobs that government are supposed to secured them for locals.

    Mr. City Mayor


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