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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan



Friday, November 16, 2018 (PW) —my neighbor’s kid snobbery journey into the bizarre land of human hunters and his holmic escaped from the fence of slavery is part of the desolated stories experiences by many victims of abduction and kidnapping.

If one could swear before the Almighty God, absolutely those people killed his father and burnt their house.

They are the one that killed his father before they kidnapped him at the tender age of 5 during the dark cover of the night and inhumanly dragged him along the elephant grasses toward the unknown destination.

In a flashy recap, he and his parents had just had a soft evening meal of a mashed pumpkin.

Few minutes before they went to sleep, his grandfather narrated to the family’s members how his childhood and adulthood days were spent before the blanket of aging cover much of his once energetic body.

After few minutes of interlude the aging giant abruptly raised his voice and said “this boy is precisely who I was during my childhood”

Just after that the victim who was a toddler of five years crafted into the beautifulness of the life journey. (more…)

What the Peace Holds for Peace Makers..

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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


When there is peace…….

Children are born and rise with impressive care.

They play and attend schools with happiness.

Children are handle with principled hands.

Women fruits of creativity and beautifulness are harvest.

When there is peace….

Folks attend weddings and marriages with pride.

Men and women tilt their farms with comfort and support.

Students attend schools with gratification and commitment.

They pass highly with easiness and straightforwardness.

When there is peace—-

 Business loop on sympathy and empathy.

Scales are justify, rectify and there is no scandal.

On the leaflets of peace living standards are high.

Under the dispassionate shadow of peace life is super.

With peace food is produce and poverty is humiliated.

Money is valued and wealth is accumulated.

Under the roof of peace there is coexistence.

With stability and development politicians are adore.

They are called people’s representatives.

When there is peace criminals are disciplines.

No hiding holes for criminals at the peace center.

Respect and friendship are never part of their belonging.

When there is peace both rich and poor lives in harmony.

In peace hard work and commitment pays.

At the peace center ladder of success is broad and climbable.

Here the army and the police hold the protection keys.

With both hands and jingoistic heart.

At the time of peace our defending giants stand tall.

With their weapons and military attires in stores.

When there is peace prisons are only reformatory houses.

Where bad behaviors are convert into societal demand.

In time of peace wildlife provides human with foods and beauty.

Wildlife and culture radiate the beauty of a nation.

Tourists and visitors enjoy the national potential.

With peace roots of innovation are expose.

When there is peace health centers are build.

And diseases are control and eliminated.

When there is peace policies are implemented.

With peace life is good and promising.

Awuol Gabriel Arok, a Writer and a Poet, has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Developmental Studies from the University of Juba, South Sudan, he is a Columnist with The Dawn Newspaper under column “The Motivation Bell”.  He is the author of unpublished book titled ‘‘The Wisdom Horn’’ , he contributes to Websites and Social Media platforms  on Issues concerning Social, Economic and Politic s and through his peaceful and developmental campaigns such as ‘‘Your Tribe is My Tribe’’, ‘‘Giving Heart Foundation’’, “Wisdom Testament”, “Classic Leadership Forum”, “Grace the Women Foundation”, “PeaceNet Initiative” and “Award for Development”. He can be reached via his email Address: 


By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Thursday, October 18, 2018 (PW) —Last week a magnificence warning was given out to the Public by Juba City council on the plan to crackdown commercial sex workers and those whose plots have been turned into brothels.

Thank God that notice was executed as seen in the Juba Monitor Newspaper Vol. 8, Issue No. 1481 according to the wondrous report 52 commercial sex workers were convicted by Kator Court for being involved in commercial sex.

 That initiative is of great concern and JCC must be applauded for that.

Immediately after the Peace of 2005 that brought together SPLM/A and the Government of Sudan under the umbrella of the Government of National Unity, a large number of people among them foreigners came to Juba for work and economic opportunities. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

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Thursday, July 05, 2018 (PW) —The evolution and vanishing of flashy attacking animal locally named Nyan ne juan in Bor land during the 1980s still remained a mystery.

As the saying goes there is time for everything; in the middle of 1980s after the Bor mutiny and few years before the children were sent to Ethiopia for their grooming into the Liberation movement came a mysterious dwarfed and swift attacking creature nick named Nyan ne juan by the locals.

Nyan ne juan in its simplest form to English mean a girl wearing an underwear, the dwarf creature was known for its flashy attacking style mostly on young children, it targeted bodily parts such as the eyes, ears and mouths. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Wednesday, July 04, 2018 (PW) — Peace will not come to South Sudan on its two or four walking legs; it will appear when South Sudanese expose and disown individual feelings that go against positivity.

According to the former president of the United States of America President Barack Obama peace is just not about politics. It’s about attitudes; about a sense of empathy; about breaking down the divisions that we create for ourselves in our own minds and our own hearts that don’t exist in any objective reality, but that we carry with us generation after generation.

The peace we seek in the world begins in human hearts. And it finds its glorious expression when we look beyond any differences in religion or tribe, and rejoice in the beauty of every soul. (more…)

One is always known for what he does, a prolific peek on Magot Khot; the latest and fieriest South Sudan Wrestler.

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

maxresdefault (3) - Copy

Thursday, June 28, 2018 (PW) — Simba-Khordit known by his family name as Magot Khot Ajak hails from Abiong section of Ajuong community of Twic East in Jonglei State.

He is at his youthful age of 30 and has so far been christened as the fieriest attacker in the wrestling history of South Sudan. Blessed with corporeal fitness and lion jerking style, Magot-Simba-Khordit as he is popularly known has so far wrestled down or drew with all the challengers that he had a match with. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

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Monday, June 25, 2018 (PW) —National dignity and respect are the costless tools that can reshape and guide South Sudanese into prosperous South Sudan.

In a every social setting, respect and acknowledgement of good work done enhance social cohesiveness and progress, it is a core responsibility of the citizens to respect their Leaders, the Army and the Organized Forces in order to foster team work, accomplishments and importantly for complimentary and smooth wheeling of national unity which must also be reciprocated to the civilians.

It is therefore, depressing and cheerless when leaders bunch themselves according to interests, if there is a significant call for such than it is the local representatives who can do so in line with nationalization of national resources and services, unfortunately when the leaders at  the national level troop themselves according to their areas of origin and constituencies the furthest the citizens are scatter and divided among the political shelves. (more…)

Are You Appointed or Disappointed?

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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Out of my demo office into an open street,

Bypassing the royalists and the loyalists,

As they take-on horny ploy of tomorrow hunting.

Artfully I wind myself out of the hush-hush joint hub,

Where discontented dreams are chew over near my neighborhood;

Softly and diffidently gives my traditional order.

Through my wishful and toughened heart;

I have to settle on unfastened bamboo,

Another sign of my habitual taboo.

The best preference by the dispossessed jostler (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Thursday 21, June 2018 PW — South Sudanese convoy made up of the civil population, leaders and armed forces to the twin city of peace and prosperity had been a doughy mission due to unnecessary dismount and alighting by the political actors, throaty commanding voices, and directives from the multiple remote hubs.

It had been a great drama of unconsciousness as the leaders vigorously gave orders to the buses’ drivers to gear off in order to put on board their behind the schedule friends and relatives who were caught unsuspecting when the convoy left.

This egotistical conduct set off the unrestrained commotion and disagreement on the leadership bus hence sending panic of possible delay or postponement of the entire journey; the second civil bus and the third armed forces bus keep on stopping as fierce commanding voices and immense bangs were heard from the leadership bus, that furious quarreling demanded a comprehensive resolution before the next journey recommencement. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Tuesday, June 19, 2018 (PW) —With many wondering whether peace will ever comes from the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa after many phases of peace talk bear little progresses.

It is possible for Peace to come from Ethiopia, the 1972 Peace agreement that enable Southerners taste and felt the fruits of development and citizenship within the Sudanese societies came from Addis Ababa.

The 10 years of peaceful Sudan from 1972 to 1982 had left big footprints of development that are still visible and will be available for generations to come.

What matter is not the location of the peace talks but the readiness and responses from the parties to the agreement.

Any suggestive change toward Peace Talk locality, participants and mediating partners cannot favour the current situation of South Sudan and the prolific progress that has been made by IGAD. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


 Monday, June 18, 2018 (PW) — South Sudanese have been known for flexibility, understanding and self-possession for ages and definitely it has been evidenced during the last five years of unexplainable conflict.

 May the grace of our Lord keep on giving the wind of hope to the resilient people of South Sudan today and bless them with Peace and Progress.

No year can be a bed of roses to all but for the sake of humanity and how we were created by God in his own image as his divine children; pain of another must be the pain of another.

Prayerfully next round of HLRF talk and the upcoming face to face meeting between President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar may put to an end South Sudanese mysterious conflicts of confusions. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Thursday, June 14, 2018 (PW) — Globally, sitting President is the only distinguish caretaker of the National Constitution during his term of office unless if he is impeached by the Parliament.

He officially supervises government businesses and activities until his office time elapse. President legitimacy can only be challenged if defeated during the elections and refuses to hand over the office to his Successor according to the constitution.

Through ballot boxes Salva Kiir Mayradit was elected the President of the Government of Southern Sudan in 2010 which made him the President of the Republic of South Sudan after the Independent in July 2011 hence, making him the Constitution Caretaker during his official term.

By the power given to him by the people and Constitution of South Sudan as the President of South Sudan, he formed his government comprising of three proven branches of government; the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Wednesday, June 13, 2018 (PW) — A road is a route or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travelling by foot or some other forms of transportation.

Juba-Nimule Road is an important socioeconomic road connecting South Sudan to Uganda and the whole of East Africa via Nimule and Nadapal.

 This important road has length of 192 Km and work on it started in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

 Before the completion of Juba-Nimule road movement of people and goods from Nimule to Juba takes a number of weeks and consequently parts of the road were impassible during the rainy season.

In October 2011, USAID launched the final stage of building the 192 Kilometer Juba-Nimule road. (more…)

Nele: The Great Daughter of Nyaribang Atillo

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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Nele daughter of the famous Nyaribang Atillo of the Abingic Kingdom

You emerged out of your mother’s womb active and healthy

Mischievously you dived in and out of Re-pon falls

Sprouting to the surface with your peculiar pala sound

Ooh! Great daughter of Nyaribang Atillo

There you are!

Niggling into the backyard of your babyish lover-Pac-wach

***** (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Traffic police in Bor, Solomon Mabior Ruar

Jonglei state Director of traffic police Col Solomon Mabior Ruar on fouth independence day picture by Mach Samuel

Saturday, May 19, 2018 (PW) — Openly and without hesitation the general public welcome and salutes the Ministry of Interior and other security sectors for the historical Conference that is being held in the Capital Juba from 17/05/2018 to 20/05/2018 under the Theme “Building trust between the police and the public”

Juba residents are dead scare of night robberies, killings and humiliations under the brutal hands of thugs and heartless criminals who scoffs firm devotion from the security operators.

With utmost expectations and bank on the SSNPS Conference that kicked off a day after South Sudan historical day of 16 May under supervision of the Minster of Interior Hon. Michael Chanjiek and H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan and the Supreme Commander of all the Armed Forces as guest of honour hopefully the perforated hearts of Juba populace will be greased. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

farm in Bor, Jonglei state

farm in Bor, Jonglei state

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 (PW) — There is nothing so precious than to feast on one’s plate of hard work and sincerity, my chief shout of admiration and call goes to the holders of farm tools wherever they are, whether in the villages, near the towns or within the towns. This rainy season must be used to throw off the gloomy face of hunger and economic crisis that has stiffen our necks and blurred our optional journey for unpretentious survival.

Localities within South Sudan that are peacefully marked must all have unconditioned farming exercises.

This farming call is not been directed to the farmers alone but to everyone who have energy and a piece of unoccupied land particularly the areas around Juba City such as Rejaf, Luri, Jambo, Kondokoro, Mongalla, Lobonok, Rokon, Jebel Lado and other localities within Juba City that are within the watching eyes of the security and have an expanded customers’ based markets.

This will shield them and their families from abysmal paws of hunger and weirdest market prices. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Friday, May 11, 2018 (PW) — Proverbs are simple and concrete sayings popularly known and repeated, that expresses a truth based on common sense or experience. They are often metaphorical.

Proverbs fall into the category of formulaic language and form a folklore genre.

Proverb usage is until today associate to astute thinking, wisdom and harmony creation and as a distinctive form of impressive communication.

They following proverbs of King Solomon are advices and instructions that a caring and loving father can gives to his son. “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

They are a garland to grace your head and a chain to adorn your neck. My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them. (more…)

In the World of Hope

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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

With its beautifulness and greatness

My mother bore the hardship of Pregnancy and tirelessness;

This world, the village of darkness, evil hoppers and choppers,

You made it mum and now I am here in this world;

World of people who live on weariness and hope


In the world of hope; my parents

Brain minded me to the use of pens,

White writing became my immediate assets and belong,

Young and humble man parenting writing materials;

Clearing chalk dust from my empty looking face (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Message from Vivacell Mobile Operator

Message from Vivacell Mobile Operator.jpg

April 3, 2018 (SSB) — According to Minister Michael Makuei shutting down of Vivacell was a significant warning to the rest of the operators and he warns them of the same side of the coin if they could not conform to the law, principles, and guidance of the land.

If all could get the hang of what Hon. Michael Makuei has done subsequently South Sudan economic meltdown will not be the highest focus on the podium, what happened to Vivacell must be a Wakeup call to disobliging investors.

The Commissioner General of South Sudan Revenue Authority Dr. Olympio Attipoe has recently revealed that an amount of SSP 3 Billion is owed to the Government by 10 Companies as part of the taxes they had projected in their audited accounts, the Commissioner General went ahead and plowed out a messy container of revenue collection that has been under the ground for fairly long with Billions of South Sudanese Pounds in it.


By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Biblical Joke

 April 2, 2018 (SSB) — Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die” John 11:25-26

Listen, I tell you a mystery: we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed- in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet, for the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable and we will be changed.

For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true, “Death has been swallowed up in Victory” 1 Corinthians 15:51-54, the resurrection of Jesus Christ has brought forth hope to those who believe in Christ and with him no thorn or human weapons can pierce his followers flesh for through Christ death and resurrection the death is wholly swallowed in victory.