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Tearz Ayuen and his Bor-kazal Community have been Bought with Three Ministerial Positions to Fight the Family of Dr. John Garang

By Daidit Maa

Rebecca Nyandeng and Twic East County Commisioner, Dau Akoi, arriving at the celebration site at Panyagoor, 9 July 2012

Rebecca Nyandeng and Twic East County Commisioner, Dau Akoi, arriving at the celebration site at Panyagoor, 9 July 2012

A certain Tearz Awuen has written a provocative article (Dear Rebecca Nyandeng Chol, Stop Killing Nuer People) attacking the wife of Dr. John Garang and her Twic community. This is not the first time, many Buor have been vomiting their dirty undigested, frog-meat at the feet of Madam Nyandeng.

Just the other day too, the same Buor were pointing accusing fingers at Duk County because of a certain individual called Simon Dau who defected to the rebels. Dau defected as an individual not as Duk community representative or appointee. But Tearz Awuen and his Bor community see a proof of Malual Ayom’s shameful declaration that “min Jalle onward, it is a rebel territory.”

Tearz Awuen thinks that all the politicians and youth of Twic East and Duk Counties “are just there, hanging –at pendular mode,” to join Riek Machar. Tearz Awuen has declared war on me. None should dare to blame me for responding in kind in self-defense. Everybody is entitled to defend his or her self in the face of uncalled-for aggression. I am here to wage that war on behalf of the affected communities.

Tearz Awuen will not be allowed to get cheap popularity at the expenses of Madam Rebecca Nyandeng, Twic East and Duk counties. His desperation for cheap popularity should be unequivocally challenged. He should channel his appetite for sycophants else where, not at the widow of Dr. John Garang.

Tearz Awuen should be exposed for what he is and what he represents. He is writing at the behest of hostile forces determine to tarnish the noble image of Dr. John Garang’s family, Twic East and Duk communities.

Tearz Awuen and his Bor community have continuously attack the family of Dr. John Garang. Tearz Awuen and his Bor community have repeatedly question and assault the honor of Twic East and Duk communities.

Tearz Awuen and his Bor community have been mercilessly attacking the integrity of Madam Nyandeng and Dr. Majak Agoot when they have nothing to do with Riek Machar’s rebellion or the proverbial failed coup.

Tearz Awuen, Makuei Lueth, Malual Ayom, Malaak Awuen and their Bor community are not happy that Dr. Majak Agoot Atem has come out alive from the “constitutional, democratic and legitimate” jail of their paymasters. The Bor community is yet to come to term with Makuei Lueth’s failure to have Majak Agoot “hanged by his neck” as Makuei had bragged to his Bor community.

Tearz Awuen and his Bor community are accusing Garang’s widow, Twic East and Duk counties of supporting Riek Machar’s rebellion. Gen. Dau Aturjong is not from our twin counties, he is from Aweil. Is Malong Awan a Nyagat in the language of Makuei? Is the Aweil community a rebel community in the words of Malual Ayom? Are the youth and honorable people of Malual-Giernyang hanging in the balance in the infamous words of Tearz Awuen?

I repeat again: are the great people of Aweil rebels because one individual among them called Gen. Dau Aturjong has joined Riek Machar and is publicly calling on his people to topple the government militarily?

If Makuei Lueth, Malual Ayom, Malaak Awuen and Tearz Awuen are damn scared to call them rebels, then why labeling Twic East and Duk counties “rebels” when they have no generals and youth fighting alongside the white army? Is it because Barkazeel are your paymasters? Is it all about the money Buor? Is it about the hands that feed you and the three ministerial positions?

Tearz Awuen and his Bor community are ingratiating themselves to the Bar-kazal ruling elite at the expenses of Twic East and Duk counties. Well, if Buor want to elope to the other side of the Nile where they think there is greener pasture, then we may as well called them out for what they have become by default: Bor-kazeel, that is, Bor ke Barkazeel.

Philip Thon Aleu said “I wish Tearz could be challenged on facts but not by taking the war-of-words to his village.” This is the same Philip Thon who was cheering on Makuei’s words that “they will be hanged by their necks” and then turned around to condemn those who were celebrating the release of their love ones from Makuei’s unilaterally imposed death sentences.

This is the same Philip Thon who thinks that it does not matter whether three or all the cabinet members come from his Bor County. He confessed that he has been going around villages convincing the illiterate villagers that it is not a problem if they are politically marginalized, dispossessed and disenfranchised.

Does Philip Thon know why we sacrificed our people for over 50 years fighting Khartoum government? Who will educate Philip Thon that it was because of political underrepresentation that we lost million of lives? Would Philip Thon still go around villages convincing the locals not to mind about their political marginalization if the three ministerial positions were given to Twic East and Duk Counties?

Philip Thon wants us to challenge Tearz Awuen and his Bor-kazal community on “facts”, but they are no facts to be challenged, only lies to be debunked. So let’s debunk them one by one.

Tearz Awuen deludes himself that Madam Nyandeng incited and mobilized the Nuer white army to wage war on the government. The implication is that the white army killed people in Bor and the government is killing the white army all because of Madam Nyandeng’s words. Tear Awuen is blaming Madam Nyandeng for all the killings done by the white army. Tearz Awuen is blaming Madam Nyandeng for all the death of the white army.

Tearz Awuen is saying that if Madam Nyandeng had not incited and mobilized the white army then the white army would not have killed anybody and the white army who are dying fighting the government forces would not have died. Lastly, Tearz Awuen acknowledged the targeted killing of innocent Nuer civilians in Juba but he is blaming Madam Nyandeng for stating the truth at the “wrong time”. On the planet of Tearz Awuen and his Buor community, Madam Nyandeng should have not said the truth because she is “a public figure” whose words are taken seriously by South Sudanese compare to others.

This is laughable. Tearz Awuen is saying that Madam Nyandeng should have lied for the sake of peace. Tell me Tearz Awuen, when is it a right time to condemn the heinous crime of murdering innocent men, women and children based on their ethnicity? When was it a right time to condemn the 1991 Duk-Twic-Bor Massacre? Which “public figure” from Duk-Twic-Bor communities did not condemn Riek Machar and the white army for massacring our innocent people? Tell me, when was it “a wrong time” to condemn the massacring of our people in 1991 and 2013 by the white army? How long did Bor-kazal wait to condemn Riek Machar in 1991 and 2013? Aren’t you ashamed of your hypocrisy?

Is it only right to immediately condemn the killing of our people but a crime for Madam Nyandeng to immediately condemn the merciless killing of Nuer civilians in Juba? Of course, you may be right, Dengtiel Awuen Kur and Hakim Aluong Kaang did not condemn the killing and raping of their mothers by the white army. Well, those Nyagat of Buor community were with Riek Machar and Nyandeng is not.

For your information, Madam Nyandeng has no blood on her hands unlike your paymasters in Bar-kazal and the rebels of Riek Machar. If her crime is her refusal to join in the wanton killing of South Sudanese as Kiir and Riek are doing, then so be it. There is no honor in killing ourselves in the name of Riek and Kiir. Malaak Awuen and Makuei Lueth on SSTV will never force Madam Nyandeng to take part in the killing of her own children.

Secondly, Tearz Awuen claimed that all the white army own radios and they listen to the BBC everyday. That is bullshit but let’s listen to the devil. So what exactly did Nyandeng say that mobilized them? As said by Amer, Nyandeng was not on air as a news anchor broadcasting what was happening in Juba that day. She was invited on BBC and then asked why the Nuer officers were not coming to her house. She responded: “Riek’s officers cannot come to my house because they say Nuer are being killed on the streets of Juba.” In other words, she was reporting what she was told because she was barricaded inside her house and was getting reports from the Nuer officers.

When asked by the London Post and other news networks to qualify her statement, that is when she said what Tearz Awuen selectively reported: “When they [Tigers] came in, they targeted massacring Nuer members. A lot of officials, administrators in Juba were killed. This is what literally happened.” The Nuer were targeted on the streets and Tearz Awuen is not disputing that fact, only the timing, as if there is a right time to shame the devil, and a wrong time to keep silent in the face of outrageous atrocities.

Is it true that the Nuer were being targeted on the street of Juba? Yes, read the report by the Human Rights Watch. Did they get that information from Madam Nyandeng? No, it was from the survivors. The survivors informed their relatives all over the world to report on the killing of their people by Gelbeny militia. Their people did what everyone would do under the same circumstances: they mobilized to revenge their dead fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, cousins, nieces, grandfathers, grandmothers, friends and colleagues.

It is an insult to the Nuer community to think that they waited for Nyandeng’s words to retaliate on those who killed their relatives. Tell me Tearz Awuen: who incited and mobilized the Nuer in 1991? Was it your uncles Dengtiel Awuen and Hakim Aluong Kaang? Tell me Tearz Awuen: who was responsible for the death of our people and the death of the white army in 1991? Was it your uncles Dengtiel Awuen Kur and Hakim Aluong Kaang?

Tearz Awuen: do you still remember the chilling words of Dengtiel Ayuen Kur’s brother after the killing of their mother by the white army in 1991: “Akuma de Deng Ama ce cok tiem aka ce amada nok”, meaning the government of my brother Dengtiel has became so successful that it has even killed our mother. Which battalion of the white army is being commanded by Madam Nyandeng?

Had Tearz Awuen stopped there at criticizing Madam Nyandeng as a national figure, then our debate would have been civil and mature. Instead, Tearz Awuen betrayed his ulterior motives by delving into the community of Nyandeng accusing them of being rebels hanging in the balance, not sure to be with the government or the rebels. If Tearz Awuen could not spare the community of Madam Nyandeng and the politicians and youth of Twic East County, why would I spare his Bor-kazal community as well? He set the bar and I am simply dancing to his tune. He must enjoy it.

Tearz Awuen must know that it is not Madam Nyandeng that has lost three quarters of the country; it is “his” president that has lost support in every state except in Warrap, Lakes state and Bor County. Tearz Awuen must know that Madam Nyandeng is not fighting for the interests of Twic East and Duk Counties, but for the nation, including innocent Nuer and Dinka people.

Tearz Awuen and his Bor-kazal community have been bribed with three ministerial positions by Bar-kazeel to fight the family of Dr. John Garang. Tearz Awuen and his Bor-kazal community have been bought by Bar-kazeel to fight Dr. John Garang ‘s Twic East community and to spoil the good name of Duk County.

Tearz Awuen and his Bor-kazal community have been hired by the Bar-kazeel elites to fight the widow of Dr. John Garang. Bor-kazal have betrayed their kinsfolks in Twic East and Duk communities to make themselves palatable to the Bar-kazal ruling elite in Juba.

Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot at the price of thirty shekels. He succeeded and Jesus was killed. Bor-kazal are actively in the process of betraying their own brothers and sisters in Twic East and Duk counties at the price of three ministerial posts. Bor-kazal will never succeed.

I am waiting to witness the barkazalization (circumcision) of Alier and Aguto and Majier and Awuen after they have eloped to Warrap. Will you migrate to Juba or Torit or Malakal or Wau or Renk when the power and money shift there or do you think it will always be in Warrap?

When will you man up and groom your own leaders like Hon. Abel Alier and Majier Ghai and Kuol Manyang among the Majak Agoot generations so that you may part ways with jealousy and “offshoring” of leadership and money from Barkazeel as Amer Mayen said? Get a good leader like Abel Alier and we shall support him. Don’t be jealous of Dr. Majak Agoot Atem and Madam Nyandeng if none exist among you. Just shut up, line up and support Madam Nyandeng and Dr. Majak Agoot for national leadership.

Makuei Lueth is a disgrace to the Greater Bor community. No one would have ever accused us of “Born to rule mentality” if talking shops like Makuei Lueth were the leaders we offer to the nation. There is no trace of Abel Alier, John Garang, Arok Thon, Majier Gai and Akuot Atem in the useless talking puppets of Makuei Lueth. He is a curse to our three counties.

Anyway, get your own leaders, get your own money. Stop pandering to Bar-kazeel, their greediness led to the second destruction of the historic city of Bor and the killing of our people by the white army.

Philip Thon Aleu, this “bone” of truth is self-evident, the chicken can crack it. Do you think there is any reason why these “dogs” cannot crack it if the chicken can? Please brother, wake up the sleeping dogs to crack the bone of truth.

Cam abi thok ku koc abi dhuk e chiengic. Baany ku Maal aye ke looi, acike ye biol ceh piu ke dek from the Nile.


Philip Thon Aleu: ill-Wishers Should Just Shut Up or Go to Hell

Posted: May 9, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Daidït Maa

The hypocrisy of your crocodile tears is telling of your evil intention Mr. Philip Thon Aleu

By Daidit Maa

Dear Philip Thon Aleu, ill-wishers like you and your likes should just shut up or better go to hell or hang yourself! Your article smack of the ill feelings that your Bor community has been expressing towards the persons of Dr. Majak Agot Atem and Mama Nyandeng, the Twic and Duk Counties. Your abysmal failure to achieve your evil wishes should not deter us from celebrating the failure of your evil intentions and the clearing of our honorable name. Period.

Dr. Majak D'agoot being carried high on the shoulders by his supporters and relatives upon release from detention

Dr. Majak D’agoot being carried high on the shoulders by his supporters and relatives upon release from detention

Our Twic community and our cousin, the Duk county, have been branded “rebels or Nyagat communities” by Makwei Lueth and Malak Ayuen. This was chiefly because of the allegation heaped upon Majak. Now that Majak has been cleared, and now that your case of labeling us ‘Nyigaat’ has collapsed, you resorted to hitting us below the belt, accusing us of dancing on the grave of the dead compatriots. That is wicked of you.

Well, we are clean, Majak is clean and Twic and Duk communities have nothing to do with Riek Machar. If that is why you are mourning, you can go to hell. Leave us alone to celebrate the clearing of our noble name and image, and the freedom of our son.

Dengtiel Ayuen Kur and Hakim Aluong Kaang joined Riek in 1991; did anyone label your entire community as ‘Nyigat’? Has your memory failed you or are you taking us for granted Sir? Dengtiel is today an honorable member of parliament and a respectable senior member of Bor community.

As you condemn Mabior Garang who has officially joined Riek, pause a little bit to appraise your side of the coin. Mabior of today would be the Dengtiel of tomorrow.

Instead of stopping the bloodbath, instead of mourning your dead as we were mourning the dead and the detained, your uncle, Makwei Lueth, turned himself into the court of law and declared ‘they would be hanged by the neck until they die.’ Was that the respectable way of mourning your dead, by wishing ills to others?

It is also claimed that Twic community should not celebrate the homecoming of Majak because some people are in mourning. The insinuation is that only Buor have been killed in Bortown and therefore it is in bad taste for Twic to celebrate the release of their son when their neighbors, Buor, are mourning their dead.

That is bullshit. All people died in Bor. Buor died, Murle died, Twic died, Duk people died, Nuer who supported the government died, and people from Bahr el Ghazal and from Equatoria died too.

But this perverted logic is not surprising for it is not the first time the likes of Thon Aleu and his coconspirators have tried to distort history. It is not the first time they are trying to dispossess Twic and Duk counties of their rightful share in our shared history. Take the so-called Bor Massacre of 1991. It is not Bor Massacre; it is the Duk-Twic-Bor Massacre.

The invasion and killing that took place occurred mostly in Duk and Twic Counties. It took over three months in Duk and Twic counties, but only few days in Bor County. But the likes of Thon Aleu makes it appears as if it only occurred in Bortown. Do Thon Aleu and Makwei Lueth and Malak Ayuen know that it was this Majak Agot who was defending Bortown during the ‘Bor Massacre’?

Happy reunion of the former political detainees in Nairobi Kenya

Happy reunion of the former political detainees in Nairobi Kenya

What Thon Aleu and his manipulators are not seeing is that one’s man meat is another man poison. When Majak and his comrades were wrongly apprehended, Thon Aleu and his accomplices were up in arms celebrating, literally dancing on the graves of innocent South Sudanese. They even went as far as hailing it “Majak abi nhom ya Majier Gai.”

How important is your Majier more than Akuot Atem, Gai Tut, Arok Thon, Kerubino Kuanyin, Joseph Oduho and William Nyuon etc.? He died for the nation, just like his comrades. Your pathetic attempt to reduce him to a Bor headman is appalling.

If everyone who died for the nation has to be avenged, then the Pakeer community of Akuot Atem, Nuer community of Gai Tut, Kongor Community of Arok Thon, Gogrial Community of Kerubino Kuanyin, Latuko Community of Joseph Oduho and Nuer Community of William Nyuon will first have their ‘pound of flesh’ before you show up because all these guys were senior to your man. Anything special about him?

Besides, it was Salva Kiir who arrested him and it was Marial Nuor who murdered him, don’t you know where they are? Majak has nothing to do with it and this is not a Twic-Bor issue. Akuot and Arok were Twic, they disagreed with Garang and they died. Is that a breaking news to you Thon Aleu and your connivers?

Just because you utterly failed to get the blood-dripping head of Majak, you come around and started branding others as ‘dancing on the graves.’ Did you leave any of the graves untouched by your feet Sir when you were celebrating the detention of Majak and his comrades?

Who started the celebration Sir? Just before you, I was mourning the death of innocent South Sudanese in Juba, Bortown, Akobo, Malakal, Bentiu, Renk etc. and the wrongful detention of SPLM/A war veterans by the government that bungled the December 15th mutiny. You were celebrating the vindictive arrest and detention of these people, wishing them death by hanging as if South Sudan has not witnessed enough of such carnage.

Your uncle Makwei Lueth made a mini-anthem of “abi ke nook eke yeth” and another uncle of yours, Malak Ayuen, was making a career of singling out Majak and Nyandeng on SSTV. Did Makwei and Malak knew of the abomination of ‘dancing on the grave’ of the dead Mr. Philip Thon Aleu? What did you tell them or were you born on April 25th?

When did you realize that people don’t celebrate in the midst of death: after April 25th? You are a hypocrite and you can’t deceive yourself, let alone the world, just shut up or better go to hell. Majak is alive. Your evil plan failed. What is your next plot sir?

Your evil plan will live in eternal infamy.

Not Every Nuer has a Date with Riek Machar

Posted: March 6, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Daidït Maa

By Daidït Maa 

The shooting yesterday in Juba found me at Jebel Market with my cousins. First when we heard gunshots, we thought it was some drunken Anyanya guys shooting themselves. It is common to hear gunshots here and there in Juba.  No one used to give a damn about it till the December 15 ‘coup attempt’ that the government claimed was staged by Riek Machar.

Since then, any slightest sounds of gunfire have been attracting everyone’s attention and arouse their fear. But things had improved a little bit in Juba and normalcy was almost dawning on the city—till yesterday on March 5.

Heavy firing followed the sporadic gunshots and so we, like all the people in the market, ran away for our dear lives. We just ran away as far as we could from the direction of Gieda where the fighting was concentrated. We soon found ourselves at the National Security headquarters next to Jebel Kujur. As we approached, we saw all the soldiers, fully armed and in uniformed, cowering on the ground behind big rocks and in holes. Their guns cocked and eyes red.

Then I heard them speaking in Nuer! I thought we had fallen into an ambush. Back in my mind, I was sure that the shooting was another incident like what happened last year on December 15. It was a fight between the Nuer and the Dinka soldiers. I thought that it was the same case again: Dinka armed men versus Nuer armed guys.

Finding armed men speaking Nuer at the Headquarters of National Security was something unexpected. They beckoned at us, we were many, and having no alternative we just went, ready to face our destiny. That last year incident claimed many lives, this one would be too and we could be the first victims, I was reasoning to myself.

But then they asked us where we were coming from and going to. We told them that we were from Jebel Market and we were just running away from the whistling bullets emanating from Gieda military barrack. They signaled us to proceed, much to our relief and surprise. So they were our forces. That was when it finally dawned on me that there are Nuer soldiers too in the army and that it is not every armed Nuer that is baying for my Dinka blood.

In fact, the presidential guards where the last year fighting began is still about 50% Nuer. South Sudan army has three sectors and eight divisions. Two of these sectors are led by Nuers—Gony Bilieu in Malakal, Upper Nile sector and James Chuol Lam in Torit, Equatoria Sector. Most of the soldiers fighting in Upper Nile around Malakal are mostly Nuer while the majority of the Nuer soldiers in six out of the eight divisions of the SPLA haven’t defected to the rebel sides.

Later on as news of the shooting in Gieda yesterday trickled in, it was revealed that the issue centered on salaries, not armed rebellion by Nuer soldiers as some people had widely suspected and feared. The commander of the soldiers is a Nuer and the soldiers are mixture of all tribes.

So we should all know, as I ruefully discovered, that not all Nuer have a date with Riek Machar and his senseless armed rebellion.

Wondering: The War Within Dinka

Posted: January 19, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Daidït Maa, Featured Articles, History

Wondering: The War Within Dinka

By Daidit Maa

Bor has been liberated from the white army, thank God, although it has taken precious lives, civilian and military. With Bor town secured, it is now time to talk about some nonsense from some bigots who have vomited lots of shits on the net.

Firstly is the shit about Buor vs. Bahr el Ghazal region. For example, Buor wonder why the white army left Bahr el Ghazal region alone and come to Bor. The President is from there, the presidential bodyguards that started the fighting are from there, the Dot-ku-bany militia that killed Nuer civilians in Juba are also from Bahr el Ghazal, not from Bor.

Juba, not Bor, is the seat of Power. Why Bor, Buor wonder.

Riek Machar is from Unity State and Salva Kiir is from Warrap; these two states share a common border and yet there has been no fighting whatsoever. Why in Bor?

The country is burning because of these two idiots quarrelling over power and yet it is Buor and Lou Nuer that are getting killed?

The Warrap Dinka of President Kiir and the Adok Nuer of ex-VP Riek Machar are enjoying their looted money; why should Bor Dinka, Lou Nuer, and Panrieng Dinka pay for their quarrel over money, leadership?

Buor confess that the 1991 Bor Massacre was understandable because Garang was the leader; the 2013 Massacre is incomprehensible. Why Bor?

Also, after the white army and Peter Gadet occupied Bor, Buor claim that the Bahr el Ghazal region was quite reluctant to help them taking back the town. They wonder why they were left to fend for themselves yet, it is the seat of power that they are protecting, since Bor was already destroyed.

“Don’t Bahr el Ghazal region understand that ‘baany de Juba eke den’ and it should not be Buor business alone to protect it for them?” they probed bitterly.

And what is the response from the other side of the Nile? Well, Bahr el Ghazal region wonder too, for example, why Buor are always fleeing and talking too much instead of fighting for themselves.

They wonder why Nuer captures Bor every time there is a conflict in Jonglei and all Buor flee the area. Why don’t they protect themselves like the Ngok of Pigi, or of Panrieng, or like the Aweil Dinka from Maharahleen or the Abyei Dinka from Missiriya?

“Are Buor only good at talking and fleeing?” they asked repeatedly.

Secondly is the shit between Bor, and Twic East County. For example, Buor wonder why the family of John Garang is siding with Riek Machar and the white army. They also think that Majak Agoot is with Riek. Rebecca Nyandeng, Mabior Garang de Mabior and Majak are all from Twic East County.

Bor County has two ministers in Kiir government, and there is no top government officials from there that has publicly question Kiir leadership; none of them is jailed. Twic East County has none in Kiir gov’t and Majak and Nyandeng has publicly denounced Kiir gov’t. Majak is detained along with others; Mabior Garang is among the rebel delegation to Addis Ababa.

This has created a friction between Bor and Twic East County because Buor claim that the interview that Madam Nyandeng gave on the BBC about the targeting of Nuer civilians by the Dot-ku-Bany militia is the main reason why Peter Gadet rebelled and the reason why the white army invaded and destroyed Bor town.

Mabior Garang joining of Riek’s delegation, and his writings and interviews, has further convinced Buor that Twic have become “Nyagat” too. “Are they jealous and bitter because they have no ministers in the government” Buor wonder out aloud.

“How did the white army bypassed Duk and Twic East County without a fight and are now fighting fiercely in Bor” Buor wonder, “are they in collusion?”

What is the response from Twic and Duk counties? Well, Twic wonder why Buor want to paint them black for no reason when they are all at the receiving end from the white army.

Bor town housed people from Bor, Twic and Duk counties; Murle, Anyuak, and even people from Bahr el Ghazal region too. How can the destruction of Bor town be Buor’s calamity alone, they wonder.

About Nyandeng interview on the BBC, the white army invaded Bor town and committed the 1991 Bor Massacre and yet there was no Nyandeng talking on the BBC; there was no Nuer Civilian killed by Kiir’s militia in Juba.

The white army was going to come whether there was Nyandeng or no Nyandeng on the BBC. They came in 1991, was there Nyandeng on the BBC? They came in 2013 because their people were killed in Juba. Even if their people were not killed, they would have still come to Bor town because of looting and because of their blind support for Riek Machar.

They came in 1991 and yet there were no Nuer civilians killed anywhere by anybody. They came to loot and to support Riek that their Ngundeng prophesized to rule South Sudan according to them.

So how is Nyandeng responsible for the destruction of Bor? If it is because Mabior and Nyandeng are seen to be siding with Riek, then would Buor go ahead and claim that Dengtiel Ayuen Kur is responsible for the 1991 Bor Massacre because he was among the first sons of Bor to side with Riek Machar and Lam Akol in 1991?

To say that Nyandeng and Mabior are responsible for the destruction of Bor in 2013 would be to claim that Dengtiel Ayuen Kur is responsible for the 1991 Bor Massacre. Would that make any sense? Dengtiel’s mother was killed by the white army.

“Bor was destroyed not because it belongs to Buor but because it is a strategic city that is on the way to Juba, and it is also the capital city of the largest state in the country. Was Jalle attacked?” Twic stress.

Nyandeng and Mabior are not supporting Riek’s rebellion and the white army; they are just against President Kiir for political reasons and are simply using Riek and his group to make their point of displeasure with Kiir’s leadership. They felt sidelined and humiliated by Kiir.

Twic also emphasize that Majak and his detained colleagues are politicians with no army and are only interested in politics. Besides, Deng Dau Malek is the MP for Twic East, the representative of the people of that county; it is not Nyandeng, not Mabior and not Majak.

Even if Nyandeng, Mabior and Majak sided with Riek, would that be a basis for painting the Twic community black? Majier Gai, Dengtiel Ayuen rebelled, and no one victimized the Bor community because of them; Akuot Atem, Arok Thon rebelled and no one victimized the Twic community because of them; Kerubino Kuanyin, Faustino Atem Gualdit rebelled and no one victimized the Rek community because of them.

So why the fuss about Nyandeng and her son? They don’t represent Twic community and Twic community does not represent them, period, says the Twic Dinka.

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