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Engineer Akol Lual Lual Akol’s Role in Transforming the Concept of Education among the Refugees in Kakuma, Kenya

By Deng Diar Diing, Mombasa, Kenya

The Late Akol Lual Lual Akol

Tributes to the Late Engineer Akol Lual Lual Who Pioneered Academic Excellence in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Monday, November 12, 2018 (PW) — The outpour of grief and shock from the Jesh Amer and Lost Boys community following sudden death of Eng. Akol Lual Lual Akol has left many to wonder to the pattern and girth of appeal this gentleman had. It is clear that Akol has been mourned by a population that had its roots in Jesh Amer of Dima, Fugnido and Polataka who eventually found themselves in Kakuma. This is not to discount the fact that there are a lot of people who have and still are mourning in silence out of intensity of sorrow or lack of access to the social media.

It has also to be noted that those who showed their grief in public domains are not making it for a show of association but rather, hero’s death just like John Garang was, are normally too sad to bear individually and normally are communal angst. After all, a problem shared is half solved.

Akol Lual Lual was laid to rest yesterday in his village of Akon. May God rest his soul in peace. To all the outpour of commiserations and eulogies about the life of Eng. Akol as an inspiration to his peers, I would like to bring forth the processes that led him to be a hero of this important constituency. As a beneficiary of his epic academic journey and someone who took a mantle of my time following his inspiration, I feel spellbound to explaining why we love this gentleman that dear.

There was this Catholic Scholarship program called Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) that used to sponsor the top 3% percent of refugees who sat for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education for secondary education to Kenyan Public Schools. Akol Lual Lual, Marial Kuol, Samuel Anyieth, Chol de Guin and Bior Gayo won this scholarship in 1994(This group was later joined by Peter Gatpan Thoar). William Andrew was sponsored in 1993.


By Eng. Deng Diar Diing, Mombasa, Kenya

Bullen Panchol Awal Alier

Monday, July 2, 2018 (PW) — “Justice suffers when men refuse to stand firm for what is right. If we don’t fight lawlessness, it prevails. If we don’t establish the truth in our nations, truth becomes foreign in the country. God says there is no man when there is nobody who stands for the truth.” Sunday Adelaja.

When I heard that Justice Bullen Panchol Awal Alier finally threw in his towel as a judge of Supreme Court of South Sudan on Friday 29th of June 2018, I then knew the last nail on the coffin of meritocracy, objectivity and the spirit of rule of law has been driven home by the beneficiaries of anarchy in beloved Country.

Bullen Panchol has been among the few judges who have refused the use of Supreme Court as a tool of settling political scores, something that has kept the 64 tribes together regardless of daily mayhem our country witnesses. This is something that has stood between him and being the President of Supreme Court(Chief Justice), a worthwhile course indeed!!!


The traumatic shift from our society formations to military formations. This is a story about how we were mixed up – separated from our lineages- and village-mates and sorted out in groups of kids from different sections and villages – for the first time upon arrival in Ethiopia.

By Deng Diar Diing, Mombasa, Kenya

December 27, 2017 (SSB) — We were to be mixed with kids of various diversities in early 1988. This was the first move away from social formations where we were organized into lineages, clans and sections during our journey to Ethiopia from our various villages.

It was around April 1988 (not specifically sure of the time) when Capt. Pieng Deng-majok announced that we should be sorted out in military formations to allow for integration of kids from various backgrounds of South Sudan. This was meant to initiate us into National Agenda of Liberation that was transcendent of any social association.

It was also meant to rid us of social ignorance and stigmas that were stereotypically bound into us by various social bigotries. There were stories of this community eats people and others are this and that, causing unnecessary suspicions.


The Politics of Post-Garang SPLM/SPLA Government

By Deng Diar Diing, Mombasa, Kenya

May 16th anniversary

May 12, 2017 (SSB) — If I were within the close circle of comrade Salva, I would be worried, very worried. To those of us who studied science, experiments are carried out to develop empirical formulas and those formulas are iteratively applied while continuously incorporating constants and previously insignificant variables until you arrive at a stable scientific formula that’s applicable invariably.

Now, with the way the audience of war and targets have been shifting unpredictably, I would be worried if I were within the circle. Stability and predictability are important in any operations and discourse for that matter.

Remembering 2012, the whole war started as a contest of egos between Riek and Cde Salva not to mention the Garang-boys coup d’etat folklore that got sung since Garang died and eventually got beaten down by more significant events.


By Deng Diar Diing, Mombasa, Kenya

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April 11, 2017 (SSB) — Dear colleagues, relatives, friends and contemporaries on Facebook, this forum has been a place of great learning and it is my strong believe that one can obviously gain knowledge, whether distorted or judicious one . It is conceivable that trends can be built in this fusillade of exchanges which may end up forming a certain domain of knowledge.

And when it is faulty as it clearly is, it must be rebuked. That is why I am specifically writing this piece to reproof with the reproach it deserves the uncalled for destruction of our history of liberation which is happening at our watch. And let everyone be warned that this is history and can never be shared, regardless of whether you are friend or not, it may hurt but I am sorry, I will have to put history as it is, not as it should be.

I want to admonish this cheap talk that is gaining unwarranted audience in our South Sudanese fora. It is specifically from today liberators of the yesterday war. This fortunate group that escaped the wrath and tribulations that came with our war of liberation has made it their business to distort history and vilify those who gave their-all to our freedom. They have even gone a step further to take up our gallant movement from our unsuspecting leader, to sidestep the owners of the movement by sacrifices not by buccaneering.