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By Madol Madol Aguer, Juba, South Sudanteg-scholarship-program

February 8, 2017 (SSB) — Our young girls who are supposed to be our future wives, mentors, coaches and more importantly co-lives share that have the biggest responsibilities are unfortunately mistaken the freedom and trusts granted to them by uncles, fathers and mothers. When I talk of asset, it is the business term describing the wealth one has in the business apart from the goods and services given the firm, shop and industries. Therefore, Girls are our national asset in South Sudan base on the asset’s definition and generally the whole world can agree with me if I said that girls are an asset of any nation.

I valued them because am here because of the woman, my mum. Am a graduate because of her strong encouragement and continues support during unpredictable journey and I believe that any angel who will married me deserved the honor and respect for that matter. I do not see any different between female and male since we are both creatures of God and we resemblance God’s image, we live in the temporary all of us, we have equal opportunity before him, and we have equal rights whether we misused it. We are the children of God.



By Madol Madol Aguer, Kampala, Uganda

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February 5, 2017 (SSB) — Two days ago, the ministry of the general education and instructions under the honorable minister, Mr. Deng Deng announced that the government schools are free for all children regardless of their ethnicity, religion and political affiliation to access a universal education in the Republic of South Sudan.

Good move perhaps what is its impact on educational services, economic and development of the human resources or Man power of the nation.

Free means accessing the services without paying or without difficulties in getting it or through, that mean free education in South Sudan will be accessible by almost ongoing schools children to create an enabling education for all regardless of their backgrounds and abilities.


By Madol Madol Agwer, Juba, South Sudan

RSS coat of ARMS

South Sudan’s coat of arms, in which the eagle symbolizes vision, strength, resilience and majesty, and the shield and spear the people’s resolve to protect the sovereignty of their republic and work hard to feed it.

January 30, 2017 (SSB) — South Sudanese nationalism, as it developed after 1918, was a Southern Sudan phenomenon with its support base in the Southerner provinces. Nationalists opposed indirect rule and advocated a centralized national government in Khartoum responsible for both regions. Nationalists also perceived Britain’s southern policy as potential policy toward diving Sudan and preventing its unification under an Arabized and Islamic ruling class. Ironically, however, a non-Arab led Sudan’s first modern nationalist movement.

In 1921 Ali Abd al Latif, a Muslim Dinka and former army officer, founded the United Tribes Society that called for an independent Sudan in which power would be shared by tribal and religious leaders. Three years later, Ali Abd al Latif’s movement, reconstituted as the White Flag League, organized demonstrations in Khartoum that took advantage of the unrest that followed Stack’s assassination.

Ali Abd al Latif’s arrest and subsequent exile in Egypt sparked a mutiny by a Sudanese army battalion, the suppression of which succeeded in temporarily crippling the nationalist movement.


By Madol Madol Aguer, Juba, South Sudan

Nuer white army

South Sudan Rebels: Nuer White Army Fighters

January 21, 2017 (SSB) — Youth is a time in life when one is young. During this time life is full of energy and fitness that can qualify you to prosper in all aspects of life. Raw materials are materials or substances used in the primary production or manufacturing of goods. Raw materials are often referred to as commodities which are bought and sold on commodities exchange around the world, Raw materials are those materials used in processing finished goods.

Examples of raw materials are; crude oil, cane, grains, minerals and so forth. Raw materials can play significant roles in meeting end needs of any company based on extraction and procession of the raw materials to a product that will provide reliable sources of income to the owners or shareholders in that particular company.