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By Zack Mayul, Aweil, South Sudan

Shading the Talent in South Sudan

Thursday, September 19, 2019 (PW) South Sudan, for example, is a free country. By free, we mean really free, not “free”. Don’t get it twisted dear readers. I did not switch off my sanity, yet. So, without mixing things, there are two words that exists; at least here in our case of today: the free and the “free”.  “Free”, for example, is when you say things or do things voluntarily, expecting something in return. I don’t know but Francis Fukyama might categorize it under clientelism.

With “free”, for example, I would be writing on my blog anything that to impress, everything – everyday about STA that’s happening soon in December so that I get nominates as the best blogger or social media enthusiast of the year when they do their selection. On top of that, I have to gang up with the management to shut down any criticism that is directed to them because I know what I will get in return.

This is the “free” I meant. In leadership, if I’m not wrong, this is called affiliate power. This is mostly apply by the people who want themselves associated with certain people of a given standard or class in a society. In the other case of free, you do things from your utmost heart. You expect nothing in return nor should you ever ask for favors. Critical thinking and assertiveness are highly involves when judgments are made in this case: be it in politics, in religion, or business.



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By Zack Mayul, Juba, South Sudan
Tuesday, December 25, 2018 (PW) — Recently, a friend of mine asked me if it’s possible for her to walk into a jewelry store and buy herself a suffering ring to symbolize her 2018 as an odd year from the rest. She has been going through some sh*ts this year. I liked the idea even though I didn’t want to tell her that I might as well opt for the same choice since I have been going through some deep sh*ts of my own as well.
By the way, ours could not be as bad as yours or weighs heavily than yours. But hey, my buddy and I are soon going for this before the year clocks to zero. Are you interested to wear a suffering ring too to differentiate your 2018 and learn how to deal with your New Year in style? Come and we buy them at a discounted price.
There are many ways to suffer.
Perhaps, not just the economic raging that is touching all of us on private parts, neither is it the political scavenging that has resulted into the death of thousands of innocent South Sudanese, nor is it the unfair justice practice by some well paying NGO organizations that employs people with less knowledge in some fields of studies but focus on the sharpness of their slated tongues or recruiting team figure eight and twelve. (more…)

By Zack Mayul, Nakuru, Kenya

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January 4, 2018 (SSB) — It’s New Year and so what? I don’t really know why night runners, club goers, aborters, bleachers, feminists, corrupt elites, the felons among many other social naïve – would, in fact, find it very easy in my village, town, city, country or even continent to be jovial and join the rest of the world in celebration.

Please, be advised that I am not here to dictate your happiness about the New Year; but does it worth it to forget that we shall still go through the same therapy of life this year? To me, it’s the same shit scheduled by fate on a different calendar. Let me ask, what’s new this time that we must celebrate in 2018?

First of all, the work timetable hasn’t favor anyone this year– schools kids opened on 2nd or 3rd in Kenya, most workers resumed work on 3rd worldwide and so on, and so forth.


Zack Mayul, Kampala, Uganda

December 30, 2017 (SSB) — This year has been accompanied by daunts of stories that would leave anyone with nothing but shame, fear and tears. The year has been a year of shame, disgrace and worries unlike other years in the history.

Right from January, these are some of the things that I would wish; from the social perspectives, religious, political and the economic perspective respectively. The following deadly sin top my list of five things that should be buried as late as 31st December 2017, night:

Killing of Youth

We live in a myopic society that cares less about tomorrow but care about a clean spoon that feeds her today. The saying that goes ‘youths are the future of tomorrow: – ‘in our dictionary as South Sudanese, this saying has backfired and in fact, has washed away completely.


By Zack Mayul, Kampala, Uganda


December 5, 2017 (SSB) — Last week I walked myself to downtown (Kampala City Center) – to my usual boutique where I have been buying clothes for the last three years since I become a resident in this country.  Christmas is coming in soon and I need few some clothes to cover myself since I have been investing my mergers on other things. Unfortunately, I found the place was under a new management, and the people I found there were dealing only ladies outfits.

Before shifting, I have known some few faces: two gentlemen that I have been interacting; they both speak Swahili and one lady who happened to be an alumna of the college.  In the process, I have been very reluctant to ask their names and business contacts and applied the ideology that customer is the king. I have been assuming in fact that it is the sole responsibility of the seller to attract customers in all ways possible.


By Zack Mayul, Kampala, Uganda

PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB): The Best Articles, Writers, of the Year 2016

January 14, 2017 (SSB) — PaanLuel visitors, daily readers and the main bloggers, excuse my hand writing or poor thoughts if I touch you in any way. Thank you. Regarding to what had been happening throughout this week. I mean, the appointment of Gogrial governor, I was puzzled.

I have seeing so many people debating about it – some defending the idea of the president while others rejecting it. I have seen someone here condemning our critics. Condemning those who were not with the idea of the president appointing his brother in-law. How does that even sound in your ears?

Listen my friend, our government is like a coconut – black outside and white inside. These patrons will lie to you and me that it is a democratic country while in the actually sense, it is far from it. Anyway, no one declared South Sudan as a tyrannical country or kingdom where we are supposed to do what pleases the president or those in power.