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  1. Born Rebels And Grew Up Militias What A shame Societies In South Sudan.

    By Albino Aleu Aduol
    The worldwide will learn just little by little particular, the conflicts which has no end in South Sudan since the beginning of Anya-Anya Two within Upper Nile regions led by the late general Paulino Matip Nhial and others groups of Samuel Gai Tut were in charge following the factionalism of Nasir movement led by the former vice president who turned rebel leader for the second time. Our people have been letting themselves to be brainwash by some politicians whom are not willing to bring on their Ideas for development but fueling conflicts and shown desperation for leadership and I think they are going continues to do so as long as there is no realization for the past mistakes which they have had committed. Some militias have took a rebellion as a way of becoming a leader but others Southern Sudanese arming themselves as a militias by wrongful thinking, it is norm, normal culture and there is nothing to be a shame even if your Son is about to take your foot-step still fine.

    Obviously, I think the world have no Idea about Southern Sudanese rebels although, the Dinka’s proverb of saying, ”one Bird can make dirties on the water pool just, because the first Bird who land on water has to take that blamed according to Dinka perhaps; this is not the case now, because the majority of Southern Sudanese people are against this randomly political conflict which has brought death, suffering,destruction of properties, economic down turn, fear and creation of rebellions all these were made by militias. Our people have been doing this kind of unrest conflict for centuries since when the British had left Sudan and I would not be surprised to hear if the the former Nasir movement’s leaders have made their alliance to fights against its new nation. Also I am not surprised to hear that, the militias general Johnson Olony is threaten to kills Dinkas Padang at Malakal town, because he has been fools by the politicians within Shilluk ethnci. There is nothing new than usual attitudes which driven us backward and I wish, the world must not listen to these politicians of ours if they are interesting to see good things after it.

    The International community and the United Nation as a whole must works with the current government in South Sudan to make sure, they advice rebels not creating another civil war instead, cooperated to correct the past mistakes and organize the reforms and general election but failure for them not supports the Republic of South Sudan thus, the young nation would be heading same problems that has no benefit neither rebels nor government and maybe further more and more same situations, this is why we asks the International community, UNMISS, AU, IGAD and other actor not to interference in to South Sudan Affairs but to show us that, you are coming to helps our people and the young nation at large.

    Eventually, the neighbors countries around us knows more about our cycle conflicts, they have knowledge such a attitudes for some tribes in South Sudan, but the rest of the world know nothing the culture of unrest violence. The politicians in my view are seemingly to hated government if they lose their positions, they loved to works and says, the government is doing good thing but they declared revolution if they haven’t find what they wanted. In fact that, we are not all bad people as some African citizens are pointing their finger on us that, the Southern Sudanese people are trouble makers hence, I am assuming there is a very big misunderstanding within our societies and it need our friends to shown us some ways of problems solving and solution instead entering deepest inside our societies and have being seen as part of the problems. Apparently, I want to tell others people not be afraid for coming here or not feel unwelcome if they wanted to do their business.

    The rebellion in South Sudan has become a habitable some thing which is impossible to be avoid for some time and I would guess that, it is not going to stop since, the politicians have attached their own interests which make it difficult to tell however, the UN, and the AU must avoiding way of imposing policies which is lacking trustworthy and most of the time, the Southern Sudanese have found things were actually unnecessary politically, economically and militarily. I belief strongly that, the Southern Sudanese people are not against United Nation’s policy nor the AU, IGAD and many more others third Party but I think our people have had viewing some bad policies which have been applying on other regions before and they do not want such foreign intervention to happen on them.

    Certainly, the militias that are fighting now have been defected 100% and their children have had already joins them in the battlefield which mean, the fathers might retired doing it anyway in the bushed or died in the bushes while, achieving nothing than leaving destruction and suffering on Southern Sudanese people. There are many things which UN, and the Regional forces wouldn’t fixed even if they came million Regional forces in South Sudan nation but only the people of South Sudan have to do for themselves. Some rebels believe our problems will be resolved if the president is removed by foreign intervention which is actually would lead us to nowhere in that future and such a concept is more than a joke. To set up our system for our government, it does not need a Regional forces to do this but we the people of the Republic of South Sudan can do it.The rebels must be reminding that, the country will never be rule by UN, AU, IGAD and other third Party but the people of South Sudan have to elected the person which they have puts trust on him or her, the person they believes that, have ability to lead them, the person that has a good history, the person which has not associate himself with his own tribal militias,and quiet frankly, the Regional forces wouldn’t change our behaviors, attitudes, cultures as we are but we the people of South Sudan must have to make adjustment for ourselves because we can not afford to continues with this rebellion Ideology it wouldn’t work.

    If the system is broken then, the people have to fixed it. If the ruling party lost the direction clearly, the guns wouldn’t resolved but only peace makers would be able to resolving so why having too many militias in Fashoda State, Fangak State and many more other regions. I think our people must change the way, they thinks because there is no one will benefits from war. We have to looks others Africa countries on how they were able to set up their own systems, if the Ugandan people did it what make it difficult for Southern Sudanese people to do their own Affairs. Kenyans people went through disagreement after gaining her independence in 1963, but they find ways by agreeing to have a forgiveness, reconciliation process, healing,none violence, peaceful co-existence and instead grouping themselves, they agrees to have one national army and one president once at a time even though there was a clashed happened in 2008, this was an Isolate incident which have nothing to do with creation of rebellion. I belief if the rest of Africa nations did it then, the South Sudan will do it. Our big problems right now are randomly creation of militias, tribalism, nepotism, discrimination, corruption, political problems,and misunderstanding and there is no other foreign will come to resolving all these things but only we the people must have to committed to do it.

    I think the rebels must understand that, the war is not always a winnable as they might be thinking, the war has some consequences as we have been witness more and more lives have been lost whatever, you might claims to be Shilluk Agewlek militias, SPLA I0 which is predominate Nuers and those pertaining themselves as an Equatorians resistance movement and the pro Juba’s government of SPLA, all these people are Southern Sudanese people if our people have the visions. If you can not became a president does not mean this is the end of the world, it simple mean you were interesting for some thing but you haven’t make it, still okay. Let us come to sense that, we have to resolved our own problems by accepted ourselves to lived togetherness as one nation and one people instead of tearing each others for simple thing which is political interest and in the end of the day, we find those rebels and the people running government are all citizens for one nation please, it is time for realization and forgiveness.


  2. The Former Vice President And His Former Nassir’s Deputy Are Not Only A trouble Makers Men But Also They Are Truly Agent Of cut And Run Factions Leaders, In The History Of South Sudan.

    By Albino Aleu Aduol
    U.S A
    The former vice president of South Sudanese Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon and his former’s Deputy Nassir leader Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin are truly agent of cut and run leaders in our history of South Sudan; I think we can agrees that, both rebels leaders are known for bad cost or the worst of political bitterness which have had driven us away from achieving others things..First of all, I would like to reminds those Southern Sudanese diehard supporting them to understand that, these failure leaders are misusing their own ethnics in order for them to benefits in term of political interest and financially but there is no vision to followed them. The position of vice president was not designed only for one person instead, it is an open position to the Public to serve its nation and the citizens therefore, the notion for supporters of former vice president by refuted the new vice president is unwise. I think the former Unity governor gen, Taban Deng Gai will work well with the president, because he is not too extremely tribalism leader such as the former vice president Dr. Machar had been associate in the tribal conflict.

    The cut and run of the former vice president which has been recently residing in the Northern Sudan, Khartoum is now mobilizing the Nuer’s young men and the intellectuals abroad countries to stand with him again for the third time rebellion, but it is no clear if they are going to change the name of the SPLA I0, and renewing with the Grand Alliance Rebellion as it was suggested early by Dr. Akol but I don’t think the majority of Nuers youths will buy it this time otherwise, the people whom to following him would be seen as a hard minding people. The truly cut and run former vice president of South Sudanese must be advice to avoid another rebellion, because he had been trying so hard for decades and there was nothing positive is coming out than killing innocents people and human suffering. He had pledge another called on Nuers youths, intellectuals, communities leaders and some of the remaining militias generals perhaps, he is telling them that, the dogfight in Juba at the presidential Palace on July 8-11/2016, was a waked up called for all Nuers people adding that, you must prepared for whatever, the Juba’s government will be trying to do. He is also denying the clashed which happened at the presidential Palace saying that, he doesn’t came to Juba just to fights thousand SPLA Pro Juba’s government but in reality, his militias where the one who made attacked first twice in Gudele city and the president’s compound and they were back up by UNMISS and Equatorians within the city Juba and that mean, there was a connection coup plan hence, I think there is no need to look for evidence while, the wall of the presidential Palace has a bullets spreading at the wall around fence.

    Apparently, I think the former vice president must be told to accepted quitting the politics if he want his people to lived peaceful with the rest of Southern Sudanese citizens, his political bitterness has damaged the whole South Sudanese societies including Nuers and the Dinkas but there is no benefits we have had gains for his faction nor himself too therefore, he must stayed away from politics participation. Also the former vice president must not embarrassing himself again by seeking leadership which make no difference from the past Nassir movement and the SPLA in Opposition. I belief the hope of political careers on the former vice president is over. I am suggesting that, the function of having gone further to make accomplishment on your higher education such as his PhD was to put the skills, knowledge and the experiences which he had attains in to good practices and usefulness unfortunate, the PhD of Machar has been a significantly damaging our country and it will continues to be the source of conflicts till he is not present according to my view.

    Certainly, the former vice president is clearly lacking very simple thing and that is a political methodically understanding on other hand, he has no clue about finding ways to get lead organization or the nation like South Sudan. He had been repeated unnecessary rebellious for years and seem to played same tactics of tribalism over time thus, he did failed to make some adjustment and review on what went wrong in the past and how to correct himself as a human, we learned through our mistakes, we learns through others people, we should be listen from your friends, relatives and your co-workers unfortunately, the former rebels leader is not listening to the people who disagree with him just because they believes that, there are many ways to address your complains than randomly rebellion. I think Dr. Machar was supposedly to repair his bad back-ground during the time when he returned back to rejoined the SPLA/SPLM mainstream led by the late Chairman Dr. John Garang, but he kept repeated the past mistake, because he did not listen if told. Obviously, the reason why he was dismissed in 2013, it was because of his misconduct the Affairs. He was told to prepared his platform if he wanted to contested with the president however, he thought about taking power by force as the notion was actually related that, his militias supporters were controlled about 60% in the SPLA national army and it was a big mistake.

    Another cut and run of the former Agriculture minister, he was also a former Chairman of the SPLM Democratic Change Dr. Lam Akol is running different agenda even though he was been seen conducting meeting in Kenya and Khartoum respectively, also he told people to celebrated the 25th creation of the Nassir faction however, his goal since the beginning of Nassir movement was insight, he had pushed Dr. Machar to overthrow the late Chairman and his agenda absolutely is not same as Dr. Machar do, because he wanted the two bigger tribes to continues killing each other until both largest tribes have completely destroying themselves and after all, he want to make sure Dinka and Nuer are not longer majorities any more in the young nation and according to Dr. Akol, he will combined all Luo tribes in South Sudan and finally, he will lead the Republic of South Sudan nation but I’m not very sure how long his hope will last.The former Nassir leaders would be regretting sooner than later when they never achieved anything probably, their chances are very slimming to tell. The theories of an Old schools maybe not workable in the 21st century because theirs Ideas are getting too Old indeed this is a stunning politics unlikely other world politics and their ages as well are running out just be aware. Typically, you can not building your house with sand, it will never stand up for very long time and regrading the formation of new Grand Alliance Revolutionary led by both cut and run leaders personal, it would be a wast of human lives and continuation of human suffering not to mention the devastation of the destruction on civilians properties if they kept mobilizing their ethnics to joins rebellions.


  3. Will The Killing Innocents On Dinkas Civilians Make Any Justification From The SPLA I0 Complains?

    By Albino Aleu Aduol.
    It is very sadden and hearts broken for all Dinkas family and to see the brutally killing on Dinka civilians in the Equatoria community. Personal, I will not accepted the condemnation without bringing the killers in the book. The racism and hatred on Dinka people by some of Equatorians was not the first time if you can recalled Juba conflicts, it started long time ago when the Abel Alier took the Southern Sudanese second VP, which was known as the Juba’s administration. The Dinka Bor’s cattle keepers use to have their cattle camps around Juba town just for grazing purposed but when the Son of Dinka took the second vice president immediately, they begun attacked cattle camps and even killing the civilians which were residing inside Juba city.At that time, they were against Nuers people and the Dinkas people unlikely to this unfortunate, all signs indicated that, the killers who attacked Dinkas on road block is the combination of Equatorians militias and members of Nuers SPLA I0.

    Basically, the displacement camp in Juba, is become a source of violence and I think the government must find or tell UNMISS to make relocation to another place in Upper Nile regions. The road block attackers are not only from Equatorians people but instead, there are some Nuers militias among them and it will be a fool to generalizing the whole Equatioria regions.

    This killing innocents of Dinkas civilians, I see no excusable whatsoever, the vice president James Wani Igga and others Equatorians are vocally in there while, the killers are not brought to justice. I think the most blames goes to people like James Wani Igga, SPLA in charge in Yei River State, the governors of the States, Equatorians politicians and the communities leaders for failing to educated the anti-Dinkas militias that such a hatred will leading to Rwanda road.

    I know the vice president Igga is the man of yes most of the time, he failed to understand that, his silence for all these times will back fire on himself because he never speak strongly to his own people about racial issue. I guess, he is holding that position of vice president simply, because of being a Son of Equatoria regions otherwise, both Speaker and his position would have not giving to one region thus, as a leader of the nation perhaps, you must speak up but telling your people with the truth whatever the matters are.

    The racial campaigning against Dinkas people by some of the Equatorians was began immediately after when the peace agreement was signed in 2005. The former governor of Western Equatoria State Col, Joseph Bakosoro started telling his own tribe to kick out all Dinkas living in her State and hundred of Dinka’s families including wives and their children were killed innocently.

    We have not forgotten the SPLA Dinka’s families which were murdered at the daylight and even their own daughters were also killed, because they were married by the Dinkas men. The former governor Baksoro went on to tell Moru citizens don’t you know how to cut the head of sneak refer to Dinka?. He deceived the government by asking president to arms his communities youths males to fights against the LRA, meanwhile, he was alluding and commanding the yong men to fights against same government which he is holding position.

    I would like to tell those anti-Dinkas people that, you can killed innocents Dinkas civilians but we will find you, your alliance of former vice president will just driving you to uncertainty future, you might be hiding somewhere your community but one day it will be your turn, you may continues hate Dinkas people with your allied but you will never success, you might post threat on Dinkas people but we will prevailed. We have had gone through such a difficulties time in the past and none of these anti-Dinkas have defeated us. The sad about innocent lost lives, the life will not be repair back but we gets these anti- Dinkas people.

    Our Dinkas Sons died in most places of Equatoria regions not because they were to eliminate Equatorians people but because they were defending the rights of all Southern Sudanese people and freedom of movement was among the intuition why they took guns to risk their lives. The anti-Dinkas must understand that, the Dinka will never quit to find you, we will never surrenders our freedom for having fought all different type of enemies during the 21st years and after independence but we will be looking who killed Dinkas on the road block?


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