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JUBA Feb 6 (Reuters) – South Sudan’s annual inflation rate eased to 47.8 percent in January from 65.6 pct in December as costs for some food items fell, official data showed on Monday.

South Sudan became independent on July 9 under a 2005 peace agreement with its former civil war foe, Khartoum, but has been struggling to tackle an economic crisis and contain tribal and rebel violence which killed thousands last year.

Analysts say inflation could rise in the months ahead after landlocked South Sudan shut down its oil production last month to protest against seizures of its oil by Sudan through which it needs to export its crude.

Oil makes up 98 percent of state revenues in one of the world’s least developed countries. Annual inflation had hit 78.8 percent in November.

Month-on-month inflation rose 0.1 percent in January compared to a decline of 0.7 percent in December, the National Bureau of Statistics said in its monthly bulletin.

Costs for food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 40.6 percent in January compared to 57.4 percent in December, the data showed. But the cost for household goods rose by 111 percent in January compared to 99.9 percent in December.

The United Nations has warned the underdeveloped new nation faces severe food shortages this year because it will produce less than half what is needed in 2011 due to heavy rain and widespread violence.

Violence on both sides of the joint border has hampered trade with Sudan, from where much of the South’s needs come, especially food supplies to northern regions. (Reporting by Ulf Laessing; editing by Patrick Graham)

Mission HOPE South Sudan Follow-up
While Atem remains in Sudan working to bring his brothers to the US, one of the members of Mission Hope South Sudan is back to show us the progress they made in the third-world country. After years of civil war, refugee camps and finally immigrating to 

13 killed in attacks this week, says Jonglei MP
Sudan Tribune
February 5, 2012 (BOR) – Officials in South Sudan’s Jonglei state say armed raiders killed more than ten people in two separate attacks in Akobo and Bor counties this week, in the latest violence to affect the country’s largest state.
South Sudan inflation eases to 47.8 pct in January
Reuters Africa
JUBA Feb 6 (Reuters) – South Sudan’s annual inflation rate eased to 47.8 percent in January from 65.6 pct in December as costs for some food items fell, official data showed on Monday. South Sudan became independent on July 9 under a 2005 peace 

Sudanese rebels say to release Chinese workers “soon”
Reuters UK
Rebels from the SPLM-North had kidnapped the Chinese construction workers last month in oil-producing South Kordofan which borders newly-independent South Sudan. “The Chinese workers will be released soon and talks between the SPLM-North and the 

National Identity Cards Launched
President Salva Kiir displays a sample of the national identity documents in Juba [©Gurtong]

By Juma John Stephen

National Identity Cards Launched

The South Sudan Embassy should avail these document in Washington DC, UK, EU, AU countries, East Asia, etc to serve citizens and foreigners entering SS..

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has officially launched the national registration centre and the issuing of the three national identity documents; nationality certificate, identity cards and passports of the Republic of South Sudan.

By Juma John Stephen
JUBA, 4th January 2012 [Gurtong] – President Salva Kiir Mayardit has officially launched the national registration centre and the issuing of the three national identity documents; nationality certificate, identity cards and passports of the Republic of South Sudan.

After receiving his passport President Kiir said that, “these are my documents, this is my passport and all these are the property of the Republic of South Sudan.”

The President directed the Ministries of Interior and National Security to identify all the foreigners in the country and investigate those who entered into the country without work and residence permits and take necessary measures against them.

“Entry to South Sudan is open to people who have proper documents. I ask the Ministry of Interior and National Security to identify people who are in South Sudan staying without visa, passport, residents permit and work permit. We have embassies in these countries so they should obtain these documents.” Kiir added.

Kiir warned authorities in the Ministry not to issue diplomatic and special passports to the citizens who do not deserve them. He further warned that government officials who threaten police officers issuing the passports and giving them bribes for diplomatic and official passports, should be reported to the authorities.

The Interior Minister Hon. Alison Manani Magaya reiterated that he had setup mechanisms for recognizing the presence of foreign nationals in the country and to make sure that they have legal permits. He then explained the procedures of acquiring the national documents.

“From today people will start receiving their identity cards. We will make sure that non-South Sudanese don’t get these documents. The Ministry of Interior will determine when you will return the old ones and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will determine when diplomatic passports will be returned,” said Manani

The Minister of Finance Hon. Kosti Manibe and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial are responsible for diplomatic and special passports.

The Vice President of Muehlbauera a Germany based Company which produced the documents for Republic of South Sudan; Mr. Mattauis Koler said that the documents are of first class quality.

“We are honoured to take a very small part in your independence by issuing the first electronic passports for South Sudanese,” Koler said

“South Sudanese now have first class national certificates, national identity cards and electronic environmental passports which none of your neighbours in this region have. You are one of the leading nations in electronic identification documents.”

Government Officially Launches New Passports And Nationality Identities
3 January 2012—(Juba) —The government has officially launched the new passport and nationality identity cards.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit spoke at a ceremony in Juba on Tuesday.

[Salva Kiir]: “Today is the launching day for our Identity cards, passport and all that and we know all the challenges that are before us. To begin with, these are my documents and this is my passport.  All these are the property of the Republic of South Sudan; they are not from any other country.  During the time of the struggle when we were at war, there were friendly countries that gave us their passports that we used for travelling, and other travelling documents as well we used them.  And today we have our own documents and we must own these documents with seriousness, these are the first documents that we are going to own as a new country.”

Kiir cautioned the Interior and foreign ministries to issue diplomatic passport only to those who deserve them.

[Salva Kiir]: “The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Interior, make sure that when you approve these documents you approve them to the right person. Let people apply, and if there are people who deserve diplomatic passports, let them receive, and if they don’t deserve, like what happened during the first generation where many people acquired diplomatic passport, special passport, and these documents can be used against you whether you like it or not, because those people who acquire these documents they don’t  take them in good faith, they come and take the documents and camouflage  himself or herself so that they come to cause problem and  tarnish the image of the citizens of South Sudan. Don’t allow this again.”

Kiir said that the new passport is internationally recognized.

South Sudan: Citizens Line-Up to Acquire Nationality Certificates, Passports
He furthermore explained that the South Sudan Passport is divided into four, one the Diplomat Passport which is only meant for President, Vice President, the Speaker, the Governors and the National Ministers depending on the validation of his /her 

South Sudan: Our Ministries Should Do Something Tangible Like Those
Since this is the first year that these ministries will be working in an independent nation, the Republic of South Sudan, the citizens should expect to see tangible results from their programmes of work. For example the ministry of agriculture should ..

South Sudan: Lou-Nuer Elder Urges for Peace, Blames Fighting in Jonglei
Lou Nuer Elder Hoth Gorluak called for peaceful co-existence between Jonglei communities in order for the State to receive development and blamed that the fighting has undermined development in the areas, since government, businesses and investors fear 

South Sudan appeals for humanitarian aid amid fighting
CNN International
(CNN) — South Sudan appealed for international aid for a remote region that has been under attack by roaming fighters, as thousands of residents fled into the bush to avoid the violence. The government declared Jonglei state a “humanitarian disaster 

South Sudan inflation eases to 65.6 pct in December
Reuters Africa
KHARTOUM Jan 6 (Reuters) – South Sudan’s annual inflation rate eased to 65.6 percent in December from 78.8 pct in November as housing and water costs fell but food prices remained high, official data showed. South Sudan became independent on July 9 

Sudan: A Timeline for Catastrophe – Nation’s Continuing Slide Toward War
It necessarily focuses on the “unilateralism” that has emanated from Khartoum, and taken the form of brutal aggression against the people of Abyei, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and increasingly South Sudan itself. Such a timeline as I offer here cannot 

South Sudan: Rebels – What Will They Gain From Their Rebellion?
South Sudan which has just got its independence in 2011 has been witnessing unnecessary attacks by some individuals who opted to serve Khartoum against their country and people, a matter that had surprised the world. Some of them had been refusing to 

South Sudan: Why Nunu Failed to Reveal Capital Relocation?
We always talk of big projects in a move to fail the small projects that benefit the communities ofSouth Sudan. One of the big projects is Ramciel, the proposed Capital of South Sudan. We have predicted the relocation of the capital from Juba to 

South Sudan: MP Accuses Murle of Killing Two in Duk County
Juba — Just two days after three people were reported killed allegedly by the Murle cattle raiders in Duk County of Jonglei State two more people from Dinka tribe were killed in a fresh attack yesterday in the same County. Member of Parliament in the 

UN Launches Major South Sudan Humanitarian Effort
ABC News
By MICHAEL ASTOR AP The United Nations launched a humanitarian emergency effort Friday following last month’s intertribal clashes in South Sudan, responding to a wave of violence that might have left thousands dead and some 50000 people in urgent need 

White House: South Sudan Eligible to Receive US Defense Assistance
Voice of America (blog)
The White House has declared the government of South Sudan eligible to receive weapons and defense assistance from the United States. President Barack Obama Friday issued a memorandum saying that the ability to provide defense materials and services to 

George Athor’s Last Message before being Killed
Sudan Vision
George Athor Deng to His Excellency President of Republic of Uganda The people of Southern Sudan were hoping during the interim period which the CPA provided that the SPLM, which was virtually controlling the rein of power in South Sudan, would be able