Bashir’s Satanic Dance in Darfur: What it is all about.

Posted: February 9, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Sudan
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By Monica Lakes:

The Sudan government’s policy that has been anything, but terrorism, is planning to launch surprise attack on South Sudan. Possessed by fear, jealous and sense of shame for the way the racist Islamist Arabs have mismanaged Sudan for over 100 years, they are trying every wicked plan to engage South Sudan in war and continuous plunder of the oil and other resources. In his wisdom, Bashir is making partial peace in Darfur while killing other Darfurians (the game of divide and rule or kill a slave with a slave policy). While pretending to make peace in Darfur, he declares war on the Republic of South Sudan and is already waging war on the people of Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile. Is it lunatic or an act of a desperate dying buffalo!

Yesterday (6 February 2012) in Darfur, Omer Bashir, the liar, thief and murderer, who is wanted on uncountable charges of genocide and human rights violations, was dancing in one of his would be ever last wicked appearances in public. Besides him sat a subdued Idris Derby, the man of Chad who Bashir has terrorized and humiliated repeatedly to a point of submission through Sudan army repeated invasions in an attempt to overthrow him. Idris Derby accepted to do the dirty work for Bashir and is rewarded with marriage of the daughter of Bashir’s field commander terrorist Janjaweed, Musa Hilal.

As a prime driver of terrorism in Africa and worldwide, the NCP Bashir has been encouraged by the triumphant rise of Islamic forces in Libya and Egypt. Moreover, the terrorist NCP has cowed down both Chad and Eritrea into submission. These two countries had suffered terrorist activities when the NCP government used to train Islamists against them. The two presidents of Chad and Eritrea feared the NCP’s wrath and therefore submit themselves to Khartoum’s whims. Chad paid heavily when Sudan and trained Islamists almost overthrew Chad in 2009 had the French forces based in N’jemena not intervened and rescued Idris Derby from Bashir.

President Derby has at last raised up a white flag with both hands to Bashir. Last month in Khartoum, Idris Derby of Chad married the daughter of the well known terrorist, Musa Hilal, so as to cement the their unhealthy relationship as companions in crimes and genocide in Darfur. The terrorists managed to even register the support of the United Nations on their side when Gambari of the UN was among the best men of the wedding party. Omer Bashir, Ali Karti, Ali, Mustafa Ismael, Ali Nafie, indeed, all the chief terrorists were in the wedding party.

In fact, the NCP terrorism is successful in achieving their foreign policy objectives. For example, when the Kenya lawyers declared a legal principle position regarding the indictment of Omer Bashir towards the end of last year, Bashir swiftly asked the Kenyan Ambassador to leave Khartoum within 24 hours. The Kenyan government had to kneel on its knees to beg Sudan to keep diplomatic relations alive between the two countries. Kenya took lessons from both Eritrea and Chad. These NCP’s lessons of success are sharpening its terrorist appetite to do the same to Ethiopia and Uganda. DR Congo and Central Africa Republic are NCP’s quiescent and willing centres of political influence. They can positively respond to Khartoum’s hour of call should the need arise. Currently, Chad, Central Africa Republic and Sudan, have jointly deployed armies along their borders with the Republic of South Sudan in support of Khartoum’s military incursions into South Sudan.

This is the NCP’s grand terrorist strategy in dealing with South Sudan. Within Sudan, Omer Bashir has made a fresh call for more Sharia by making Islam and Arab culture as only sources of law making. His declared position is that all the Sudanese are Arabs and Muslims and so they must also be compelled terrorists.

The Republic of South Sudan is safe from this wicked Arab Islamic racist agenda because they made a wise choice during referendum to be free. The hope for the marginalized people of Sudan lies with South Sudan.

What is giving the NCP Sudan legitimacy to conduct terrorism without impunity in Africa? There are two main reasons:

One, the NCP started stealing the oil of South Sudan since before the CPA until today. The NCP government then used the oil revenues to influence political decisions of some poor African neighboring countries.

Secondly, the retreat of the counter terrorism forces from confrontation to appeasement. NCP is getting support militarily and economically from Iran, Russia and China.

After terrorizing and subduing Chad, Eritrea and Kenya, the next NCP’s divergent agenda is to capture the great Lakes region in Africa to connect to coastal regions from the horn of African and West Africa and converging on Cape Town. The Islamists assumption is that South Sudan will just be a dead apple once the faces of the ignorant African countries are covered with the oil money. For example, the last sad AU recommendation regarding the talks to reward Khartoum for having stolen oil was sad and by far falls below the level of political consciousness.

Any such suggestion that rewards Sudan government for having stolen oil of South Sudan is non starter.  The NCP thus concludes that the old Sudan will get re-united through the support of these African countries and also with help of those South Sudanese who are still working with NCP as mercenaries.

  1. Francois Conradie says:

    This is terrible, the worst article I’ve read in a while.


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