The Eagel Eye: Be the Judge of your Own

Posted: July 31, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary

Be the judge of your own

By Dut Lual Anei

This is a wakeup call to revise your understanding on the previous article by the same writer titled, “an eagle eye.” Here is a continuation of the eagle eye, many illusions are accorded to politics and service delivery as to what each definition stands for, many scholars have defined politics as a domain of interests or contest of egos peacefully without traditionally attributing it to your culture or traits while service delivery is getting services as effectively and quickly as possible to the intended recipient by implying a degree of excellence.

The “will” was discussed in depth, not political but factual and in reference to that, anybody who will allude it to politics, marginalization or any sorts of your understanding will favor your intelligent, is in your own view. The Korean “will” which many people wish to be clarify, as to whether it’s a project, business, donation or free gift of the person before having perish. Whether it is in any context subjected to alteration or political polarization?. Nonetheless, to the dismay, the “will” from Tonj is different in the way it sounded. Politics literally can be approach in many theories which include traditional, behavioral or both, name it, and therefore, the “will” diversion is a total subversive act of blockage.

Let me quote an official who said, “this John Lee memorial hospital is not going to be build in Tonj because of many politics citing its capacity”, the official declined to be named here. Critically, who can substantiate the connection of the “will” and the alleged politics interference?. In your own observation, was this a government or community work that brought this memorial will?. you decide but the truth is, the missionaries came to spread Christianity in whatever dominations in Africa but Tonj is geographically part of the South Sudan and incase some missionaries happened to be Korean, then John Lee was in Tonj, meaning there is no wonder, if it pains you discussing this, then you are jealous or naïve.

The grounds satisfying this were in the “will” which many could believe if they are liberal. Diocese of Rumbek is where Tonj parish belongs and the Italian as well as Korean priests were there during the war until some of them were either conscripted into the movement or voluntarily did it on their own. What is political about the “will” that was left in the name of Tonj?, concepts of making money and gaining popularity at the expense of community welfare is a wait and see case to be tested scientifically to prove it success to whichever level. The concern authorities in this matter are, the honorable area members of parliament, government of warrap state, the family of the late Fr. John Lee, the living priests of Tonj and entirely the central government to spear head the “bring back our “will” campaign” to the designated people.

Opinions of the public are not restricted, it’s up to the mentioned authorities and more specially the area mps to follow it or else I will continue to advocate so that, what belongs to Caesar is given to him, each for himself or herself and God for all of us, nobody reign like God but justice does. The representative democracy of the current South Sudan has created a custom where speaking the truth is seen on the sectional understanding while unearthing the truth becomes a matter of your boldness.

If there is no politics in delivering services especially the church mission, than where is the role of the church in fighting for the right of underestimated when there is already a solid or even liquid evidences to justify the case of the Korean Fr. John Lee’s “will”. Wonders are there but South Sudan could be an exception especially in term of respecting the spirit of the dead or will. Anybody who is conscious can even conclude, why can’t the spirit of the late Fr. John Lee judges us all and call anybody only to be interrogated in short time of three to four hours, whether you will not speak the truth later on your resurrection, dead is immortal but compromising your integrity for short term gains is a blunder.

Act or response by televising the tapes recorded during the visit and educate us more on the challenges hindering the progress or else fragmenting it into projects is not the solution.

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