A rebuttal to Miss Ameer Mayen Dhieu’s response to 1st Annniversary of SBS DINKA Radio

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A rebuttal to Miss Ameer Mayen Dhieu’s response to 1st Annniversary of SBS DINKA Radio: Ajak Deng Chiengkou and his Spoiled Audience

 By Kur Wël Kur,


One Year Annniversary of SBS DINKA Radio:

One Year Annniversary of SBS DINKA Radio:


Dear my sister,
Thanks for your constructive criticisms on my recent article about reactions of Riek’s supporters after Riek’s interview. I love how you sandwiched your critiques; you achieved it with a great intellect.
With that said, I almost dive into responding to your criticisms with both feet; but I would surgically look at what you mentioned as confusing and poorly elaborated in my article. Ameerda, critics are insatiable persons who keep turning tables in directions, which support their positions; however, I will take my rebuttal in the following order, how did I fail to give a correct background of SBS program, my failure to connect the world cup analogy with the SBS DINKA RADIO, the accountability questions I think Ajak (presenter) didn’t ask Mama Rebecca and finally, a word of thank for critique.
I wrote this: “I didn’t know how the media giant of multiculturalism came into its existence; until in 2006 … SBS came into presence as an amplifier of the multiculturalism; a medium where other races could voice their stories in their own ways. SBS was purposely created in 1975 for minorities to explain the Medicare and health care in their own languages.”   
With this quote from the original article, this statement carries less: 
“But enormously failed to connected how various SBS sub programs came into existence and the main objectives of why they were created or form.”
It carries less because the government funds SBS to keep doing the jobs it was created to do, and that’s for minorities to understand government policies in their languages. This creates a sense of inclusiveness or multiculturalism in other way.
You went ahead with your critique and wrote:
“Having various local programs such as SBS Dinka that deliver news abroad for local audiences should not be seen as rebellion form against the old SBS ….but another way to modernised and romanticised  …or selling…the old channel to fit with modern technologies or news outlet. That is my understanding. In other way it is another way of selling the old channel which is currently modernised to the local multicultural communities. Again, Mind you that SBS Dinka is not the only multicultural program in but also, there are program such as Greek, Arabic and so forth.”
Ameerda, I read your critique with ease because you seemed so well equipped with lots of information in my article, however, as I encircled your points of concern, I discovered that you made up your mind before you read the article! When I gave the SBS background, I did it to show how the Old SBS, the mother of other bilingual radios with DINKA’s radio being the last born, came along.
You must take into account  my selectiveness in providing the information here; because other radios (Greek or Vietnamese) didn’t concern me because things happen in a hierarchy of arrival and statistics (in Australia); I know Greek, Italians and other minorities own radios (check minorities as a keyword in the quotation above).
So I concentrated on SBS background for the readers to take SBS DINKA RADIO as a product of MULTICULTURALISM and to explain government policies in Australia or in the country of origin (S. Sudan) in Dinka language today just like when SBS came into existence for Medicare and Health care( a government policy). Sorry sister, nothing for SBS to sell or “romanticised”, but it does what the government created it to do!  
And this quote qualifies it: “As SBS DINKA came along, it got the traditions of SBS in place so it has to follow these traditions with nothing to add or detract.”  I don’t mean DINKA RADIO rivals the mother, OLD SBS, but I mentioned the “traditions with nothing to add or detract” as information to audience who claimed Ajak has somehow discriminated their leader
Secondly, you moved to your next point of concern, which goes as such:
“First of all Brazilians’ national team was defeated by their rival in their own country. SBS Dinka is not a country nor a home to your so called Riek passive or active supporters… If in any way Riek has fail to deliver what SBS Dinka’s audiences including yourself were expecting to hear, then how is that a defeat? Brazil was playing with Germany, Riek was participating by his own…”
Ameerda, I warned you earlier, that critics are insatiable persons, but you have proved yourself as one of them. The analogy of the world cup with the humiliating defeat of Brazilians’ team represent a metaphor, which no one can take  literally; however, you for sure understood, ignored  and took it factually. What do you make of this: time flies!  Because you took the analogy of the world cup and Dr. Riek exactly, then your response would be: time has no wings to fly!
Anyway, I would connect the dots that dissatisfied you about the analogy of the world cup and Dr. Riek’s interview on SBS DINKA RADIO. For your information Dr. Riek has many rivalries that’s why he leads SPLM in opposition; I have no desire to mention other rivals, but Salva is his rival who is using SSTV and other S. Sudanese radios to explain his sides of the story and Dr. Riek found a rare platform on SBS DINKA RADIO to establish himself as a leader of all South Sudanese, not just Nuers, but he failed to do that; that’s how I view it as a defeat! So SBS DINKA RADIO in my analogy could represent a country in this sense; Riek’s supporters represents Brazilians’ fans. Sister, “politics is a game”!
Did he performed badly, it is none of SBS audience business and shouldn’t be count on none either.”
Another assumption that you made. If Riek’s failure is nobody business, why did these statement appear on the social sites regarding Riek’s interview?
Check: “I talked to Dr. Riek about you… this would be last chance you ever have. You don’t have respect Ajak from the beginning I now you in Kenya. We got some many people in Australia who knows you very much.
You continued with your criticisms in, which you bumped into me (by using the analogy):
“If there is any disappointment cause by how the interview was conducted by Ajak Deng Chiengkou, that could be the thing I can agree with yet, it could be similar to how some Brazilians were disgusted by some of the actions from the referee during the game time.”
Ameerda, you used an analogy! Ajak Deng Chiengkou as an interviewer occupies the same level as the referee in the world cup, your quote above implied! What a coincidence?
“Your last point which contradict miserably with your summary is how you accuse the presenter for being soft with those of Madam Rebecca and her likes leaving government supporters with tough questions of accountability or to find their hope and morale somewhere else. I don’t know what question of accountability you want to ask those of Madam Rebecca when she’s one of the group force to live in exile and never been listen to when she was still active advisor to the president.”
Yes sister, not my intention to concentrate on your adverbs such miserably or your beautiful verbs such as contradict, but I would give you the reason I believe Mama Rebecca should have been asked the accountability questions. Yes of course, she lived in exile, but while in the exile, she attended interviews, which Nuers with their leader used to justify their killings of Dinka people in Akobo, Bentiu and Malakal.
When she got interviewed on SBS DINKA RADIO, she wasn’t asked anything like it! She sided with Riek politically and Mabior sided with Riek too! Ameerda, assumed Dr. John were alive today, could Mama Nyandeng and Mabior have sided with Riek? An enemy of John and S. Sudan in 1991? Again, what do Mama Nyandeng think about Lul Koang Ruai’s statement towards Mabior:
 “  the days when one man, his wife and two  young sons would come, kill, hijack, own, deny, disregard, work tirelessly to distort or try to burry part of history made by fighters before him are long gone and consigned to history books.”
Are Riek and his tribesmen  not trying to rewrite or bury John’s history? I know John’s history is so great to be rewritten by anyone; but they’re trying to rewrite it. Riek on SBS DINKA RADIO claimed that self-determination that gave us a country is his idea!
However, the loser signed his 1997 peace agreement in Khartoum, which Bashir dishonoured immediately. He came running to John for a help and forgiveness.
A final word of thank, thanks for your engagement on my article, you’re free to have last words in this discussion.  Have a good morning.

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