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The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion

Chapter Eight

A change took place in the lives of ten percent of the population. The private sector grew, banks, Forex bureaux , mobile network providers, hotels  were established across the country.

One afternoon, the wife of James Majok’s cousin who works as cashier for the Department of Agriculture visited his home. Majok’s wife welcomed her. His home was one of the poorest in the city. She went to buy refreshments from the shop for her guest. She placed  them on the table .

“Here is the water” she said

“Oh, thank you” she appreciated it . “wu, why is it so hot like this?”  She asked as she holds the bottle of water.

“Around here, there is no power or generator that can cool the drink”. , he apologized .

“I can’t  drink hot water now  , in Axum  where I came , you can’t find a shop without fridge to cool it, thank you” she refused the water .

Majok’s wife nodded with inner  disappointment. She took the water and she gave it  to the children.

“When did you come from abroad ” Majok’s wife asked.

“I came here a week ago” she replied .

“How is it there ”

“It is nice, our children are studying in good schools  They are speaking fluent English. Even, kids at nursery school speak better than those who are here in primary seven”  she emphasized .

“My children are studying here ”. Majok wife said .

‘’ Are they studying in those grass thatched classrooms?” answered the cousin wife .


“Oh, Jesus Christ. Why don’t you send them to study outside?”

“My husband has no money”

“Is he not working?”

“He is ”

“Why then he has no money?” she inquired ‘’  look ! My husband is a cashier in Agriculture,, he is paying our children school fees . ” she gloated  .

“I don’t know what my husband does ?” Majok wife said .

The two wives  discussed social issues together. after that  the wife of cashier left.

After she had gone, the wife of Majok broke down, he sobbed because the wife of cashier humiliated by refusing to drink her hot water and soda.

In evening at  4pm , Majok came from the work, he changed his clothes  and put on his casual wear. He was about to go to the veteran club to play cards , chess and dominoes. His wife came, sat down next to him …

“Father of my children, I want to ask something” she said

“You have worked since peace was signed, when will you become a cashier?”

“ what is cashier ? Why are you asking like?”  he giggled .

“Because all cashiers have sent their families outside the country, their children are studying in good schools abroad” he narrated .

“I will not be a cashier because I am senior than cashier?’’ he laughed .

“ And why are your children studying here not outside ? Why are they not in good schools?” he questioned.

“Those whom their children are studying  outside are the thieves, they steal Republic  money” he sneered .

“Why don’t you steal so that your children enjoy the lives like other children enjoy”

“I am not corrupt” he answered .

“You are not corrupt but you are poor”

”Better poverty than theft , If you want to get rich, you go to steal” Majok said as he walked out the home, his wife poured him with water. He turned, slapped her, and pushed her down. she rolled, squealing .

The neighbour came separated them..  Majok left , he went to call his  brothers. On the following evening after the work, the brothers came . The brother took their seats. Majok and wife sat too. One of the brothers cleared his throat, he talked.

“We have come, we are the same family. If there is misunderstanding, we are here to address it. So what is the problem, Majok?”

“Alright brother, this is my dear beloved wife, I married her 15 years ago, we had not quarreled before. This is the first time we scuffled. She is snarling that the family is poor, she is mimicking others men’s wives. she is inspiring me go and steal public money  in order to send  children outside the country. That those who started working with me three years ago had sent their children to some excellent schools abroad, they are renting beautiful houses abroad, that is the whole issue” he articulated .

“Mother of the children, you have heard what your husband said   tell us your version ” they asked .

“Indeed, brothers, what he has narrated is exactly true, what I have told him. Imagine, brothers, three days ago , the wife of his cousin who stayed abroad came to visit us, I served her with water, she refused the water . Her refusal is insinuating to me , it is gloating of our failure in this house .. Majok is working like the  husband of that woman and now  if he is staying abroad, whereas  I am residing here,  I know, the level of education of  her husband is not higher than the level of my husband” she explained .

“Stop there” one brother interrupted her. He asked Majok directly .

“Why don’t you send your family outside when you work in  finance? The junior officials like cashier, accountants, secretaries’,  receptionist, their families are outside the country ”

“Frankly, I don’t have money. I receive 5000 pound  a monthly. This money will not pay school fee and rent outside the country ”. Majok replied .

“Why other director like you in other Departments  bought houses  abroad?”

“Those are them , they are corrupt , they embezzled public money”

“What about you?”

“I have not taken a coin from public money and I will not take a coin from it, if the wife think that I don’t meet her needs, let her divorce and go and marry  those who will meet her need ,  who have enough money ” Majok remarked angrily .

“Brothers, Majok is orthodox man, he has his own belief, ideologies that we could not change him  from but I will  tell  him a story. Here is the story .

“There was a rich who had thousands of cattle. He hired five men  to look after the cattle. Each was given herd of cattle. Every day, each  man milked the cows and they took milk to the rich. One man was honest among the five.

This  honest man milked the cows and took the milk to the rich all . The other four men would milk cows and sell half of milk and take  half of  milk to the rich. The honest man could bring the 5 buckets of milk. Another man could bring 2 buckets of milk. The rich didn’t ask why one man is bringing more milk while others bring little milk.

After every six months, the rich man would visit the cattle camp to see the cattle. Each man  would make a report of the cattle.

The four men would tell rich that one cow is dead but could not show him the skin of the dead cow . One bullock and two heifers have lost but rich would not ask them , why did you search for them? .

Then the honest man would say in his herd, one cow is dead, and he shown rich a  skin of dead cow , there is no heifer or bullock that lost. The rich did not ask the other man to produce the skin of the cow that died. The five men kept the cattle for five years. At the end the rich told these men . Your term for keeping my cattle has expired , so you can go. I will look for other servant to keep my cattle”

The four men jointly  said, “thank you , you  remain in peace and we go in peace”

The honest man raised his hand, said “please sir, I have kept your cattle for five years, I took five buckets of milk to you every day. There is no single cow, heifer or bullock get lost. If the cow is dead, I show you  it skin , could you please give a small bullock so that I can take it as my reward?”

“You are foolish poor, I can’t  give you a coin and I will not give you a coin , leave alone the bullock because you were in charge, why didn’t  you make up your mind on how to get something out the of  cattle. when you were bringing five buckets of milk and your fellow workers were  bringing  two buckets Do think  I didn’t know what they were doing?” I knew that they were stealing three  buckets of milk  but I don’t want to ask them because they were rewarding themselves. When they told me that X cow is dead  and they didn’t  show me  the skin, I knew. They stole it, it was your mistake not to reward yourself through milk and stealing. It is too late. I will not give you anything, so go away.

The man left with his ten fingers. The same to Majok, Majok said he is not corrupt but government is like the rich man. If you can’t steal, you will retire with your ten fingers’’.

“Haha , Brothers, the time will come when this ill-acquired wealth will be worst than poverty” Majok said.

therefore , Majok and his wife were rebuked , advised to stay peaceful , forget their friction .

The Puppet Government in Bor

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By Malith Alier, Juba

Jonglei State Caretaker Governor, Gen. John Kong Nyuon

Jonglei State Caretaker Governor, Gen. John Kong Nyuon

March 22, 2015 (SSB)  –   The purported democracy in South Sudan is now a thing of the past. It was a pretext used to enlist the international community to believe that the young nation is indeed a young democracy to add to the list of democracies in the east African region. That said, it unravelled within a short period of time.

Some governors were removed without elections as stated in the constitution. The 60 day limit was exceeded and the leadership defended the non-adherence to the constitution in a way that left many baffled. One of the governors who benefited from this illegal continuation of the term of service is the current governor of Jonglei, John Koang Nyuon. Some people would like us to keep quiet about it but strangely it keeps coming up until it is addressed.

Even if it is threatening, truth must be told whenever necessary. In everything we do, there is an inherent danger but we do not shy away simply because it is dangerous. The soldiers carry guns despite the danger associated with them. People of opinion continue to express their views within what is acceptable and for the common good.

Sometimes these opinions may be misconstrued and misinterpreted under unhealthy perceptions. We have known individuals or groups that faced these dangers in the past and today. This country has its own people who suffer under these circumstances. This author wrote an article about a situation in Jonglei after the division in to two of the erstwhile largest state in the country.

The said article queried why Greater Pibor officials still subsist in Bor while they have decided to have their own home. That article solicited angry reactions in the quarters of the beneficiaries a long with godfathers.

Last January, a group of women decided that enough was enough with the puppet government that continue to oppress them longer after the disentanglement of the State. Though they were labelled names, arrested and abused they have many supporters in the crowd of the silent majority.

The fact that they are now temporarily off the radar does not mean that the grievances they expressed are abandoned. There is a saying that nobody will release the bull if it does not by itself. That is the situation these women and others are in. they must release themselves because no one else will do it.

A puppet government has the following Characteristics;

1. It has no real connection with the people it governs
2. It only receives orders from above and has no power of its own
3. It is afraid of the people it governs and as such, it has a huge armed force for protection

One of the reasons expressed by striking ladies was the fact that this government does not represent them in anyway and has no real connection with the people who remained under the government after 2013 fallout. Both the governor and his deputy have never visited the displaced in the camps and cannot travel freely in Bor.

Some people might think that it is good to maintain this government intact to score points against the rebels but they should think of losing points with the constituency of the area. One of the chiefs of the area (name withheld) refused to attend a meeting called by the governor on condition that the Jonglei government lacks moral authority to call such meetings.

He said that someone who has no cows (abuur) cannot be made a cattle camp leader. That summarises the feeling of some people about the Jonglei government. The government has no power even to reshuffle ministers. Many States have reshuffled their ministers many times but our puppet administration cannot do so. Western Bhar el Ghazel and Central Equatoria have reshuffled ministers more than three times.

If the June elections are indeed postponed, then the people of Jonglei will endure the next two to three years under this government that is imposed on them. The option is for them to take the bull adage and release themselves once and for all.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.