Mabior Garang: A Mama’s Boy Politician of South Sudan

Posted: August 12, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Deng Kiir Akok, Juba, South Sudan

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August 12, 2016 (SSB) — Foremost, I will give thousand of thanks to his father, the freedom fighter, liberator, founder of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) and a great hero, Dr. John Garang de Mabior. He was a man whose his wise thinking gave us this nation called today, South Sudan. We will not forget him in our lives time.

Let’s get back to this boy called Mabior Garang, the former Water Resources and Irrigation. He had never been heard in public until August, 2012 when he came out publicly for the first time and criticized the entire leadership in the country under his father’s successor, President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit. In his first-ever interview with McClatchy in Kenya, he blamed the President of turning his back to Dr. John Garang’s family of which he (Mabior Garang) belongs.

One year later after December 15, 2013 crisis, his mother, Nyandeng Chol Atem fled to Nairobi saying she was not feeling safe in Juba. She then talked to Media later in Kenya, saying December 17, 2013, is the day she will not forget for the rest her life.

While Mabior was in Nairobi, his second home after Juba, joined by his mother. There, they convened in their house and focused on political crisis back home. Because Mabior was just a drug addict, drunkard and well-known fool at the level of his age mates, was dragged by his mother to join the cheap politics of his father’s former bitter enemy, Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of Armed Opposition and former Vice President of South Sudan.

What has President Kiir had not done for the Late Dr. John Garang’s family? He appointed his mother, the Garang’s widow to various top positions in the governments of South Sudan. Despite all these, Mabior still blaming the President of the republic of South Sudan of not taking good care of them. But to anyone with mature mind can see how President Kiir took care of them all these times. Unless Mabior was not bought baby bottle milk for his feeding. He would have thanked the country leadership for the little they get with his mother, Nyandeng Chol instead of complaining here and there.

But what I know so far about them is that they are better than any other South Sudanese in terms of what they get from the government. His family is staying in luxury house in Nairobi compare to any other South Sudanese down here in Juba and in the states.

What’s all about this mess they are doing with his mother to our beloved country? Is it because Mabior’s mother is young and so has a negative impact on his political career. Here, I can say this, “A politician with his/her mother young makes no good politics.”

What I meant here is that those politicians with their mothers young fail politics because their mothers have hands in every single activity they do. Their mothers are good advisors for them. This influence may or may not work with public. Those advices don’t work with  public when that thinking is that of a mere house and primitive mother. And to make matter worse when you have a mama’s boy in politics like Mabior Garang. He is not a politician and will not be a politician if there was real politics in South Sudan.

 I have no enough time here to talk more about Nyandeng Chol, Mabior’s mother and who’s at the same time his best driver in politics since 2013. There are many things about Mabior to mention here and of whom I believe is an exact copy of Nyandeng’s nature and characters. He is only a mama’s boy. Menh-tiik that is what I know of him.

He doesn’t know that he is destroying his father’s legacy. His mother is too destroying his personality, and he doesn’t understand since he is a mama’s boy. His mother Nyandeng Chol is a confused window that doesn’t know what to do. She uses to cry when ever she wishes to, saying, she is crying because of dying South Sudanese when she’s also having a bigger hand in her Late husband’s former long-time rival’s mess.

Though her son, Mabior was rose to a high position in the then Kenya and Ethiopia-based Armed Opposition, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army – In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO), Nyandeng was given this position and not him as I know. This is because of Nyandeng being an invisible player. This guy called Mabior Garang is of no help to Armed Opposition in terms of his personal political ambitions. He doesn’t know what to do and he can’t even cut an onion for their breakfast in the SPLM/A-IO if there’s a need leave alone his claim to be a politician.

Mabior showed his incompetence on August 2014 in Addis Ababa when Ethiopian security caught him carrying a 9 MM pistol cocked with six bullets in one of the hotel reception where president Gen. Salva Kiir was staying in trying to assassinate the President.

Mabior Garang is just a good drunkard and not a politician let everyone knows this. You also need to know why he always lives in Kenya. It’s because his mother, uses to live there in Kenya all these times and Mabior since he is a mama’s boy of all time goes there to stay with his mother.

I believe if his mother changes the place of stay now to Nigeria for instance, he would probably be found there, living in that country. He can’t live in an environment where his mother is not seen. What I know of him is that he can’t decide on his own but what he can make is his mother decision.

Even when he was appointed as minister for Water and Irrigation  in April, 2016 formed Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) from the SPLM/A-IO side, I never thought of him or tell anyone that there’s a politician being put there in that ministry but only a Nyandeng’s son. I can say here that the position he held in that short periods of time had a wrong man in a right place.

In conclusion, I wish Mabior Garang’s mother, Nyandeng Chol Atem would have time to read this piece of advice. But I will not give up to leave my suggestion here. This goes to you Nyandeng Chol, I would like you to give your son, Mabior a time so he would grow up and to have thinking capacity like his age mates who are now doing fruitful things to their families. Our citizens including the author of this piece are tired of how Mabior conducts himself in public. He lacks qualities of leadership and above all things, he’s a childish mindset person.

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  1. Truthhurt says:

    An old proverb says: “an elephant never minds barking dogs, but highlight is that the dog ‘keeps barking even with no reaction’ from the elephant.” Doubt him but for sure he is a smart, articulate and intelligence young politician!


  2. Thon says:

    Haha really Deng Kiir, you and Kiir should focus on South Sudanese issues not Garang’s family they know how handle themselves in public or privately.


  3. mading Koc says:

    Deng Kiir? Imagine how many books would be written about Ayen Mayardit??…Ranging from her engagement in blackmarket, Dura saga, letters of credit, all the massive shopping from Nairobi to Juba and so on and so forth….South Sudanese are watching and they are not happy with the level of looting being demonstrated by Kiir’s family and cohorts.

    You are ranting that Garang family leaves in the most luxurious house in Nairobi. ..Dont you know that all houses owned to AyenDit, Mayar,and Adut Salva in Nairobi public knowledge

    Will you sustain this topic and attacks on Garang’s family Deng Kiir??..Wisedom should have prevailed on you and desist from attacking Garangs because they enjoy people’s respect unlike the Kiir’s family you want to project as angels..There is nothing you can do to humiliate the Garang’s because that’s what you been doing since 2005..

    My advice to you leave the Garang’s alone or you give others a ticket to expose the rot within Kiir family and associates..


  4. Alam says:

    You are a learned person and for you to say menh-tiik is what is letting south sudan down this road. In this world there is nothing call menh-tiik. Women are not sub-human. your Mother is not a sub-human either. Go back and liberate yourself from the school of self ignorance first and then you can lecture to the public. Education does not mean anything when learned people still harbor such kind of mentality. We’re at a Liberal world view at this point therefore the likes of your mom does not have to be sub-human. All peoples matter and their contributions are highly needed in this world. Wise up my brother. Removed those clutters and trashes from your brain sir or continue with your enrollment at the school of foolishness or shall I said foolish majority.

    Thank you


  5. lama says:

    Dear Mr. Deng Kiir,
    In my opion, Garang’s family is not happy with what is happening in the country under the leadership of President Kiir. The level of looting and mismanagement of country’s wealth is beyond common understanding. No country on earth, Nigeria and Kenya included has ever experienced the level of corruptions that is being witnessed in South Sudan. When Garang and his fellow countrymen including President Kiir took up arms and rebelled against the Khartoum Government; Garang used to tell us that they were fighting to free the people of South Sudan from oppression. However, Garang’s death and Kiir assumed power, the aspirations and expectations of South Sudanese have been seriously neglected. When you look at social sectors, be its education, health, security, road and people’s livelihood, you would agree that the things or lawlessness in the country happens for reasons. Yau-Yau and other war lords in South Sudan emerged as a result of scrambling for resources in the country. They realized that the only way you can be somebody in South Sudan is by taking up arms and start killing people and then you would be welcome to the looting club.


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